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Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Integration
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Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Integration


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  • 1. The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Integration
    Jeff Sauer
    Three Deep Marketing
  • 2. Agenda
    Who uses social media?
    Why use social media?
    Do’s and don’ts for social media
    Platform specific recommendations
  • 3. Who Uses Social Media?
    15,475,890 unique visitors/month
    23,573,178 unique visitors/month
    133,623,529 unique visitors/month
    Visits data from March 2010 study by Web Trends:
  • 4. Why Use Social Media?
    Increase awareness
    Reputation management
    Customer service
    Learn about your customers
    Customer feedback
    Improve customer satisfaction
    Client engagement
    Targeted marketing
    Relationship building
  • 5. Do’s and Don’ts forSocial Media
  • 6. Why Social Media?
    Social Media
    Who should use it?
    There is a reason for just about everyone to use social media
    What is the value?
    Connecting people and businesses
    When will it go away?
    Most signs point to elements of social media staying popular for years to come
  • 7. The DO’s of Social Media
    Engage in Social Networks
  • 8. The DO’s of Social Media
    Integrate Social Media with Traditional Media
  • 9. The DON’Ts of Social Media
    Don’t take a “one size fits all” approach
    Primarily Business to Consumer
    Primarily Business to Business
    B2C & B2B
  • 10. The DON’Ts of Social Media
    Don’t let the choices overwhelm you
  • 11. The DON’Ts of Social Media
    Don’t forget to measure results
  • 12. Specific Do’s and Don’ts for
  • 13. LinkedIn and Social Media
    Who should use it?
    Every professional needs to be using LinkedIn for personal career growth. Can also be used to increase company awareness
    What is the value?
    Stay connected with professional contacts. Generate opportunities to expand career and generate new business
  • 14. The DO’s of LinkedIn
    Ask for recommendations and gain as many contacts as possible. Multiple recommendations = instant credibility!
    Instant credibility
  • 15. The DO’s of LinkedIn
    Take advantage of all functionality provided by LinkedIn to make your profile more engaging and stand out from others
    Sales Collateral
  • 16. The DO’s of LinkedIn
    Update your status with professionally related information
    (TIP: Link Your Twitter Account to make this easier)
  • 17. The DO’s of LinkedIn
    Join groups relevant to your industry and interests
  • 18. The DONT’s of LinkedIn
    Don’t update your LinkedIn Status with non-professional messages
    LinkedIn User
    LinkedIn User
    Don’t double post the same information
    LinkedIn User
    LinkedIn User
  • 19. The DONT’s of LinkedIn
    Don’t make all of your updates at once
  • 20. The DONT’s of LinkedIn
    Don’t allow your inbox to be cluttered with updates
  • 21. Specific Do’s and Don’ts for
  • 22. Twitter and Social Media
    Who should use it?
    Those looking for a friction-free and concise communication channel
    What is the value?
    Real-time communication, easy to pass on information to others and makes people more accessible
  • 23. The DO’s of Twitter
    Find efficient ways to “Tweet” and share what you know
  • 24. The DO’s of Twitter
    Join niche topic conversations
  • 25. The DO’s of Twitter
    Take advantage of the ease of conversation
    Which one is the billionaire?
  • 26. The DON’Ts of Twitter
    Don’t limit to just one community
    Contribute to many communities for maximum coverage.
    In this example, our message goes to:
    • Interactive Marketing Association
    • 27. Local Social Media Coffee Group
    • 28. Well Known Marketing Group
    • 29. Charitable Organization
  • The DON’Ts of Twitter
    Don’t be shy in meeting new people
    Industry peer met at a meeting for twitter users in the area
  • 30. Specific Do’s and Don’ts for
  • 31. Facebook and Social Media
    Who Should Use It?
    Brands looking to engage with consumers consistently with a goal of 1:1 Communication
    What’s the value?
    With over 500 Million registeredusers, it is one of the most visited properties on the web
  • 32. The DO’s of Facebook
    Create a page on Facebook for just about anything
    Pages for:
  • The DO’s of Facebook
    Integrate Facebook into your Website with Fan Boxes and “Like” Buttons
  • 38. The DO’s of Facebook
    Update your Facebook status regularly
    Don’t update more than 2x per day
    Don’t update less than once a week
    Update as needed for special occasions and time sensitive information
  • 39. The DO’s of Facebook
    Create engaging messages that encourage interactions with Facebook fan page
  • 40. The DON’Ts of Facebook
    Post the same offer/status all of the time
  • 41. The DON’Ts of Facebook
    Don’t neglect to update your page
    When you don’t update your page, your fans start to forget about you
  • 42. The DON’Ts of Facebook
    Don’t over-share
    Company Page on Facebook
  • 43. More Best Practices for Social Media
  • 44. The DO’s of Social Media
    Update consistently, but not too often
    Start with people you know in real life
    Share useful information with your network
    Embrace new mediums (like mobile)
    Make yourself aware of privacy rights
    Take private conversations offline
  • 45. The DON’Ts of Social Media
    Don’t overdo it
    Don’t waste time with irrelevance
    Don’t update all at once
    Don’t flood your followers with things they don’t care about
    Don’t make private thoughts public
    Don’t abuse it
    Don’t wait until everything is perfect
  • 46. Concluding
  • 47. Three Deep - What We Do
    Strategic Services
    Interactive Marketing Research
    Customer Relationship Management
    Social Media Strategy
    Sales and Marketing Alignment
    Search Engine Marketing
    Paid Search Marketing
    Search Engine Optimization
    Website Conversion
    Landing Page Optimization
    Interactive Marketing
    Campaign Management
    Email Marketing
    Social Media Engagement
    Reporting and Analysis
    Technology Services
    CRM Integration
    Website Development
    Database Marketing
    Web Services
  • 48. Questions?