Endangered animals Dahnae


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Sheds a new light on the subject.

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Endangered animals Dahnae

  1. 1. Endangered Animals By: Dahnae May 29, 2012
  2. 2. SummaryMy project will open the eyes of peoplewho think it wont matter if theres no moreexotic or extraordinary animals left in theworld. It will also shed a new a light on thesubject and show every one what its aboutand how it can be stopped.
  3. 3. CausePeople who don’t care about the animalsand just keep hunting them, not reallynoticing that its their fault that the animal isgoing extinct.
  4. 4. EffectIf all endangered animals die off childrenof the future will never see them. Theproblem occurs when people get moneyhungry and poach the animals for theirhide or natural resources.
  5. 5. Poacher’s point of viewMeet Waitimu whichmeans born of thespear, he is a wildlifehunter in Africa. Hepoaches because itmakes good moneyand he has to feed hisfamily. There is littlework in his village sohe has to do what hehas to do.
  6. 6. SolutionBans on harmful chemicals and lead shot;captive breeding programs; ecotourism topromote peoples awareness of livinganimals; controls on noise pollution, limitson over-fishing and over-hunting; limits onexotic pet collecting; protection of habitatsfrom overdevelopment and misuse,protection of food supplies, creation ofreserves.
  7. 7. My SolutionMy solution to endangered species ispeople need to take a brake on huntingthem and give them some time torepopulate.
  8. 8. Timeline• 1977-First plant species are listed as endangered, San Clemente Island broom• 1979 Endangered Species Committee meets in January• 1979 In September, Congress passes an appropriations bill• 1981 Black-footed ferrets rediscovered near Meeteetse, Wyoming, ending fear that the species was extinct.
  9. 9. North Europe America Asia Koala Ibex Africa SouthTapir America Giant Panda Australia Scarlet Macaw White Rhino
  10. 10. Personal ConnectionThis affects me because I love animalsand I HATE to see them die in vain. Andanimals have no defense against humanswith guns except woods for cover. So ifyou think about it people are murderingdefenseless animals.
  11. 11. Impact peopleThis issue doesnt have much impact onpeople, except people of the future wontbe able to see the animals extinct. Andpeople who love animals will miss them.
  12. 12. Aid OrganizationsSpecies Survival Plan (SSP) programshave helped bring several endangeredspecies back from the brink, includingblack-footed ferrets, California condorsand red wolves.
  13. 13. ConclusionMy project conclusion is you’ve seen bothsides of the story. Why the hunter huntedand why the animal is endangered. You’veseen the solution to it all and yet peoplestill do it because they fail to listen andunder stand the concept.
  14. 14. Sources• www.findarticles.com• www.conservationnw.org• www.thinkquest.org• www.earthsendangered.com• www.bornfreeusa.org