Crisis: what Crisis?


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Alan Woods, Caryn Vanstone, Jacquie Bown, Fiona Donovan, Emma Dove, Angela Sharp
Presentation at the #2012waic Conference - Ghent, Belgium

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Crisis: what Crisis?

  1. 1. Crisis?What crisis?
  2. 2. Alan• Fearful about the future – responsible – feeling a need to rescue• Freedom and accountability• Adult relationships• Limitless possibilities, new horizons
  3. 3. “Do  not  go  gentle  into  that  good  night,Rage,  rage  against  the  dying  of  the  light” Dylon Thomas
  4. 4. Who is Skillsfor Justice?
  5. 5. Who  we  are  …We are a not-for-profit professional servicesorganisation with an enterprise mindset.We offer HR, OD and skills development to theJustice, “blue  light”  and Armed Forces sectors on aglobal basis.We are growing from a base of being a UK SectorSkills Council and are in process of becoming anawarding body for vocational qualifications.
  6. 6. Our vision andmission…We help our employers deliver excellentservices built on the skills and expertise of theirworkforce.We help employers and individuals to be betterskilled to deliver public benefit.We influence employers, policy-makers and theskills system to take full account of workforcedevelopment needs.
  7. 7. Police andcustodialsupport
  8. 8. Victimsupport
  9. 9. Forensics
  10. 10. Fire andrescue
  11. 11. Magistratesandprobationservices
  12. 12. Military police and armed services
  13. 13. Crisis?The start of aquest…
  14. 14. AshridgeConsulting –workingalongside
  15. 15. Who  we  are  …We are a thriving, global organisation development andchange consultancy, with a reputation for the cutting-edgetheoretical basis of our approach.Our work is informed by a deep philosophy of“organisations  as  human  processes”  not  machines,  and  by  our extensive experience of action inquiry, appreciativeinquiry and complexity based approaches.We are also known for partnering well and leaving a lastingdevelopmental legacy with the organisations and directclients with whom we work.
  16. 16. “No  one  saves  us  but ourselves. Noone can and noone may.We ourselvesmust walk thepath.”Buddhistteachings
  17. 17. Caryn Vanstone, MSc Director of Lacerta Consulting and Ashridge Consulting. Been working with AI and Culture Change for over 15 years. Background – 8 yrs in HR/OD in the Water Industry before joining Ashridge Consulting, following MSc in Organisation Consulting in 1997-9. Passions – learning, improvisation, facilitating the uplifting of voice and emancipation, innovation and sustainabiliity ….  And  gardening! Now working with corporates and NFP organisations blending ideas from social constructionism, AI, complexity theories, Gestalt, Buddhism, and the philosophies of Mead, Bateson, Elias (amongst others!) into complex change projects, for example: AMEX recovery and restoration of culture post 9/11 (global) MCA  OD  “Gold”  award  winning  project  in  Halfords  2002 (UK) Culture change in O2 UK (from Cellnet) 2004-6 and current (UK) HSBC  renewal  and  values  post  2008  “credit  crunch”  (global) GlaxoSmithKline – major (1000 person+) AI summits (US, Europe and in Asia Pac) Ongoing global work in engagement with BT, the UK National Health Service, the Justice sector Faculty for 10 years on the Ashridge Masters in Org Change.Reach me on: or +44 (0) 788 0788 279
  18. 18. AI basedcomplex culture change
  19. 19. Strategy &strategicengagement
  20. 20. Strength based leadershipdevelopment
  21. 21. Sustainability
  22. 22. Virtual andglobalworking
  23. 23. Strategic HR anddevelopment ofOD
  24. 24. Leading Business Schooloffering Masters and Doctoralstudies in Change
  25. 25. Theplan?
  26. 26. Appreciative Inquiry“5-D”  Cycle Definition “What  frames  our  inquiry?” (Creating affirming topics) Discovery Framing “What  gives  life?” (The best of what is) Appreciating Destiny Dream “How  to  empower,  learn, Affirmative “What  might  be?” and  adjust/improvise?” Topic Choice (What is the world calling for) Sustaining Envisioning Results Design “What  should  be  - the  ideal?” Co-constructing
  27. 27. Our plan for the change work1 day LTmeeting Mini inquiry to Continued• Method Project inquiry – Design• Core deepen planning, Leadership meetings deliverables topic summit Team start and work• Agreement to definition venue working with with CAG proceed and the Topics group, and• Draft Topic logistics internal formation teams (what you want more of) 1 day Topic LT Webinar/ ½ day finalisation Meeting 4 Definition meeting • “Walk”  the   • Prep summit Inquiry launch materials • Roles of • Finalisation of • Prepare leaders? protocol etc for next • Preparation ½ day steps • How are they Definition Invites, doing? Inquiry comms Project Ongoing and planning, training design externals summit • Inquirers work and to join next logistics Summit steps 1 April 1 May 1 June
  28. 28. …  to  the  Summit  and  follow  up Design meetings and work with CAG group, and internal Action experiments and initiatives teams LTLT Webinar/ Webinar/Meeting 4 Meeting 5• “Walk”  the   • Next steps summit • Keeping it• Roles of alive leaders? SUMMIT • Acting on• Preparation what has• How are they emerged, in doing? the style of the Topics 1 June 1 July 1 Aug
  29. 29. A growingteam of actioninquirers  …
  30. 30. Fiona• Taking the decision to start• Building the momentum• Recognising the inherent challenges• Riding the roller coaster• Through  all  the  ups  and  downs,  it’s   really worth it in the end!
  31. 31. Emma• Feeling the difference at the Summit• Personal connections• Epiphany moment – finding purpose and meaning• Power of small teams• A more creative approach to my work• If  some  people  aren’t  on  board  – that’s  ok,  we  are!
  32. 32. Angela• Summit crystallised and accelerated change• Standing out from the crowd and doing things differently• Successful bids are living examples that it really works – real business benefit• Freedom to let go and dream big
  33. 33. Jacquie• Anticipation leading up to the Summit• Summit – a fully energising experience• Telling the story to any willing audience• Realising potential and unleashing talent• Adventure of what is now possible• My style has become more emergent – and more authentic
  34. 34. Topics forsuccess  …
  35. 35. We are one team delivering great stuffWe are an organisation steeped in commitment, passion, pride andenthusiasm for all we do.We value each other by supporting and recognising what we all contribute,enabling us to take the seed of an idea and grow it, using the collectiveintelligence of the organisation.We recognise that workingtogether breeds creativity andwe build better solutions inpartnership.We are the difference thatmakes the difference.
  36. 36. We have a creative environment that fostersgreat ideasWe are a stylish and vibrant organisation giving customers a uniqueperspective.We believe that we can do anything that our customer asks of us.We look out for the next big thing, creating together visionary and purposefulsolutions to show our customers what is possible.We recognise that no one person has a monopoly on good ideas.
  37. 37. We value relationshipsWe believe relationshipsfounded on friendship andtrust are powerful, and thatby fostering theserelationships we can makecustomers feel likecolleagues, and colleaguesfeel like friends.We understand the importance of making the time to develop goodrelationships and strong partnerships, based on mutual respect, that canmake things happen and take advantage of opportunities.The greatest thing about Skills for Justice is the people.
  38. 38. I am trusted and have the freedom andresponsibility to make a differenceI am totally trusted to take responsibility for the work I do.I am given the space and opportunity to take advantage of newchallenges, push the boundaries and seize the moment.I am supported by my colleagues, to help me make my mark and tohave confidence in my own convictions.I am empowered to reach for higheraspirations.
  39. 39. What enabledsuccess?
  40. 40. Few  simple  ‘rules’  for  best  work   together Adult – accountable freedom and responsibility− In particular – timekeeping and group process and never rescuing or attempting to  “motivate” Active engagement – the quality of the output is up to you All in it together Say what you mean, mean what you say – integrity and transparency Truly participant centric – no presentations, no video, just intrinsic energy and self-motivation – now working on a ratio of  5%  (or  less)  “push”  and  95%  dialogue  and  group  work
  41. 41. Results sofar…
  42. 42. So  far  we  have  ….…  been  awarded  £4.8million  for  2  years  guaranteeing continuity for employees andcustomers, safeguarding 70 jobs…  gained  additional  £2million  of  new  contracts,  which means expansion, growth and exciting newdirections…  revitalised,  adult  relationships  full  of  freedom  and accountability…  a  culture  based  on  humanity,  creativity  full  of  confidence,  positivity  and  “can  do”  relationships
  43. 43. Buzz groups –yourquestions?
  44. 44. Our questions- how toembed?
  45. 45. Our questions:• Idea generation• Artful expression• A new dream
  46. 46. Our dreams for Skills for Justice
  47. 47. Our dreams for Skills for Justice
  48. 48. Our dreams for Skills for Justice
  49. 49. Thank you to everyonewho came to ourworkshop and made apositive contribution tothe future of Skills forJustice and the society welive in!
  50. 50. Find us, and jointhe discussion at: Integrity, Trust, Freedom and Accountability # AIAcademy
  51. 51. Find us – here – now on:ASHRIDGE:Caryn +44 (0) 788 0788 279SKILLS FOR JUSTICE:Alan +44 (0) 7779 614 227Fi +44 (0) 7795 815 783