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Poverty shane d


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Published in: Education
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Poverty shane d

  1. 1. 20,000people diefrompovertyeach day.
  2. 2. m il lio n1 .7 re n c h ild o m di e fr ty a po .ve r ye ar
  3. 3. In Haiti the earthquakeleft millions homelesshungry and missingfriends and family
  4. 4. Poverty is allover the worldthis chartshows whereit’s better orworse thansome otherplaces
  5. 5. The red spacein the middle ofAfrica is theworst affectedarea of poverty
  6. 6. The robin hoodfoundation is apoverty aidfoundationthat helpspeople inpoverty
  7. 7. Poverty has only beengetting worse andworse everyday.
  8. 8. Natural disasters sometimeshave a BIG effect on poverty Ex:The Japan earthquake in 2011left many people homeless andlostIn 2004 36.6 million people (inthe U.S) had family incomesbelow the federal povertyaverage.Without the government helpthere would 61 million people (inthe U.S) would be in poverty.
  9. 9. What about the other 36 million people inthe U.S is the government helping them.
  10. 10. They are notplanning on anythinggetting better soon
  11. 11. How can each personon this earth helppeople in poverty
  12. 12. If even half of those 7 billionpeople on earth could donate10 dollars they would have 35billion to help povertychildren around the world
  13. 13. • The United States poverty problems are not getting any better we are just getting in debt more and more we are already in debt 15 TRILLION DOLLARS!• Africa remains the poorest continent in the world they are the worst schooling and education continent in the world.
  14. 14. Pictures From Google images besides last picture from Info from and