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Nj bonner network mtg 7 20-11


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Nj bonner network mtg 7 20-11

  1. 1. NJ Bonner Network:Directors Gathering — July 20, 2011“Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve”A program of:The Corella & Bertram Bonner Foundation10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540(609) 924-6663 • (609) 683-4626 faxFor more information, please visit our website at
  2. 2. Welcome andIntroductions
  3. 3. Community-Campus Partnerships Organization Public or Networking Education Convening, Speakers, Forums, Coalition Social Media, Dissemination Mapping Capacity PolicyOptions News Digest Building & Issue Briefs Program, Planning & Tech Support Community- Based Direct Service ResearchThink Tank Direct Action
  4. 4. TrentonHospitality House
  5. 5. 2011-12 Member Training
  6. 6. 2011-12 Member Training: Draft Calendar• Types of Gatherings – Events (some required by State Commission) – Training workshops – Issue Education• Learning Outcomes – Human Resource Management – Program and Project Management – Resource Development – Issue Oriented Education
  7. 7. The NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Program 2011-12 Year of Service Training CalendarMonth Events Training Workshop Issue Education Learning areas to be addressedSeptem • AmeriCorps Orientation • Using BWBRS (position • Professionalism • Team Buildingber (two-days) descriptions, CLAs) • Written communication • Time ManagementOctobe • New Jersey Launch Event • Volunteer Recruitment • Hunger • Knowledge of national service fieldr • State Commission Launch • Networking preparation and assignment (for launch) • How to recruit, retain, and support volunteersNovem • Community Asset Mapping • Housing • Discover and utilize assets in community & agenciesber • PolicyOptions introduction • Make connections between direct service & public policyDecem • Anti-Poverty Network • Event Planning • Health • Networking assignment (build and enhance alliances)ber Conference • Event planning and management • Holiday Party • Reflection assignment (over holiday break)January • Mid-Year Retreat (one-day) • Job creation • Conference featuring workshops on organizational skills and • Community Works issues (program evaluation, budgeting, grant writing) Conference • Retreat focusing on issue education (involving partners) and • MLK Day Events program models • MLK Day: Diversity & justice workshops (race, class, gender)Februar • Meeting/training design • Economic • How to plan and program an effective meeting and trainingy Development/PovertyMarch • IMPACT Conference • Education • IMPACT Conference featuring workshops on civic engagement sector as a whole, including professional development, career opportunities, and best practices; expectation for attending members to submit workshopApril • Public Speaking • SustainabilityMay • AmeriCorps End-of-Year EventJune • Summer Leadership • Bonner Summer Leadership Institute feature variety of Institute workshops related to learning outcomes above and others. Members could be assigned particular workshops or planning roles.July • End-of-Year Celebration • Evaluation • Reflection and evaluation skills; documentation of work.August • Program Sustainability • Program sustainability and hand-off to staff; completion of documentation.
  8. 8. NJ PolicyOptions
  9. 9. POLICYOPTIONS BUREAU Publish in... News & Email Reporters Research Digest & RSS Feed Enter (using Policy ResourcesCollect Website website) Issue Issue Policy Analysts Briefs (using wiki) Briefs
  10. 10. NJ POLICYOPTIONS NETWORK Advisory/Editorial Statewide Director Board AmeriCorps*VISTA NJ PolicyOptions Coordinator Camden Trenton New Brunswick Newark(Rutgers-Camden) (The College of NJ) (Rutgers-NB) (Rutgers-Newark) Camden Trenton New Brunswick Newark Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator CoordinatorFaculty & Student Faculty & Student Faculty & Student Faculty & Student Teams Teams Teams Teams
  11. 11. CAMPUS STAFFING MODEL Community-Based Research Advisory/Editorial Director Board AmeriCorps PolicyOptions Coordinator Conduct CBR & Issue Briefs Maintain local Research websiteWork Study Students in Graduate School & Bonner CBR/SL Courses Students Students
  12. 12. NEW JERSEY PILOT 2011-12• Four cities with campus hubs ‣ Camden (Rutgers), Trenton (TCNJ, Rider, Princeton), New Brunswick (Rutgers), Newark (Rutgers)• PolicyOptions AmeriCorps ‣ 1 VISTA, 4 campus-based, 1 partner-based• Key Issue Areas ‣ Education (after-school, achievement gap, college access, youth development) ‣ Poverty (child hunger & nutrition, food stamp enrollment, workforce development)
  13. 13. NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Proposal for 2012-13
  14. 14. 2012-13 Bonner AmeriCorps Program: Initial Proposal Preparation• Must align with CNCS Strategic Initiatives – Education – Economic Opportunity – Healthy Futures – Environmental Stewardship• Must use National Performance Measures – Standardized across programs – Outcome focused
  15. 15. CNCS Performance Measures: EducationEarly childhood education • # of children participating in the early childhood program • # of children who demonstrate gains in school readiness related to literacyMentoring at-risk youth • # of youth/mentor matches • # of youth who have improved their school attendance • # of youth with no or decreased disciplinary referrals and suspensionsSupport services for students to obtain HS diploma or GED • # of students graduating from high school on time with a diploma or GEDCollege Access Programming • # of students entering post-secondary institutions
  16. 16. CNCS Performance Measures: Economic OpportunityJob Skill Training and Other Skill Development • # of individuals receiving job training & other skill development services • # of individuals receiving their GED • # of individuals obtaining jobsFinancial Literacy • # of economically disadvantaged individuals receiving financial literacy services • # of economically disadvantaged individuals with improved financial knowledgeHunger • # of indivls. receiving emergency food from food banks, food pantries, etc. • # of individuals receiving services and/or referrals to alleviate long-term hungerHousing • # of housing units developed, repaired, or otherwise made available
  17. 17. CNCS Performance Measures: Healthy FuturesPreventive and Primary Care • # of individuals who are uninsured, economically disadvantaged, medically underserved, or living in rural areas utilizing preventive and primary health care services and programsHealth Education • # of clients participating in health education programsNutrition Education • # of youth receiving nutrition education with the purpose of reducing obesity • # of youth demonstrating increased knowledge of good nutrition • # of youth who maintain a health body mass indexIndependent Living • # of homebound or older adults and individuals with disabilities receiving food, transportation, or other services that allow them to live independently
  18. 18. CNCS Performance Measures: Environmental StewardshipEnergy Efficiency Services • # of housing units of low-income households and structures weatherized or retrofitted to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions • # of low-income households home and public building energy audits conductedEnvironmental Education for Youth • # of youth receiving education or training in energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious practices, including but not limited to sustainable energy and other natural resources, and sustainable agricultureEnvironmental Clean-ups • # of acres of national parks, state parks, city parks, county parks, or other public lands and tribal communities that are cleaned or improvedRecycling • # of tons of materials collected and recycled
  19. 19. 2012-13 Bonner AmeriCorps Program: Initial Proposal Preparation• At least 80% of campus positions must fit, including summer placements – Education – Economic Opportunity – Healthy Futures – Environmental Stewardship• Must use data collection tools we develop to track Performance Measures outcomes
  20. 20. Analysis of Spring 2011 Placements:Initial Proposal Preparation Education Early Childhood Education 1 HS Diploma or GED 0 Mentoring 17 Other 129 Economic Opportunity Adult Education 32 Emergency Food 24 Financial Literacy 2 Housing Units 12 Hunger Alleviation 10 Other 12 Environment Stewardship Environmental Education 4 Healthy Futures Preventive & Primary Care 0 Other 17 TOTAL 260 % Other 56%