U1.2 Portrait Transformations Project Sheet


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U1.2 Portrait Transformations Project Sheet

  1. 1. GCSE Photography Unit 1.2: Portrait Transformations 1. Preparatory Tasks 2. Independent Tasks a) Digital: Take a close up portrait of a) Choose one photographer from your visual someone (i.e. head and shoulders) using research in which to make a practical your digital camera. Transform it by cutting response. Take a set of observations (40 it up and re-configuring it. Manipulate four pictures) and print out and mount in PD. portraits. b) Make a selection of six of your favourite b) Negative: Using the film negative of prints, print out and mount in PD. yourself, transform your print by using some of the techniques learnt from your c) Annotate/comment on your ideas and photograms project. technical considerations. Finally end with a statement about how you are going to c) VLE: On the VLE, choose one of the tasks improve/develop your ideas in the next set under ‘Transformations: Tasks’ and of observations. complete one of your choice. d) Take a further set of observations improving on your previous work and remembering to annotate your selections. 3. C&C Tasks a) Visual Research: Collect a minimum of 12 different portraits that are relevant to 4. Final Response the theme of ‘Portrait Transformations’. Label them with the name of the Produce a final response to the theme of photographer, title of image and date taken. Portrait Transformations that brings together your Add five keywords to each image. research and recorded observations. Be creative with your presentation: Consider b) Brief: Type out a 150-word brief, explaining whether it should be window-mounted, a relief, your ideas and which photographers you a mini installation, etc.. will be analyzing and why? c) Artist Profiles: Choose two artists whose work fits in with your ideas and complete a ‘Form, Process and Content’ analysis using the sheet provided. Resources Success Criteria Visit the VLE and Flickr GCSE Photography area ✓ ensure that your research is relevant to the for links and advice about how to develop your theme of portrait transformations ideas further. ✓ experiment with a range of techniques and ideas rather than just focusing on one idea ✓ show a technical improvement between Above: Examples by other GCSE each set of observations Photography students