A Guided Tour of Twitter


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A presentation given at a series of workshops sharing the basics of networking with twitter

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A Guided Tour of Twitter

  1. 1. W is twitter? hat• Conversations in 140 characters• Microblogging• A Search engine• ….and so much more• See commoncraft video on twitter
  2. 2. Addressing people!No longer Mr, Mrs, Ms etc… just… @
  3. 3. Signing up!http://www.twitter.com
  4. 4. Don’t Be an Egg!
  5. 5. Would you follow these people?
  6. 6. Get anavatar! • Profile • Brand • Badge
  7. 7. Length and no. of characters Consistency with other online sites User names Consider real name if possible – ease of spelling?
  8. 8. Create a quality profileAuthenticity/visibility attracts attention. Makeyourself genuine and realistic to potential followersIn your profile share:-•Online sites eg blogs, websites•Passions•Interests
  9. 9. Editing your profile
  10. 10. Create a twitter handle• A handle is your twitter id• Be as consistent with other online user names• Easily recognisable and spellable• Consider number of characters in id (140 is max in a tweet)
  11. 11. Just 140 characters• Keep language clear and concise• Use abbreviations• Use shortened urls eg bitly, tinyurl
  12. 12. Ideas for a first tweet• Ask a question?• State that you are new to twitter (or attending a conference add #tag of conference)• Examples
  13. 13. “Please don’t tell me whatyou had for breakfast, Iwould rather know aboutyour favourite eLearningadventures.” Quote from webinar participant!
  14. 14. How to make a tweet?• Look for the compose update icon!• Select it
  15. 15. •Type your tweet in less than 140 characters•Add a photo if you wish • Press tweet
  16. 16. Who to Follow?Find at least 25-50 people to follow:•Participants in this workshop•See http://bit.ly/SqjI0Z•Include organisations•See Lucy Gray’s suggestions
  17. 17. Interpreting a tweet@, #, hashtags, abbreviations, shortened links, RT
  18. 18. Get attention/Get followers• Retweet a tweet = RT• Direct a tweet to people’s twitter handle• Direct Message (DM) people – takes conversation out of mainstream into more intimate conversations
  19. 19. Twitter as a Search Engine• Discover people’s feelings, experiences, research findings, questions etc• Latest world news• See commoncraft video on search in twitter
  20. 20. Tweet search• Goto http://www.tweetchat.com• Key in earthquake• Key in your chosen search word ie some topic you may be studying in class• View Commoncraft video search in Twitter
  21. 21. Look for Trends in Twitter
  22. 22. http://www.tweetchat.com
  23. 23. What is a tweetchat?
  24. 24. HashtagsHashtags are searchable• 300 hashtags• Cybraryman’s List of Hashtags• Educators Guide to Innovation• Conference hashtags of interest
  25. 25. Twitter Chat ArchivesExample:-http://globalclassroom2011-12.wikispaces.com/and seek link to archives of twitter chats
  26. 26. Phish!• Never click on a link that says:- (or similar)
  27. 27. Help from Twitter
  28. 28. Classroom Use60 ways to use twitter in the classroomBlogging and tweeting in the early years classroomInspiring twitter outcomes in the early years classroomShakespeare moves to twitterTwitter in the classroomTwitter in EducationSearch engine
  29. 29. Classroom stories!
  30. 30. Search for “stock taking” tweets Search for “stock taking” tweetsjransom stocktake done – now the valuation of said stock thespottynapkin RT @tipsytoesshoes: Its stocktake and moving time at the Tipy Toes warehouse. Become a FB fan and get 20% off all orders-we would rather…tipsytoesshoes Its stocktake and moving time at the Tipy Toes warehouse. Become a FB fan and get 20% off all orders-we would rather sell it than move it! sharpytheking Perpetual Stocktake… #bored.com jeicher stocktake is complete. #reliefRossGoesRawrr @shan1209 I’m lucky I’m out the back doing stocktake all night noone has to see it lol restructuregirl @malbooth @polyxena stocktake would help my students hugely. Haven’t done a s’take in 10 years & serious mismatch bw shelves & catalogue
  31. 31. International Dot DayLearnt about International Dot Day on Twitter
  32. 32. Preps Study Animals!
  33. 33. Further Resources•How to use twitter lists - bit.ly/ThWyMn•Twitter tools for teachers•Recording of Tech Talk Tuesday session on aGuided Tour of Twitter•Who’s Who – the Twitter Help Desk (find amentor)•The twitterholic’s guide – the Edublogger