AUBOC Twitter 101


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Twitter 101 presentation part of AUB's Online Collaborative Social Media 101 workshop presented by Mohammad Hijazi

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AUBOC Twitter 101

  1. 1. Twitter 101 http://auboc.blogspot.com
  2. 2. Why UseTwitter?
  3. 3. Why UseTwitter?
  4. 4. Why UseTwitter?
  5. 5. Why UseTwitter?
  6. 6. Why UseTwitter?
  7. 7. Why UseTwitter?
  8. 8. Why UseTwitter?
  9. 9. Some Twitter Stories
  10. 10. Some Twitter Stories
  11. 11. Some Twitter Stories
  12. 12. Some Twitter Stories
  13. 13. Some Twitter Stories
  14. 14. Sign Up NOW!
  15. 15. Sign Up NOW!
  16. 16. Sign Up NOW!
  17. 17. Twitter Improves Your Writing • Forces you to be concise. Write tight! • Forces you to exercise vocabulary • Improve your editing skills
  18. 18. Show us your first tweet!
  19. 19. • There are 2 ways to re-tweet: oRe-tweet something by someone else by putting the letters RT and @ in front of their username before copying their tweet Example: I love this song RT @weam_a: hit me baby one more time oClick the ‘re-tweet’ link to the bottom right of the tweet
  20. 20. Some Stuff You Should Know
  21. 21. What is #FF?• #FF is a hashtag for “Follow Friday” and is a twitter tradition whereby every Friday, tweeps recommend others that are interesting for their followers to check out. It’s a good way to get introduced to other tweeps and to also share your appreciation for the people you follow. Here is an example:Example:#FF @pearlowa because she’s makes awesomescrambled eggs!
  22. 22. What is +1?• Sometimes tweeps retweet something with a +1 (or + whatever digit) before it to show their approval of what is being said.Example:+100 RT @mhijazi Smoking should be banned in allpublic places in #Lebanon!
  23. 23. Twitter Lists• Lists compile similar tweeps together so that you can see a timeline of all their tweets on the same page. You can add multiple tweeps to a list and you will be added to lists too.
  24. 24. Protected Tweets• If you’re worried about your tweets being exposed publicly, you can opt for privacy (protected tweets) in your settings. That way people need to request to follow you before they can see your profile and tweets.
  25. 25. Trending Topics• What are the trending topics today?• Choose one and find out WHY it is trending.
  26. 26. Tweet a link!• Use a link shortner:•••••
  27. 27. Tweet a photo• Use
  28. 28. How many Lebanese are on twitter?• I’m not sure. There are many who live here and many who are abroad. I would estimate at least 500 active tweeps and maybe a couple of thousand if you include the ones who are rarely active. But the community’s growing every day.
  29. 29. Who to follow?• Create live list
  30. 30. Is everyone friendly on twitter?• No, just like in your offline life. Most people are very polite and friendly, but you will bump into a few bullies. Unfollow people who annoy you and if it gets to a point of harassment, you can block them from accessing your profile.
  31. 31. Fail Whale
  32. 32. Twitter Stats
  33. 33. Choose Your Tools• Pick your tools – you can tweet from the web, your phone, or from any number of Twitter apps • TweetDeck • TwitterFox • Twhirl • • Friendfeed
  34. 34. Questions?
  35. 35. @AUB_OC