Chapter 19 El Filibusterismo published in Ghent


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Chapter 19 El Filibusterismo published in Ghent Rizal

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Chapter 19 El Filibusterismo published in Ghent

  1. 1. Chapter 19 El Filibusterismo in Ghent El Filibusterismo 00000000000
  2. 2. #Overview: *Rizal started to polish the manuscript of El Filibusterismo. *On October, 1887 he begun writing it while practicing medicine in Calamba. *In London, he made some changes in the plot and corrected some chapters. *In Paris and Madrid, he wrote more. *In Biarritz, he finished it on March 29, 1891 *It took 3 years
  3. 3. Jose Alejandrino Met two Compatriots: - Jose Alejandrino (from Pampanga) - Edilberto Evangelista both studying engineering in the University of Ghent He lived in a cheap boarding house with Jose Alejandrino as room-mate. They prepare their own breakfast.
  4. 4. Jose Maria Basa Jose Rizal x I already pawned my jewels… soon I will have to stop its publication if no money comes… dated on July 1891 HULAT lng… Jose Rizal 4
  5. 5. Jose Maria Basa Jose Rizal x dated on July 1891 I’m now on the page112… Bcoz no mani s 4thcoming &I owe everybody and I’m broke, I’ll hav 2 suspend the publication and leave the work halffinished. dated on August 1891 Jose Rizal 1
  6. 6. Valentin Ventura Ventura, Savior of the Fili Rizal’s calvary was similar calamity he experienced in Berlin 1886. Valentin Ventura heard Rizal’s predicament he immediately sent the amount of money needed to finish the publication of the novel.
  7. 7. Jose Maria Basa Jose Rizal “…I will …At times I feel like burning my manuscript… t But then I think of you, and I know that der r many gud men lyk u who truly luV der country… 2 BITOTS… X Jose Rizal Consyensia… X
  8. 8. The Fili comes off the Press -September 18, 1891 El Filibusterismo came off the Press -He sent two printed copies to Hongkoong one for Basa and the other for Sixto Lopez -The original manuscript was gratefully donated to Valentin Ventura and an autograph printed copy. - sent other complimentary ocpies to Blumentritt, Mariano Ponce, G. Lopez Jaena, T.H Pardo de Tavera. Antonio and Juan Luna, and other friends
  9. 9. El Filibusterismo Members of the Colony of Barcelona published a tribute in La Publicidad “s comparable only to the sublime Alexander Dumas” The liberal Madrid newspaper, El Nuevo Regimen, serialized the novel in its issues of October, 1891 Filipino patriots in foreign land and in Philippines praised the novel.
  10. 10. The Manuscript and the Book Jose Rizal TheForeword reads: The Warning reads: They are so oftenwaste frightened by the phantom of We have goingeasily be their time who would attack this Itholdingto to trifles, or whothat aother motives, can on beensupposed from rebel book They are going to waste their has become by filibusterism that from only a nurse's narration it time has secretly whose or less known depriving would try and real beingit more namethe league of us of a positive to discover inbewitched alone (inphysiognomies. whopurpose of commit the we shall look True to friar-zealots exposing the greatest mythsby its would attack this soof Instead us fleeing, disease, that, patient, our serenity) makes of and retrogradesbookthe in order and,toholding to divert himself Instead who reader, whilst in order not on following noror of the from shall not meet the feared reality. his divert fleeing, we unwittingly toand withincitements, at its face, trifles, determined, he narrates only and with determined, if inexpert, and we real facts which happened recently look at its face,should favor and foment that hand are they motives, other veil to uncoverwould shall raise the try to absolutely the he if inexpert, handbefore the disfigured shall raise authentic in substance,we has multitude his policy which may pursues characters so thatskeleton.more one sole end; topictures discover in to uncover be the typicalthe mechanism of its they it not turn to less known the found incountry and orgovernment reflect, we veil his rebellion throughouthis vices before some readers it, our If, upon spread ideas of first book. Man passes; seeing its physiognomies.or show their effects, the pen of remain, and to accentuate happy no the land, of its multitude shall consider ourselvesbreadth of matter whether they the length and the mechanism and the writer for the censure usaspires. audacity, no matter that there pay for it to convince every Filipino whether we is skeleton. like the young student of Sais who wished to penetrate the secret nothe priestly imposure.through other hand, if in the of salvation except (On the separation from the of being Filibusterismo in face oforiginal manuscript of Elsoothed, one's fear is The reality, instead Mother Country. increased and the trepidation of another is aggravated, then Rizal’s own handwriting is now preserved in they will have to be left in the hands of time which educates the Filipiniana Division of the Bureau the the living, in the hands of fatality which weaves of destinies of Public Libraries,governments had been acquired peoples and their Manila. It with the faults and errors that theytitle page of El Fili )contains an by the Philippine Government from Valentin The are committing every day. Ventura for 10,000 pesos. It consists of 279 inscription written by Ferdinand 1891 Europe, pages of long sheets of paper. The Author Blumentritt. Jose Rizal
  11. 11. Dedicated to GOMBURZA "To the memory of the priests, Don Mariano Gomez (85 years old), Don Jose Burgos (30 years old), and Don Jacinto Zamora (35 years old). Executed in the Bagumbayan Field on the 28th of February, 1872." "The church, by refusing to degrade you, has placed in doubt the crime that has been imputed to you; the Government, by surrounding your trials with mystery and shadows causes the belief that there In was some error, committedcomplicity so far, therefore, as your in fatal moments; and Mutiny is not clearly in the Cavite all the Philippines, by worshipping your memory and calling proved, as you may or may not have you martyrs, in no sense recognizes your been patriots, and as you may or may culpability. In so far, therefore, as your not cherished sentiments for justice complicity in the Cavite Mutiny is not and proved, as I have the may to clearlyfor liberty, you may orright not dedicate my work to you as victims of have been patriots, and as you may or the not cherished sentiments for justice may evil which I undertake to combat. and for liberty, I have the right to dedicate my work to you as victims of the evil which I undertake to combat. And while we await expectantly upon Spain some day to restore your good name and cease to be answerable for your death, Zaide let these pages servememory seemed to have Rizal’s as a tardy wreath of dried leaves over one who without clear failed him, though, for Father proofs attacks your not 85, Father Burgos 35 Gomez was then 73 memory stains his hands in your blood." not 30 Father Zamora 37 not 35; and the date of execution 17th not 28th.
  12. 12. Synopsis of El Filibusterismo This novel is a sequel to the Noli. It hasof Outwardly, Simoun is a friend a little humor, less idealism, and less romance than Spain. However It is more his heart, he is the Noli Me Tangere. deep in revolutionary and more tragic than the first novel. secretly cherishing a terrible revenge against the Spanish authorities.aHis two The hero of El Filibusterismo is rich magnificent obsessions Crisostomo Ibarra jeweler named Simoun. He was are to rescue of the Noli, who,from Elias’ help, escaped from the Maria Clara with the de Bay, dug of his nunnery up Santa pursuing soldiers at Laguna buried treasure, foment to Cuba where he Clara and to and fled a revolution against became rich and befriended many Spanish the hated Spanish masters. officials. After many years he returned to the Philippines, where he freely moved around. He is a powerful figure not only because he is a rich jeweler but also because he is a good friend and adviser of the governor general.
  13. 13. Don Cutodio, a pro-spanish Filipino holding a position in the government Juanito Pelaez , Paulita’s futuring husband Cabesang Tales, who dispossessed of his land in Tiani by the friars like that of Rizal’s father; he became bandit chieftain “Matanglawin”
  14. 14. Basilio, son of Sisa and promising medical student, whose medical education is financed by his patron, Capitan Tiago Paulita Gomez, beautiful niece of Tiburcio Tiburcio de Espadaña, who has deserted Doña Victorina
  15. 15. Ben-Zayb (anagram of Ibañez), a Spanish journalist who writes silly articles about the Filipinos Simoun, the rich jeweler Isagani, a poet-nephew of Padre Florentino and a lover of Paulita
  16. 16. Doña Victorina, the ridiculously pro-Spanish native woman who is going to Laguna in search of her henpecked husband Tiburcio
  17. 17. After Filibusterismo the peacefully with a SynopsisThe confessiontime the illness brought of El a long of die dying Simoun is Watching is begins, of poet Isagani, As the wedding feast already night when Padre long andThe SpanishSimoun Maria Clara, Simoun painful. It loss of about bybeenbitterauthorities, however, learns his the rejected by Paulita because of of who has wiping the of Padre with God. Padre Florentino, the andoverthrowFlorentino. clear conscience to at-vice-rector wrinkled his presence inplanhouse sweat from hisof the perfectsPadre standingpeace the government. his liberalrises and Sibyla tooutside theHe consoles brow, ideas, is of the Guardia weddinghouse, priest begins the Civil Lieutenant occasion ofTomas and prays for the On the Perez Santo his knees informs the of Paulita Florentino falls upon the meditate. inside. University of saying: “God will forgive you Señor watching sorrowfully the dying manwould comemerriment a that night Gomez his he He warns himeight o’clock wedding Juanito Pelaez, he gives by letter thatfriend,takes the treasure chest and at to dead jeweler. Basilio, and knows that we thefallible. priest Simoun.Padre Camorra- are parish because He a beautiful lamp. go away and his gift lightened Only to arrest them lamp will soon explode. he over the to Simoun. sea; as the waves close throws it into the confidential of Tiani of the town associates, Basilio (Sisa’s son who the sinking chest. joined his revolutionary cause), know that when He has seen that you have suffered, and Padrehearingarresthorriblefor your faults Simoun Salvi- thin by taking poison. the Upon the the burns lower the wick of eluded lamp Franciscan friarthe in ordaining that his chastisement secret ofAs he lamp, he confesses hidden Florentino,ones you nitroglycerine, secret is dying,Isaganicura of San Diego its Paulita was to from in should come realizes that the very and former as deathPadrehis belovedrevealing his in grave danger. To save we can destroying compartment, to crime,her life, he rushes tothe have instigated will explode, his His infinite true identity, his dastardly plan to usesee wealthinto the house, seizes his lightenedfriar who was a house where the wedding feast destroy hurls it mercy. Padre Irene- a kind to is going to avenge himself, and thesinister aim lamp, andhis be into killing all Filipino students held the river, the friendand the where it explodes. the governor friends of enemies. guests, including general, the friars, and the government officials. Padre Florentino-a retired by one, He has frustrated your plans one The revolutionary the was thus the best conceived, first Filipino priest of scholarly and patrioticby plot deaththeMaria discovered. Simoun was cornered by soldiers, Simultaneously, all the government Clara, then by a lack of preparation, then in some but he escaped. Mortally be blown andSimoun’s buildingslikes Manila us bow to His will and render mysterious way. Let others Bradex in this and will wounded, by carrying his treasure followers. chest, he sought refuge in the home Him thanks!” of Padre Florentino by the sea.
  18. 18. Other Characters Quiroga – rich Chinese Cabesa Andang – mother of merchant Placido Penitente Cabesang Tales – father of Pepay – pretty dancer and Juli dispossessed of his land mistress of Don Custodio in Tiani by friars Padre Fernandez – a good Juli – the lover of Basilio dominican friar and leader and friend Makaraig – rich of Isagani students in their of Filipino Don Timoteo – father of movement to learn Spanish Juanito Pelaez in the academy Tano –Millon – teaches Padre son Cabesang Tales and brother ofw/o Physics in UST Juli Chichay – the silversmith experiments who made the bridal Placido Penitente – student earring for Paulita Gomez of Padre Millon who bacame disoriented bcause of the Mr. American – owner of poor methods of instruction the sideshow at the fair of Senor Pasta – old an Quiapo exhibitingFilipino lawyer who refuses Egyptian Mummy. to help Filipino students in their Sandoval – a Spanish advocacy student who supports the Tandang Selo – grandfather cause of the Filipino of Juli students to propagate the Isagani – nephew of teaching ofand lover Padre Florentino Spanish of Paulita
  19. 19. FILI NOLI #political novel #Romantic Novel #work of the head #Work of the heart #a book of thought #A book of feeling # it contains bitterness, hatred, pain, violence, and sorrow #It has freshness, color, humor, lightness, and wit #38 chapters #64 chapters
  20. 20. #The issue of which is the superior novel. #Noli or the Fili is purely academic #Both are good novels from the point of view of history #Both depict with realistic colors the actual conditions of the Philippines and the Filipinos during the decadent days of Spanish rule #Both are instrumental in awakening the spirit of Filipino nationalism #Both are responsible in paving the ground for Philippine Revolution that brought about the downfall of Spain #El Fili is a true twin of Noli
  21. 21. Believes that Noli is superior: Rizal himself M.H. del Pilar Retana, Rizal’s 1st spanish biographer Believes that Fili is superior: Blumentrittt, Graciano Lopez Jaena Dr. Rafael Palma Mariano Ponce “…excellent, I can say nothing…but this: It is really marvelous like all the brilliant productions of your pen. It is true twin of the Noli.”
  22. 22. September 22, 1891 Rizal wrote to Blumetritt saying that he’s thinking of writing a third novel where ethics will play principal role October 18, 1891 boarded the steamer Melbourne in Marseilles bound for Hong Kong During the voyage he wrote the third novel in Tagalog in which he intended for Tagalog readers In Hong kong he continued it, but did not finish it because his Tagalog was inadequate for literary purposes The unfinished 3rd novel has no title It consists of 44 pages in Rizal’s handwriting
  23. 23. The manuscript is still preserved in the Bureau of Public Libraries The hero of the novel was Kamandagan, a descendant of Lakan-Dula, last king of Tondo. He plotted to regain the lost freedom of his fathers It is said that Rizal was fortunate not to finish this novel, because it would have caused greater scandal and more Spanish vengeance on him
  24. 24. Other unfinished novel Makamisa - a tagalog novel - written in light sarcastic style - incomplete with only 2 chapters - consists of only of 20 pages Dapitan - written in Ironic Spanish - he wrote it while in Dapitan to depict the town life and customs - Consists of 8 pages
  25. 25. A novel in Spanish about the life in Pili, a town in Laguna - consist of 147 pages - without title Another unfinished novel of Rizal, also without title, is about Cristobal, a youthful Filipino student who has returned from Europe - consists if 34 pages The beginning of another novel are contained in two notebooks. The first notebook contains 31 written pages while the second contains 12 pages - written in Spanish and the style is ironic
  26. 26. #Chapter 19 El Filibusterismo Published in Ghent #Renz Rush #Thank You #End