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By M. Powell

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Discord PP

  1. 1. Bruce Nauman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDuvLc_FAXE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxoHuVeNwUI&feature=related While it's easy to tell that these clowns are only acting-out traumas, it is nevertheless difficult to watch and purposefully so. "Clown Torture" makes the viewer question his or her own participation in the events on screen. Alluding to difficult subjects such as insanity , political torture , and surveillance , the work makes complex connections between theatre, media, and apathy The makeup, hair, and costume of each clown act as a disguise for the actor or person underneath. Anonymous victims and inciters of brutality and pranks, these scared and scary clowns seem simultaneously real and unreal. Clash of opposites Funny / Sinister
  2. 2. Immo Klink London based photographer and artist Immo Klink is a critical observer of social and political trends in his environment. Cultural globalization, consumerism, the ubiquity of advertising, privatization of public space, surveillance and private security Cheap / Expensive
  3. 3. Daniele Buetti Since the late 80s, swiss artist Daniele Buetti works with the signs and codes of our surrounding which is dominated by brands. He became famous with his manipulations of photographs taken from lifestyle and fashion magazines. He scribbles the names of fashion companies like Nike Armani, Gucci, Chanel etc. The scribbled brands remind us of tattoos, abscesses or scars and the models become less perfect. ‘ Versace’, 2003 ‘ A Taste For Luxury …’, 2008 Beautiful / Ugly
  4. 4. Guy Bourdin Glamour / Horror
  5. 5. Catherine Yass Yass specialises in exploring the psychology of spaces, and in 1994 worked in a psychiatric hospital in south London to produce a series of eight lightboxes called Corridor, which were eerie representations of institutional space. Private / Public
  6. 6. Religious controversy. Andreas Serrano Serrano depicts a confluence of religious iconography and bodily fluids. Sam Taylor Wood
  7. 7. Prisoner at Abu Ghraib, 2004 Robert Capa: ‘ Death of a Loyalist Soldier’, 1936 Dorothea Lange ‘ Migrant Mother’, 1936
  8. 8. Curtesy of http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://3quarksdaily.blogs. com
  9. 9. Jo Spence Inner Conflicts Marlene Dumas ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, 2008
  10. 10. Fragments Kilian Breier Abstract textures and patterns.
  11. 11. Aaron Siskind Chicago 27, 1960 Figure vs Antifigure Some work presents details of nature and architecture. He presents them as flat surfaces to create a new image out of them, which, he claimed, stands independent of the original subject.
  12. 12. Social Discord Gilbert and George In Dirty Word Pictures, 1977 made in the Jubilee year, obscene graffiti is combined with documentary-style images showing the cityscape, black youths and policemen, evoking racial tensions, street violence and mounting unease within British society at the time. The images included in the work suggest urban alienation and more general issues of surveillance within the city.
  13. 13. High Contrast Jean Marc Bustamante Moholy Nagy Man Ray
  14. 14. Task: Photograph pairs of images that illustrate opposites. Pairs included in the powerpoint: Figure vs Antifigure Private vs Public Beautiful vs Ugly Other pairs you may consider: Order vs Chaos Apart vs Together Arrive vs Leave Defence vs Attack Different vs Alike Division vs Unity