The Generative Capacity of Dreams


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Lou Van Beirendonck, Ann Bayart
Workshop presented at the #2012waic conference - Ghent, Belgium

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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The Generative Capacity of Dreams

  1. 1. THE GENERATIVE CAPACITY OF DREAMSConnecting Strenghts in creatingconnecting DreamsWorkshop – 26th April, WAIC 2012Lou Van BeirendonckAnn Bayart
  2. 2. Topic © Quintessence Consulting Inspiring, generative and creative Dreams© Quintessence Consulting
  3. 3. Key questions © Quintessence Consulting • How can we truly be facilitators of generative, creative and connecting dreams? • What can we do, as facilitators, to increase the willingness to think and dream outside current limits? • How to increase attunement?© Quintessence Consulting
  4. 4. What do we already know?• The topic choice: relevant and challenging © Quintessence Consulting• Creating a feeling of meaningfulness and trust• The groups represented in the room• Highly qualitative questions• The length and the quality of the discovery phase: Focus on ‘What’s working here?’ and the experience of a constructive collaboration, …• Expert input• Brainstorm guidelines• … © Quintessence Consulting
  5. 5. Discovery Mining for the gold.
  6. 6. Discovery : What works?Look back and remember one or more dream © Quintessence Consultingphases you’ve had, either as a participant or as aFacilitator.Think about an intervention, a moment, a tool thatstands out as a high point of craftsmanship: whatwas used, said or done to create creative dreamsand ideas outside the box?• What happened?• What did the facilitator do?• What makes this a highpoint experience?© Quintessence Consulting
  7. 7. Dream © Quintessence Consulting
  8. 8. Dream
  9. 9. Dream © Quintessence Consulting
  10. 10. © Quintessence Consulting
  11. 11. Guide Lines for Brainstorming• Encourage “Wild Ideas”• Building on the Ideas of Others © Quintessence Consulting• Combine and improve• Be visual• No “but’s”, only “ ands”• Go for quantity – aim for as many new ideas as possible• Stay focused on the topic – keep the discussion on the target• One conversation at the time – no interrupting – no rudeness• No criticism• Have fun!© Quintessence Consulting
  12. 12. Roles in the Dream Phase• Brainstorm facilitator : upholding the brainstorm © Quintessence Consulting rules• Recorder• Timekeeper• …© Quintessence Consulting
  13. 13. Dream © Quintessence Consulting
  14. 14. A warming up excerciseSome imaginary questions: © Quintessence Consulting• how to light a house with a single light bulb?• how to improve your travel from home to work ?• inventing a new game for the Olympics ?• how to improve institutional food without increasing its cost ?© Quintessence Consulting
  15. 15. A warming up excercise © Quintessence Consulting Imagine being cast ashore on a desertisland, nude and with nothing but a belt. What can be done with the belt?
  16. 16. Dream Imagine that we’ve developed our craftsmanship © Quintessence Consulting in order to help people to increase connectivity and creativity in the dream phase. What do we, as facilitators do to make sure that • dreams and aspirations are created, • people are willing to think outside the box • people feel connected in dreaming about the future? What language, tools and interventions do we use?© Quintessence Consulting
  17. 17. Dream : results of the workshop ( part 1) • Slow down, allow silence, create comfort zones © Quintessence Consulting for the participants • Use Aikido exercises ( Yes, you can!) • Encourage others to look at the topic with an appreciative eye ( appreciative refraiming) • Ask questions about possibilities • Imagine that something that was not possible had happened • Pep up the group – move, dance • Use music ( classic, up beat,…) • Do breathing exercises • Make sure the room has day light and coffee!© Quintessence Consulting
  18. 18. Dream : results of the workshop ( part 2) • Foresee room and extra time for introverted © Quintessence Consulting people • Mindful meditation ( brain body connections) • Use different techniques to create the dreams : talk, act, mind map, improvisation techniques, make stories about the future,… • Use different tools during the progress and let people choose amongst these different tools • Create “ My Bestseller” : for individual development , for increasing self-esteem issues • Be enthusiastic as facilitator • Invite the one who is in charge to make first steps© Quintessence Consulting
  19. 19. Dream : results of the workshop ( part 3) © Quintessence Consulting • Listen to the group dialogues and follow the rhythm of the group as a facilitator • “force” people to look for other words then they normally use • Get out of tradition ways of communication • Accept that not every one want to join us • Neurotansmitting ( read people minds and make connections) • Make reflections on your ow opinions about dreaming as facilitator • Use eye openers to invite people to think outside the box© Quintessence Consulting
  20. 20. Dream : results of the workshop ( part 4) © Quintessence Consulting • Start with small groups to increase the comfort zone • Make connection with childhood ( toys, plays, ) & connect to present and future • Use Lego : how to use strengths in the future ; using the blocks to create words ; make and think! • Use humor, positive and inviting language • Use window staring • Use the nature/horses • Use colors© Quintessence Consulting
  21. 21. Dream : results of the workshop ( part 5) © Quintessence Consulting • Meditation/visualization • Create a wall of wonder • Bring the context into the room • Emphasis on meaning • Relate to what we already have ( success, talent,s…) • Make the dreams personal • Show trust in people • Use role models ( f.e. Kennedy)© Quintessence Consulting
  22. 22. Dream : results of the workshop ( part 6) © Quintessence Consulting • Use a dream-catcher ( with objects, words, pictures) > Mobile • Surprise people • Take them out of their daily context • Drawing : explain the method; tag-cloud • Acting out the metaphor • Stimulate informal interactions & play • Acknowledge people in their barriers /resistance/views© Quintessence Consulting