Resetting OD for the New Normal
                         September 22–24, 2010 • Chicago Fairmont

                Be g...
Resetting OD for the
                                        New Normal
September 22–24, 2010
The Chicago Fairmont        ...
Summit details

Why attend?                                         Why register now?
Today’s OD/HR professional must prov...
Summit schedule

    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010: Pre-Summit Workshops
    8:30AM–4:30PM            The Essential OD Practi...
Reconnect                         The New OD Professional         Advanced Practitioners Think
Keynote speakers

    Phil Harkins                              Frans Johansson                            Marshall Gol...
Warner Burke                                Dana Gaines Robinson                        Elliott Masie
Organization Change ...
Complimentary One-On-One Executive Coaching Is Back!

    The ROI is clear, Break Through Consulting’s “laser coaching” ap...
Pre-Summit workshops                                                              September 20 & 21

The Essential OD     ...
Assessment, Measurement, & Evaluation (AME)
 Assessment, Measurement, & Evaluation (AME), is a special one-day pre-confere...
Tuesday, September 21 • 8:00AM–4:30PM

AME of Training and Development
GOLDeN Network

                                                          Tuesday, September 21
Advanced Practitioners Think Tank

In this unique and exclusive track, senior
OD/HR/LD professionals will have the
Learning teams

 Reflect upon, process,       WEDNESDAY, September 22 • 3:00–5:00PM
Track overview

Track 1: Reassess
With the collapse of major industry leaders, even the smallest companies are reassessing...
Concurrent sessions

         REASSESS                                    REENGAGE                                      RE...
Wednesday, September 22 • 10:45AM–12:00PM

                                                 THE NEW OD
      RECONNECT    ...
Concurrent sessions

         REASSESS                                   REENGAGE                                     REDE...
Wednesday, September 22 • 1:15–2:45PM

                                                THE NEW OD
      RECONNECT         ...
Concurrent sessions

         REASSESS                                  REENGAGE                                    REDESI...
Thursday, September 23 • 9:15–10:30AM

                                                  THE NEW OD
      RECONNECT       ...
2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit
2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit
2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit
2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit
2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit
2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit
2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit
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2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit


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2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit - Chicago, IL (September 22nd – 24th)

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2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit

  1. 1. Resetting OD for the New Normal September 22–24, 2010 • Chicago Fairmont Be global Build trust Develop leaders Get results Best tools Participants Communicate Learning tracks Alumni network High potential Expert presenters Drive change Warner Burke Dana Gaines Peter Block Lifetime Robinson Achievement Phil Harkins Marshall Elliott Masie Frans Goldsmith Johansson | 781.402.5555 Gold sponsors
  2. 2. Resetting OD for the New Normal September 22–24, 2010 The Chicago Fairmont About the 2010 Summit With an ever-changing economy and technology market, companies recognize that it has never been more important to re-evaluate, re- energize, and innovate on the models, tools, and strategies they are Table of contents using to improve and stabilize their organization. That is why The 2010 Best of Organizational Development Summit will focus on Resetting OD Summit details.................. 3 for the New Normal. Whether you are an experienced OD practitioner or new to organization- Summit schedule ...........4-5 al development, this program will help you identify ways to reassess, redesign, reengage, and reconnect your organization. Keynote speakers...........6-7 Complimentary coaching .......................... 8 Model for High Impact OD Pre-Summit workshops ........................ 9 Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation schedule (AME) ............... 10 GOLDeN Network ............ 12 Advanced Practitioners Think Tank ...................... 13 Learning teams ............... 14 Track overview ................ 15 Concurrent sessions ....................16-23 Sponsor education sessions ......................... 24 “ The Marketplace ............. 26 Blew my mind. Julie Boardman // Senior Manager Registration of Operational Development, information ..................... 28 Nintendo of America Follow us online: 2
  3. 3. Summit details Why attend? Why register now? Today’s OD/HR professional must prove their Our Summit has limited seating and a limited ability to adapt to an ever changing environment. amount of reserved hotel rooms and has been To do this, they need access to trends, peer filled to capacity year after year. It is important to networks, benchmarking, and best-in-class tools reserve your Summit seat as soon as possible to and models, which will enable them, and their take advantage of our early bird 10% registration company to grow. Participants of The Best of discount and decrease costs for your organiza- Organizational Development Summit will receive tion. valuable tools that their company can’t afford to miss. Participants will benefit Who attends? from: Our Summit attracts 600 participants each year, • World-class keynote presentations from OD including: thought leaders • OD/OE Practitioners • Best practices sharing and benchmarking • Managers, Directors, and VPs of: • Peer networking with top OD professionals » Organizational Development • Skill development workshops » Performance Management • Best-in-class tools, case studies, and tech- » Succession Planning niques » Training and Development • A network of nearly 7,000 summit alumni » Organizational Learning » Leadership Development The paths to the future are » Talent Management » Organizational Change » Human Resources “ not found but made and the act of making them change both the maker and the • Internal and External Consultants • Teams of OD and HR practitioners destination. • Newly appointed OD professionals Warren Bennis // A world authority on leadership development 781-402-5555 3
  4. 4. Summit schedule MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010: Pre-Summit Workshops 8:30AM–4:30PM The Essential OD Practitioner Program—Day 1 *Held at DePaul University 8:30AM–4:30PM The Essential Coaching Leaders Practitioner Program—Day 1 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010: Pre-Summit Workshops and Pre-Conference 8:00AM–4:30PM Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation (AME) 8:30AM–4:30PM The Essential OD Practitioner Program—Day 2 8:30AM–4:30PM The Essential Coaching Leaders Practitioner Program—Day 2 SUMMIT DAY ONE: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 7:00–8:00AM Continental breakfast and registration 8:30–8:45AM Opening welcome 8:45–9:45AM Keynote address: Phil Harkins—Top 10 Issues Facing OD Today 9:45–10:45AM Break and exhibits Concurrent Tracks Reassess Reengage Redesign 10:45AM–12:00PM Leadership Development: Focus. Extraordinary Groups: How to Leveraging OD for Sustainable Believe. Invest. Help Your Team Deliver Amazing Business Excellence Results 12:00–1:15PM Lunch in the exhibit hall 1:15–2:45PM Increasing Leadership Capacity Maintaining Employee Engage- You Think You Can't Change at Fortune Brands with Emotional ment Cultures Fast… Think Again Intelligence 3:00–5:00PM Learning Teams 5:00–6:15PM Keynote address: Elliott Masie—Virtual, Social, Global: Change Happens! 6:15–7:45PM Grand Networking Reception SUMMIT DAY TWO: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 7:30–8:30AM Continental breakfast 7:30–8:20AM Breakfast sessions 8:30–9:00AM Lifetime Achievement Awards Opening Address: Peter Block—The Evolution of Enthusiasm 9:00–9:15AM Break and exhibits 9:15–10:30AM Return on Leadership Develop- Leveraging Talent to Drive Changing the Way We Change: ment (ROLD) Business Corporate Transformation at Cisco 10:30–10:45AM Break and exhibits 10:45–11:45AM Keynote address: Marshall Goldsmith— MOJO—A New Approach to Building New Happiness, Meaning, and Employee Engagement 11:45AM–12:45PM Lunch in the exhibit hall 1:00–3:00PM Learning Teams 3:00–4:15PM Dessert in the exhibit hall 4:15–5:15PM Keynote address: Warner Burke—Organizational Change and Development Today 6:00–7:30PM Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner* SUMMIT DAY THREE: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 7:30–8:30AM Continental breakfast 7:30–8:20AM Breakfast sessions 8:30–9:45AM Keynote address: Dana Gaines Robinson—Designing Your Function to be Seriously Strategic 9:45–10:00AM Break and exhibits 10:00–11:15AM The New GM The Best Defense Is a Good Of- Organizational Change Doesn't fense: Thriving in Troubled Times Happen Without Leadership 11:30AM–12:30PM Keynote address: Frans Johansson— Innovation: Use the Power of Diversity to Build, Change, and Grow Your Business 1:30–5:00PM The Marketplace* *Separate registration required. 4
  5. 5. Reconnect The New OD Professional Advanced Practitioners Think Tank Social Networking—Create an The Transformation Decade: Building and Rebuilding Trust in Opportunity for People to Learn Trends 2010–2020 Organizations from Each Other Challenges of Rolling Out OD The Neuroscience of Organiza- Assessing, Measuring, and Initiatives Globally tional Change Evaluating Leadership Develop- ment Efforts Enterprise 2.0—Creating New Does Learning Really Change Creating Global Teams that Work Connections and Collaboration Anything?… Creating Trans- Channels formational Development Experiences Understanding LinkedIn as an STRETCHING Ourselves as OD Developing Leaders Who are Organizational Development Tool Professionals Ready at All Levels 781-402-5555 5
  6. 6. Keynote speakers Phil Harkins Frans Johansson Marshall Goldsmith Top 10 Issues Facing OD Innovation: Use the Power of MOJO—A New Approach to Today Diversity to Build, Change, Building Happiness, Meaning, and Grow Your Business and Employee Engagement Today we have a crisis of confi- Whether you’re facing a challenge, Mojo can be defined as that positive dence since so many organizations threat or opportunity, it takes new spirit toward what we are doing, worldwide have been assaulted thinking, creative ideas and col- now, that starts from the inside and by the two year global recession, laboration if you want to survive, radiates to the outside. Marshall leaving a depleted and disappointed thrive or compete in today’s busi- Goldsmith will discuss the building workforce. This is forcing OD ness world. It takes innovation, and blocks of Mojo—identity, achieve- professionals to discover innovative innovation is powered by diversity. ment, reputation, and acceptance. practices and programs to reen- It doesn’t take a new budget, space He will provide practical tools that gage and inspire a broken and often age thinkers or wildly creative can help participants increase their confused employee base. In this types. You already have what you experience of happiness and mean- general session, Phil Harkins will need hidden in your organization— ing—both at work and at home. review the top ten major challenges hidden in the diverse experiences, facing organizations as they move cultures, backgrounds, opinions, In this session, you will: into recovery. He will then present and interests of your employees. the researched best practice solu- • learn practical tools aimed at tions noting successful examples of increasing your personal experi- Frans will discuss: companies that have done it. ence of happiness and meaning • how to gain a fresh perspective • be better able to coach others on what innovation is and isn’t Participants will leave this session and help them find happiness with: • what is needed to make innova- and meaning tion happen • solutions that they can imple- • increase employee engage- ment immediately • the discovery and development ment without another expensive of one’s own creative and in- ‘program’ • a step-by-step guidebook for novative abilities selling these practices to their Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world organization • how to meet any challenge and authority in helping successful leaders make a difference to achieve positive, lasting behavior: Phil Harkins, Ph.D., is CEO and Founder for themselves, their people, and their of Linkage and an internationally known Frans Johansson is author of the best- seller, The Medici Effect. Frans is also teams. expert in the fields of OD, leadership, communication, and executive coaching. an entrepreneur and thought leader. Frans co-founded and managed a Boston-based software company and a medical device company operating out of Baltimore, Maryland and Stockholm, Sweden. All Summit participants will receive a free signed copy of Marshall’s new book. 6
  7. 7. Warner Burke Dana Gaines Robinson Elliott Masie Organization Change and Designing Your Function to Virtual, Social, Global: Development Today: What be Seriously Strategic Change Happens! We Know and What We Need to Know Going Forward A clear statement of what we know How often we read about the need 2010 is a year of unique opportu- regarding the practice of OD, what for OD, HR, and learning functions nity for OD and HR professionals. we can count on, what we need to to be strategic and business linked. Changing economies, shifting talent know, and what new skills are likely To become strategically integrated requirements, distributed global to be required, will be presented. into the organization is an aspira- workplaces, and a sense of uncer- The seven domains that Warner tional goal for most practitioners. tainty create a powerful and chal- Burke will focus on include the But what is a strategic function? lenging moment for our field. Elliott process and content of OD, change What characteristics separate it Masie will frame these challenges leadership, organizational structure, from a function that is tactical? around three key initiatives: rewards systems, training and Designing a function to be strategic • Reskilling—scalable approach- development, teams and teamwork, requires four key elements. Dana es to updating and changing and organizational performance. Gaines Robinson will discuss these skill sets elements and provide examples of Warner will explore: successes and land mines to avoid. • Virtual Leadership—skills for leading distributed teams • a self assessment about what In this session, you will learn: through new techniques and one feels confident about in the technologies practice of OD • four key requirements of a strategic function • Social Knowledge—tapping the • how to measure and understand “wisdom of the crowds” in a organizational best practices • how to assess the ‘current strategic and authentic fashion state’ of your function as it • how to assess where growth compares to four key require- and development is needed Elliott Masie is the Chair of the Learning ments CONSORTIUM and a pioneer in the world • what skills and knowledge are of learning technology and workplace • what actions are needed to en- needed to feel confident about performance. Credited with introducing sure your function is positioned the practice of OD the term “e-learning,” Elliott combines to be seriously strategic the worlds of corporate learning, emerg- W. Warner Burke, Ph.D., is Profes- ing technology, and OD in his work with Dana Gaines Robinson is a recognized global corporations. sor of Psychology and Education and leader in the area of performance Coordinator for the Graduate Programs technology and strategic HR design. in Social-Organizational Psychology at Together with her husband, Jim Rob- Teachers College, Columbia University, inson, Dana has co-authored six books and is the Associate Editor for the Jour- including Strategic Business Partner and nal of Applied Behavioral Science. Performance Consulting. Lifetime Achievement Awards Opening Address Lifetime Achievement September 23 • 8:30–9:00AM Award This award is presented to legends of organizational development to honor them for their commitment to the profession and its practitioners. The Evolution of Enthusiasm—Sustaining ourselves requires us to perch on the inter- section of what is most personal and what the world is asking for. We must keep a certain clinical distance from the work in order to avoid losing our humanity. In this session, Peter Block will discuss these hugely important issues as well as how to maintain a healthy relationship with money, which is the root of all possibility. Peter Block, author 781-402-5555 7
  8. 8. Complimentary One-On-One Executive Coaching Is Back! The ROI is clear, Break Through Consulting’s “laser coaching” approach helps individuals achieve clear, actionable, and high impact goals. “The session far exceeded Sign up for a 60-minute “laser coaching” session with Break my expectations…” Through Consulting and you too can come away with clear and actionable high-impact goals to improve your strategic direction “…an excellent and well-being. Only 100 spaces available! experience….” Don’t miss this chance to focus on you and “…a very valuable your goals session…” Give yourself 60 minutes of executive coaching with Break “It was an hour well spent.” Through Consulting and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities. The first 100 people to sign-up will benefit from a one-on-one “…meaningful, thought 60-minute executive coaching session with a business coach provoking…” from Break Through Consulting. You may schedule your phone coaching session to occur at your convenience—either before or after the Summit. Prior participants are welcome to sign-up again. Dare to Invest in Just 60 minutes could be the start of Yourself! something powerful • Complimentary 60-minute coaching • Enjoy the support of a strategic thinking partner sessions • Gain clarity as you hear yourself think out loud • One-on-one sessions • Develop breakthrough perspectives conducted by phone • Discuss tough issues in a safe and confidential environment • Schedule at your convenience—before • Brainstorm with a coach whose only agenda is to support you the Summit or after in reaching your goals • Highly-accomplished business coaches Sign up for complimentary executive coaching when you • Only 100 spaces available! register for the Summit! Break Through Consulting is a results-driven executive coaching company dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs, executives, and teams in the Global 500. For more information about Break Through Consulting visit 8
  9. 9. Pre-Summit workshops September 20 & 21 The Essential OD The Essential Coaching Organizational Culture Practitioner Program Leaders Practitioner and Change Program Organizations must design and Offered in exclusive partnership implement the structures, pro- Participants will learn the four with Denison Consulting cesses, and systems that will allow stages of Linkage’s proven Coach- their people to flourish—and that ing Leaders Model™, including how To deliver business results through will spur change and growth. To to use tools to expedite and sustain periods of change and transition, help newer OD professionals with the coaching process. In addition, competent change agents need ac- this charge, Linkage is offering The participants will attend tracks cess to reliable measurement tools. Essential OD Practitioner Program, focused on specific development This program, featuring the Denison a targeted curriculum that lever- techniques implemented success- Organizational Culture Survey™, ages a pre-Summit workshop and fully at leading organizations. will help participants expand their key tracks from The Best of OD capabilities to meet the challenge Summit. Who should attend of driving bottom-line performance Internal HR, OD, and LD profession- metrics such as sales growth, Who should attend als and business coaches return on investment, customer New OD practitioners and anyone satisfaction, innovation, quality, and with little or no background in OD employee satisfaction through the Benefits & outcomes analysis of cultural indicators. • Exposure to Linkage’s Coaching Benefits & outcomes Leaders Model™ • Receive an in-depth overview of Who should attend the field of OD and key models • Learn how to use key tools to HR professionals, OD internal/exter- sustain the coaching process nal practitioners, and business line • Define critical success factors managers and target specific interventions • Share best practices and net- for hard-hitting, bottom-line OD work with other coaches Benefits & outcomes • Learn how to articulate your role Curriculum • Expand your knowledge of as an internal OD consultant • Attendance at Linkage’s Pre- organizational factors that affect Summit workshop: Essential performance, and learn how to Curriculum Coaching Leaders Practitioner diagnose your organization’s • Attendance at Linkage’s Pre- Program (co-located at The Best culture using the Denison Orga- Summit workshop: Introduction of OD Summit on 9/20-21) nizational Culture Survey™ to Organizational Development (co-located at DePaul University • Attendance at two of the fol- • Leverage your organization’s on 9/20-21) lowing three key tracks taking strengths to maximize organiza- place during The Best of OD tional performance • Attendance at two of the fol- Summit: lowing three key tracks taking • Recognize your organization’s place during The Best of OD » Increasing Leadership areas for improvement and pri- Summit: Capacity at Fortune Brands oritize potential change efforts with Emotional Intelligence to affect performance » Levering OD for Sustainable (p. 18) Business Excellence (p. 16) • After the program concludes, » Does Learning Really you will receive a complimenta- » The Transformation Decade: Change Anything? (p. 21) ry opportunity to administer the Trends 2010-2020 (p. 17) online Denison Organizational » Developing & Retaining New » STRETCHING Ourselves as Culture Survey™ to up to 20 Leaders at Tyco: Through OD Professionals (p. 23) people in your organization Onboarding Coaching (p. 24) Attention Summit attendees: Did you know that The Essential OD Practitioner Program or Organizational Culture and Change can be rolled into Linkage’s OD Certificate along with the completion of two additional programs during 2010–2011? Call 781-402-5555 for details. Linkage’s Organizational Development Certificate Program offers you: • proven OD tools and resources • research on OD best practices • best-in-class facilitation by expert consultants 781-402-5555 9
  10. 10. Assessment, Measurement, & Evaluation (AME) Assessment, Measurement, & Evaluation (AME), is a special one-day pre-conference. AME is crucial to the success of any OD initiative. It is easy for companies to dismiss initiatives that are not actively demonstrating ROI. If you are charged with increasing learning and performance in your organization and you must demonstrate the business impact of your initiatives, you can’t afford to miss this event. Keynote AME of Human Performance Designing, Developing, and Conversations that Count: Taking a Story-Based Implementing AME Approach to ROI Organizations struggle with determining the ROI—return on investment—has taken on a negative ROI of OD, HR, and LD departments. This ses- connotation for many practitioners in the field of LD and sion will focus on building practical executive OD. Taking a story-based approach to ROI evaluation development programs by creating assessment, offers an alternative approach to the “science experi- measurement, and evaluation tools on the front ment” and has proven to provide better data and to be end of programs. Learn how to get buy-in and faster, cheaper, and easier. commitment while increasing outcomes. In this session, you will: In this session, you will explore: • build skills in conducting story-based ROI evalua- • how to recognize operational indicators dur- tions ing the design phase • gain tips for application from a case study example • how programs can be developed using scorecards to create the desired results • create a compelling business case for leadership and organization development initiatives • how using a leaders teaching leaders for- mula can accelerate tools and methods Merrill Anderson, Ph.D., is the Principal and Chief Business Architect of Cylient, a profes- Scott Boston is the Senior Vice sional services firm that offers coaching-based President of Talent Management at LD, culture change, and MetrixGlobal evaluation McKesson Corporation. He is respon- services. sible for the talent management and HR transformation efforts. AME of Training and Development AME of Human Performance It’s All About Performance Getting Results from Balanced Scorecards: A Case Study of the National Education Association Analyzing needs is the most important step of any train- ing or development project. The design, development, The challenge of a balanced scorecard is not building implementation, and evaluation of the event are all them but getting the organization to learn from the re- predicated on what brought the learner there in the first sults. Through its use of balanced scorecards, the NEA place—their need to improve performance. Using the has had successful conversations about strategy and National YMCA as a case example, participants will fol- identified measures and targets to achieve this mission. low a needs analysis process from start to finish. They will receive the knowledge and tools that they need to In this session, you will: perform a similar analysis back in their organizations. • discover the lessons learned from scorecard mea- In this session, you will learn how to: surement systems with emphasis on cultural factors • conduct a performance and training needs analysis • learn practical methods for increasing accountability • determine the target audience • understand how strategy maps and scorecards can be used in innovative ways • evaluate the effectiveness of training Dr. Charley Morrow is president of Sage As- Dr. Philip Anderson is the Director of Leadership sessments and is an expert in using focused Development for the YMCA of the USA. He is assessment methodologies to drive individual recognized as an expert in his field. and organizational performance. Andrea Walker is the Manager of Strategy at Keisha Sitney is the Leadership Development the National Education Association, a 3.2 million Manager for the YMCA of the USA. She is re- member organization dedicated to creating a sponsible for executive development across the great public school for every student. country—a scope of over 3,000 executives. 10
  11. 11. Tuesday, September 21 • 8:00AM–4:30PM AME of Training and Development World Café Leveraging 360-Degree Feedback to Facilitate Successful Behavior Change The World Café is an innovative yet simple methodology for hosting conversations about One of the most popular tools for talent development questions that matter. These conversations is 360-degree feedback. Yet research shows that one link and build on each other as people move third of those interventions result in decreased perfor- between groups, cross-pollinate ideas, and dis- mance. In this case study session, participants will hear cover new insights into the questions or issues how a medical center completed a talent development most important in their life, work, or community. intervention which changed leadership behaviors, During this interactive session, participants will improved coaching abilities, engaged employees, and have a rich conversation about the importance enhanced retention. of assessing, measuring, and evaluating OD/HR/ LD initiatives. Explore and learn from the collec- In this session, you will: tive experience of this high level group of peers • explore the limitation and challenges of using and leave with an actionable plan for success 360-degree feedback in assessing, measuring, and evaluating human performance. • examine participant, organizational factors, and conditions for successful interventions Mari Pat Varga is a communication consultant and organizational thinking • apply research-based best practices to maximize partner. She consults with leaders to individual and team effectiveness using 360-degree develop communication practices that performance feedback interventions connect customers, colleagues, and communities. Andrea L. Espy is a senior training and OD consultant within the HR department at the UC, Irvine Medical Center. Andrea specializes in tal- ent, LD, management training, and OD. Schedule Dr. Kenneth M. Nowack is a licensed psycholo- gist and President and Chief Research Officer 7:00–8:00AM Continental breakfast & registration of Envisia Learning, a leading provider of 8:00–8:15AM Opening welcome assessment, training, and development tools to coaches and consultants. 8:15–9:30AM Keynote address: Scott Boston— Designing, Developing, and Implementing AME Return on Leadership Development 9:30–9:45AM Break Measuring Impact (day-long track) 9:45–11:30AM Concurrent sessions AME of Human Performance: Measuring the impact of LD provides organizations with Getting Results from Balanced benefits such as pipeline/bench strength analysis. This Scorecards session will outline these organizational benefits, why AME of Training and Kirkpatrick’s four levels, Phillips ROI, and Birkenhof’s Development: It’s All About impact mapping are still so important to the future Performance of LD, and what to do with your findings once you’ve conducted an assessment. Return on Leadership Development (Part 1) In this session, you will explore: 11:30AM–12:30PM Lunch • tools and questions to take back with you to your 12:30–2:15PM Concurrent sessions organization that will help you start measuring AME of Human Performance: Conversations that Count • key learnings and insights from leading companies that have measured their return on LD AME of Training and Development: Leveraging • how LD can become a profit generating unit 360-Degree Feedback to Facilitate Rich Rosier is Senior Vice President and a Prin- Successful Behavioral Change cipal Consultant at Linkage. He is responsible for Return on Leadership leading Linkage’s LD practice area and aligning Development (Part 2) strategic partner acquisitions. 2:15–2:30PM Break 2:30–4:15PM World Café 4:15–4:30PM Closing remarks 781-402-5555 11
  12. 12. GOLDeN Network Tuesday, September 21 8:30AM–5:30PM The Global Organizational and Leadership Development e-Network GOLDeN is your chance to connect with an exclusive group of experienced OD/ LD professionals who, like you, strive for organizational excellence through the advancement of leadership development, talent management, change management, and team building. Teams from high performing organizations and world renowned experts will come together to position you for success by exchanging Interested in the ideas, discussing the innovation, and sharing the information that matters most to you. learning more? And, because Linkage’s ongoing research is the driving force behind Call 781-402-5555 GOLDeN, you will get data verified answers to your most critical ques- to find out how to tions. You will go back to your organization with solutions in hand. become a member Solutions that work. of this exclusive Network network. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to creat- ing impactful change at your organization. This is why we invite you to join GOLDeN as a team of up to three OD/LD leaders and up to one line executive (max of four members per team). Together, you and your team will take advantage of the insights and ideas of other high performing teams recognized for their leadership within the industry, their growth potential, and/or their global reach. Unique content Linkage has collected thousands of data points from executives, line leaders, and everyone in between in order to bring industry leading best practices to you. You will receive access to bi-monthly research findings from Linkage’s analysis of thousands of top leaders. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in research examining the critical topics that are sure to affect your bottom line. We are confident that the best practices that we share will work, and not just because we say so, but because our data supports this fact. On Demand Access to Thought Leaders Receive unprecedented access to Phil Harkins and Warren Bennis, two experts in the areas of OD and leadership, and countless other Linkage experts. Dr. Harkins and Dr. Bennis will facilitate the GOLDeN in-person meetings and will continually add their expertise to the virtual network through blogs, discussion board comments, and ongoing question and answer sessions. 12
  13. 13. Advanced Practitioners Think Tank In this unique and exclusive track, senior OD/HR/LD professionals will have the opportunity to work with and learn from each other, while advancing the field by sharing best practices and research. With the guidance of OD/HR/LD thought leaders, participants will focus on benchmarks and research projects in four areas: building and rebuilding trust in organizations, creating global teams that really work, developing leaders who are ready at all levels, and assessing, measuring, and evaluating leadership development efforts.* Building and Rebuilding Trust in Organizations Creating Global Teams that Work With the collapse of major institutions, many organi- As the need to be a global organization grows, so zations have had to focus on building and rebuilding does the need to create global teams that work. When trust in organizations. Participants will explore the best creating and implementing global initiatives, there are practices that have allowed them to successfully gain many pieces that the senior level practitioner needs to back trust, benchmark with other best practices, and be aware of to be successful. Participants will discuss set up benchmarking projects which will guide future the opportunities that exist in the emerging markets of practitioners through tough times. China and India, how to navigate the cultural differenc- es, how to use technology to build virtual global teams, Mac Van Wielingen is the Founder, Co-Chairman, and how to benchmark with other best practices. and Director of ARC. He is one of Canada’s lead- ing financial experts. Mac provides leadership Samuel M. Lam is President and Managing Part- support for the executive team in the areas of ner of Linkage Asia. He has led major OD and internal governance, corporate development, LD initiatives for both global multinational firms and investment decision-making. and Asian conglomerates in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia. David Rock coined the term ‘NeuroLeadership’ Assessing, Measuring, and Evaluating Leadership and co-founded the NeuroLeadership Institute. Development Efforts He has authored the books Personal Best, Quiet Leadership, and the textbook Coaching with the Assessing, measuring, and evaluating leadership Brain in Mind. development efforts is an integral part of surviving in today’s economy—especially when succession is being accelerated at a pace we’ve not seen before. Partici- Develop Leaders Who are Ready at All Levels pants will be privy to research surrounding proven LD Boards and senior leadership teams are bottom line and OD best practices that yield measurable business driven, and are typically interested in knowing their results. They will also work together to set up future organization’s pipeline and bench strength. This is benchmarking projects surrounding leadership and OD. harder to predict in a volatile market. So, organizations must develop leaders who are ready at all levels, and Phil Harkins, Ph.D., is CEO and Founder of Link- age and an internationally known expert in the can be strategic even when strategy has to continually fields of OD, leadership, communication, and change. Participants in this session will explore the executive coaching. best practices in navigating “the new normal,” what it means to do more with less, and what best practices are still useful in today’s economy. Mark Servodidio is Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer for Avis Budget Group. He has responsibility for more than 22,000 employees and oversees human *Participants must apply and be accepted to be part resources activities worldwide. of this track. 781-402-5555 13
  14. 14. Learning teams Reflect upon, process, WEDNESDAY, September 22 • 3:00–5:00PM THURSDAY, September 23 • 1:00–3:00PM and share key learnings What is a learning team? A learning team is a time when our Summit participants have Get to know fellow the opportunity to network more deeply with their peers. This Summit participants valuable opportunity has been an integral part of Linkage Sum- mits for the past five years. Create a plan to How it works: transform participant Summit participants will be grouped based on a pre-Summit assessment designed to determine their level of experience, key learnings into action challenges, and learning objectives. Engage in deep Participants will be placed in teams of 15–20 peers, who they will meet with for a total of 4 hours during the event. During this dialogue with peers time, they will form a strong support network and develop an who are interested in action plan for implementing key learnings from the Summit to a similar topic/theme their day-to-day job and OD initiatives. 14
  15. 15. Track overview Track 1: Reassess With the collapse of major industry leaders, even the smallest companies are reassessing where they are in the market. Presentations in this track will focus on the themes of assessment, measurement, and evaluation, and how they are applicable to human performance, training and development, orga- nizational performance, benchmarking against other best practice organizations, and problem solving. Trends surrounding reassessment and the impact on the bottom line will also be explored. Track 2: Reengage Recent change and disruption has had an impact on employee engagement and effectiveness. A new and real risk is that people disengage and burn out, which can derail critical initiatives and productiv- ity. Can you reengage those employees that have come to know the words “layoff”, “change”, and “overworked” all too well? How do companies, from a people perspective, move from crisis mode back into growth mode? Presenters in this track will explore the key business drivers and priorities of the OD professional including best practice case studies on LD, talent management, employee engagement, and future trends surrounding reengagement. Track 3: Redesign Mergers and acquisitions, process improvement, corporate re-structuring, culture change, and the absolute necessity for OD initiatives to be linked to financial performance have all pushed OD profes- sionals to focus on redesign. This track will provide participants with the skills to navigate through this time of increasing competition and speed, and will define best practices that enable OD professionals to redesign initiatives that drive results. Track 4: Reconnect Innovations in technology are changing the way that employees learn and connect with each other and their organization. Growing global and cross-cultural virtual Reassess Reengage teams, advances in social online media, and new, exciting simulations and learning systems are just some ex- amples of these developments. In this RESET track, presenters will share best prac- tices for how OD and HR professionals can use technological innovations to improve the effectiveness, integration, Reconnect Redesign global capability and ROI of their OD and HR initiatives. Track 5: The New OD Professional As organizations around the world continue to struggle for survival in the midst of a global financial crisis, those that survive and thrive will do so by quickly adapting to— or reshaping—the future. In this track, participants will explore the impact of emerging global trends and the impact those trends will have on the future of organizations and ultimately on the skills OD and HR professionals will need to be successful in a new global reality. Track 6: Advanced Practitioners Think Tank (see p. 13) 781-402-5555 15
  16. 16. Concurrent sessions REASSESS REENGAGE REDESIGN Leadership Development: Extraordinary Groups: How Levering OD for Sustainable Focus. Believe. Invest. to Help Your Team Deliver Business Excellence Amazing Results Many times organizations are un- OD’s success depends on its direct able to effectively have their initia- As a result of over three years of and specific contribution to the tives cross departments. Lockheed field research surrounding the ex- business. However, like other staff Martin has successfully executed periences of people involved in sixty groups, OD is often stuck in an cross departmental initiatives by fo- extraordinary groups, Geoff Bellman antiquated and counterproductive cusing on, believing in, and invest- and his co-author, Kathleen Ryan, relationship with its customers. OD ing in their leadership development. identified six human needs key to now has momentum to reposi- In this session, participants will team effectiveness, eight perfor- tion itself, and this session will hear how a Fortune 500 company mance indicators that differentiate address the “why” and “how.” It integrated a comprehensive LD extraordinary groups from the rest, will particularly focus on the tough and OD system across multiple four feelings at the core of trans- economic reality that has taught platforms of the organization and formative team experiences, and many businesses and not-for-profit aligned it with the company goals actions that lead toward creating organizations that “good” is no lon- and culture. the ideal team. ger enough. OD could play a pivotal role in migrating towards greatness, Key session takeaways will include: Noting this research, Geoff will but it requires deep understanding offer an alternative to traditional of business excellence and OD’s • how to put together a success- team development, an approach leverage potential. This is especially ful action learning project that that looks deeper than tools and true when budgets remain tight focuses on assessment techniques, and new possibilities. and managers remain focused on • what does impactful measure- short-term profit improvements and ment look like In this session, you will explore: cost reductions. • how to take an action learning • what allows some teams to perform in ways that exceed In this session, you will learn: project and turn it into a practi- cal action plan their own expectations • what separates a great • how these teams differ from organization from its peers and most others determines business excellence Marilyn Figlar is the Vice President of Leadership • what you can do to increase the • why OD should reposition itself, and OD for Lockheed how to execute this, and how Martin Corporation. She possibility that your next team will be extraordinary OD can contribute to sustain- oversees all learning, tal- able business excellence ent, and LD strategies and programs. Geoff Bellman has been a • how to link the annual plan- Cheryl Monachino is the Director of Platform consultant to organiza- ning and budgeting process to Systems Engineering at tions for forty years. He is strategic needs, evaluation, and Lockheed Martin Systems the author of six books, prioritization of OD initiatives Integration. She is including The Consultant’s responsible for the system engineering Calling, Getting Things Done When You • how OD can help business lead- function in support of the A-10 Prime Are Not in Charge, and his new book, ers understand and deal with Programs, the Distribution Technologies Extraordinary Groups. chaos, black swans, uncertain Programs, Special Operations Programs, markets, and change Unmanned Vehicle (UAV) Programs, and Naval Helicopter Programs. Peter Nievaart is the Founder and CEO at Effecs. He is passionate about leadership, busi- ness excellence, innova- tion, change management, and IT. He has worked for profit and not-for-profit organizations. He is a life-long student of business excellence and leadership. 16
  17. 17. Wednesday, September 22 • 10:45AM–12:00PM THE NEW OD RECONNECT PROFESSIONAL Social Networking—Create The Transformation Incredible an Opportunity for People to Learn from Each Other Social networking in the enterprise? Social networking creates op- Decade: Trends 2010-2020 We have left the Information Age and are moving into the Shift Age. Everything is in a state of shift. “ information that could really portunities for connections between Companies, managers, and leaders change the way people and groups—challenging need to be able to transform the each of us to grow our network companies and organizations they our leaders view and learn from each other. A social run to succeed in the next 10 years. thinking and networking strategy must start with This session will be a big picture defining collaboration outcomes look into the future by the “emerg- leadership. and leadership engagements. The ing futurist of today”. technology is the easy part. In this Mary Marshall Sharpe session, Accenture will share how In this session, you will learn: // Human Capital social networking approaches have Analyst, Humana • the forces shaping this new been integrated into their learn- decade ing programs (training, knowledge sharing) to create opportunities for • changes in the workplace and Accenture’s people to build their leadership capability by learning from each • what companies will need to other. do to survive and thrive in the In this session, you will learn: years ahead • the drivers for focusing on social networking David Houle is a futurist, speaker, and author. He • the value of social networking has been called the “CEOs in enabling your people to learn futurist” having spoken from each other (social learning) to or advised some 1,000 CEOs in the last three years. His book, in the enterprise The Shift Age was published in 2008 • the key building blocks to a and his semi-annual Shift Age Trend successful social networking Report was launched in 2009. program Tom Barfield is the Director of Knowledge Management for Accenture. Tom has lead initiatives to build the learning and knowledge sharing culture at Accenture including the development and implementation of Accenture’s collaboration strategy. 781-402-5555 17
  18. 18. Concurrent sessions REASSESS REENGAGE REDESIGN Increasing Leadership Maintaining Employee You Think You Can’t Capacity at Fortune Brands Engagement Change Cultures Fast… with Emotional Intelligence Think Again According to the Harvard Business Understanding the emotional intelli- Review, nearly “55% of employees When an organization is going gence of your organization can ben- are dissatisfied.” John Deere is through many changes very quickly, efit your company in many ways. not part of this percentile. In this it can affect the entire organiza- This session will highlight best session, we will discuss why it tional structure. This best practice practices and lessons learned from was that even during an economic case study session will show how a multi-year LD initiative at Fortune downturn that they success- BP went from spending money un- Brands (a Fortune 500 company fully retained employees who were necessarily and inefficiently on OD that owns marquis brands such highly committed, satisfied, and initiatives, to undertaking a large as Titleist, Moen, and Jim Beam). recognized for being high-potential scale systems change strategy. When Fortune Brands sought to leaders. Participants will hear a This resulted in financial, opera- double the revenue of a key division best practice case study from one tional, and employee successes and in five short years, they called on of the highest ranking manufactur- accelerated momentum towards OD to develop a LD strategy that ing companies around employee change. could take their current talent to the engagement. next level. In this session, you will learn: In this session, you will learn: • strategies for teaming up to ex- In this session, you will learn: • how John Deere retained a ecute on an accelerated cultural • how Fortune used the develop- workforce that is satisfied and change strategy ment of leaders’ emotional engaged • different business strategies, intelligence skills as the vehicle • what you need to create a LD which when aligned, can create for realizing the company’s core system that supports employee superior performance both competency model engagement operationally and financially • best practices for increasing • what the future may look like for • the value of using problems to emotional intelligence skills manufacturing companies find solutions that can provoke through self- and 360-degree large system change, which assessment, face-to-face train- include multiple silos within an ing, e-learning, and executive Dave Whan, Director of organization coaching Talent Management Strat- egy and Policy Design for • why implementing program- • a method for measuring the ROI John Deere has gover- matic solutions does not always of your LD efforts via metrics nance oversight for talent work and suggestions for think- that unequivocally demonstrate management processes to ensure those processes result in meeting the needs of ing outside of the box the value of your work the business. Dave works with HR and other senior leadership to ensure that Kevin Harris is the General Tom Sherrier, M.Ed. is the the HR process design and deployment Manager of Facilities at organizational develop- is aligned with the enterprise Talent BP. ment leader for the Management Strategy. Therma-Tru division of Fortune Brands. He has had experience developing people and Cherie Duddridge is the growing businesses over his 34-year Facility Manager at BP. career. While leading the OD and LD efforts at Therma-Tru, he partnered with TalentSmart to create an EQ based competency development program for all company leaders. Christy Sahler is the Senior Facility Manager at Dr. Travis Bradberry is an CB Richard Ellis. award-winning author and President and cofounder of TalentSmart®, a think tank and consultancy that Tony Dadante is the CEO serves more than 75% of Fortune 500 of the Change Execution companies and is the world’s leading Group. provider of emotional intelligence tests and training. 18
  19. 19. Wednesday, September 22 • 1:15–2:45PM THE NEW OD RECONNECT PROFESSIONAL Challenges of Rolling Out The Neuroscience of Once again, OD Initiatives Globally Global multinational firms struggle with rolling out OD initiatives across multiple geographies. Despite Organizational Change Change is a constant for today’s organizations. Those that develop a greater capacity to adapt and “ a complete success! Lots of innovative IT solutions to connect change will find themselves with a practical tools the globe, roll out initiatives and strategic advantage. OD practitio- efficient systems to support, many ners can play a key role in helping and knowledge attempts end up with lackluster their organizations ready them- to take back and results. Cultural differences are selves for change, especially by generally regarded as the culprit. understanding the change process use. However, our research and findings further. Until recently we have have linked the lack of success only had ‘descriptive’ models of Julie A. Socorro // to several major factors including change—models that explained Regional Manager culture plus, competency and skills the stages that occur when change for Leadership and gaps, process gaps, communica- happens. New research is pointing Development, Boston Scientific Corporation tions gaps, cognitive and emotive in the direction of more ‘active’ traps, technological traps, and models that OD practitioners efficiency traps. can use to actually better en- able change to occur. Research In this session, you will learn: especially from neuroscience is • the critical pathway to success uncovering how change happens in rolling out global OD initia- in the brain, the conditions that tives make change more likely, and how change can be brought about • how to identify and address more easily. Join David Rock for the gaps, traps, and maps of an inspiring and insightful session implementing OD initiatives about the emerging science of NeuroLeadership, and discover how you can better help your organiza- Samuel M. Lam is President and Managing tion adapt to changing times. Partner of Linkage Asia. He has led major OD and In this session, you will learn: LD initiatives for both • how organizational change is global multinational firms and Asian tied to neural-change conglomerates in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia. • how the brain changes • the conditions for change in the brain • how to effectively implement systemic changes across an organization David Rock coined the term ‘NeuroLeadership’ and co-founded the Neu- roLeadership Institute. He has authored the books Personal Best, Quiet Leadership, and the textbook Coaching with the Brain in Mind. 781-402-5555 19
  20. 20. Concurrent sessions REASSESS REENGAGE REDESIGN Return on Leadership Leveraging Talent to Drive Changing the Way We Development (ROLD) Business Change: Corporate Transformation at Cisco Measuring leadership develop- To sustain a high level of business ment provides organizations with performance, organizations must Different types of organizational advantages that can outweigh continually refine and innovate. change require different Change the standard benefits received They must be in position to execute Management (CM) approaches. from measuring the impact of LD, evolving business strategies and While this simple truth is easy to such as pipeline/bench strength take advantage of market changes. understand, organizations struggle analysis. This session will outline While organizations cannot control to execute against it. Most CM ap- the organizational benefits to the external factors impacting them, proaches are ‘cookie cutter’ and are measuring leadership development, they can, to a reasonable extent, built on what worked in the past. and why Kirkpatrick’s four levels, control the internal dynamics of However, driving a strategic, cross Phillips ROI, and Birkenhof’s impact their organization, culture, and tal- functional, multi-year transforma- mapping are still so important to ent. Because talent drives business, tion is much different than, say, the future of LD and what to do employee engagement and succes- rolling out a new quoting tool. with your findings once you’ve sion planning are some of the most conducted a LD assessment. powerful levers an organization can Cisco came to this realization two pull to impact organizational per- years into a major transformation. In this session, you will explore: This session will demonstrate a formance. At Aviva, they have used • practical tools and questions the succession architect framework new CM framework, how it was to take back to your organiza- performance potential matrix, learn- adopted at Cisco, and why CM tion that will help you start ing agility, 70/20/10 differentiated practitioners themselves served measuring development talking talent sessions as an obstacle to altering the way on 55,000 employees—their com- change happened at Cisco. • key learnings and insights from plete leadership pipeline to answer leading companies that have the following questions: In this session, you will explore: measured their return on LD • the CM maturity model and • how LD can become a profit • What is “talent”? what type of CM is needed for generating unit by fully taking • How do you differentiate talent a certain type of organizational advantage of the conclusions using learning agility? change from the process • How deep should you go? • leadership alignment and how to drive acceptance for a new Rich Rosier is Senior Vice CM model President and Principal Jim Peters is a Senior Consultant at Linkage. He Partner at Korn/Ferry • how to create an engagement is responsible for leading where he is responsible model for a global transforma- Linkage’s LD practice for the development and tion area and strategic partner acquisitions. implementation of talent management initiatives incorporating the intellectual property of Lominger Chris von Bogdandy is International. the Strategic Demand Management Director of Arvinder Dhesi is the IT at Symantec. He is re- Group Talent Management sponsible for large-scale Director at Aviva. He is change initiatives, acquisition integra- responsible for the Aviva tion, and restructuring. At Cisco, Chris Leadership Academy and led, transformed, and guided a group of for shaping the overall talent strategy 40 CM professionals. for Aviva. Kelley Rainwater is an Annette Reid is Senior organizational change Vice President, HR Center consultant and senior of Expertise, where she OD manager. At Cisco, is responsible for talent, as well as other leading leadership, culture, and organizations, Kelly has held senior level reward for Aviva North America. positions in organizational change and development. 20
  21. 21. Thursday, September 23 • 9:15–10:30AM THE NEW OD RECONNECT PROFESSIONAL Enterprise 2.0—Creating Does Learning Really I was new Connections and Collaboration Channels Tweets, texts, friend requests, “followers”, link requests, and blog Change Anything?… Creating Transformational Development Experiences A significant element of the 21st “ challenged, up-lifted, and comments are not just for Gen Century focus on learning and OD educated. It was Y-ers, niche marketers, and social will be designing and delivering media-savvy techies. Social net- transformational development a broadening working tools are and increasingly experiences for employees and experience that will be reshaping the ways we work customers. The key word to note within organizations. is “experiences”. It’s time for busi- rang true with ness and talent leaders to make the Emerging empirical data demon- paradigm shift from workshops and each attendee. strates the power of these tools events lasting hours and days to in team building and support of William Favier // extended development experiences organizational strategy and change Associate Director that integrate formal and informal of Organizational initiatives. This session will explore development to deliver personal Development, the latest trends in social network- and organizational change. Bristol-Myers Squibb ing and collaboration tools. Find Company out how top social networking sites In this interactive presentation, you such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and will reflect on your own “life chang- Twitter are morphing into internal ing” learning experiences. Business Social Software tools. Presenters will share case studies In this session, you will learn: demonstrating how large global en- • how to apply the models and terprises are leveraging these tools frameworks of The Experience to reach out and make connec- Economy as a part of a six-step tions, break down corporate silos, process that converges learning and enable employees to share and change to produce transfor- their expertise. Resource links and mational business results references will be provided for participants to further explore the • the Pecha Kucha presentation, concepts presented. which introduces the Progres- sion of Learning Value and the In this session, you will learn: high level process for designing and delivering transformational • success factors for use of Col- development experiences laboration software • how to care for weak ties and Bob Dean is a senior leverage corporate organiza- executive in learning, LD, tional innovations and talent management, • how Social Software tools and is the Director of Americas for Profiling On- enable a global team to be line. He has been a catalyst for learning “connected colleagues” innovation driving business impact in • current research findings on use three major professional services firms. of Enterprise-based Business Social Software tools Richard Flanagan is a business consultant whose practice focuses Jennifer Janik is the En- on helping people and terprise Community Man- organizations to change ager for Alcatel-Lucent, and improve the ways that deliver Bell Laboratories CTO. measurable business and personal results. Richard is a co-author of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: Jerilyn Wagner, SPHR, is How to Turn Training and Development a Senior Learning Con- into Business Results. sultant for Alcatel-Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent University. 781-402-5555 21