Mapping the territory of Communication Theory

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power point presentation on traditions of communication theory

power point presentation on traditions of communication theory

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  • 1. Mapping the Territory
    Seven Traditions (or Eight) in the Field of Communication Territory
  • 2. The Essentials of CommunicationTheory
    According to Karl Popper “theories are nets cast to catch what we call the ‘world’
  • 3. The Essentials of CommunicationTheory
    Indeed, we use theories to guide us towards the understanding and exploration of all natural, physical and social realities that surround us.
    Communication is an inseparable and considerably substantial part of that world.
  • 4. The Essentials of CommunicationTheory
    Communication is multidisciplinary. The elements of Communication theory are present in literature, psychology, sociology and even mathematics and engineering.
  • 5. The Essentials of CommunicationTheory
    The conceptual foundations that unite communication theories
    Communication is a process, continuous and complex.
    Communication is symbolic.
    Communication is transactional
  • 6. The Essentials of CommunicationTheory
    “Communication is the problem to the answer” because scholars hold widely divergent views as to what communication is.
    There are several perspectives as to what communication is. These are referred to as traditions in the field.
  • 7. What is a Perspective or Tradition of Communication?
    A perspective is a way of looking through, an angle of vision, a way of seeing.
    All perspectives are therefore partial and, in that sense, distorted or biased.
    All perspectives look at this rather than that; each has its particular emphasis.
    This is more so in a multi-field such as communication.
  • 8. Four major approaches of communication
  • 9. Four major approaches of communication
  • 10. University of Colorado Professor, Robert Craig establishes seven traditions (Eight) of Communication
  • 11. Traditions in the Field ofCommunication Theory
  • 12. Traditions in the Field ofCommunication Theory
  • 13. The Socio-psychologicalTraditioncommunication as interpersonal influence
  • 14. The Cybernetic Traditioncommunication as information processing
  • 15. The Rhetorical Traditioncommunication as artful public address
  • 16. The Semiotic Traditioncommunication as the process of sharing meaning through signs
  • 17. The Socio-cultural Traditioncommunication as the creation and enactment of social reality
  • 18. The Critical Traditioncommunication as a reflective challenge of unjust discourse
  • 19. ThePhenomenologicalTraditioncommunication as the experience of self and others through dialogue
  • 20. The Ethical Traditioncommunication as people of character interacting in just and beneficial ways
  • 21. Jimikayodeadebolaadegunwa school of communication, lagos state university, lagos, nigeria.