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Taxes; Are They fair? By: Jasmine Wise2


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School Project

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Taxes; Are They fair? By: Jasmine Wise2

  1. 1. Taxes; Are They Fair? By: Jasmine Wise
  2. 2. Intro:• Unfair taxes mainly occur in the U.S. Millionaires pay less Taxes & middle class pay more.
  3. 3. 2011-2012 Timeline
  4. 4. Key: = LocationLocation
  5. 5. Where and When?• In New York, families are having trouble paying for simple things like groceries, because of taxes. Taxes have been happening since 1913.
  6. 6. •Children of all ages and races areaffected negatively, by thereparents, (in the middle class),having to pay unfair taxes.
  7. 7. President Barack Obama is trying to helpthe cause. He has set a plan for thegovernment to try to make taxes be thesame amount for everybody.
  8. 8. Effects On Me• Unfair Taxes affects me because, my parents, being your average middle class family are forced to pay high taxes. That means less money for my family.• This also affects me in the future because as an adult, if I am in the middle class, I will also be forced to pay Taxes that are unfair.
  9. 9. This Means Every Millionaire
  10. 10. Now this sign hasmultiple meanings.Most ofAmericans,agree that weshould not tax therich only, but tohave us pay thesame amount, orclose to it.
  11. 11. Sources•••
  12. 12. By: Jasmine