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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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  1. 1. Teen SuicideQ: How bad has teen suicide gotten in the last ten years
  2. 2. -Intro-• Many families a year are effected by suicide. Weather its some one in the family, a friend, or even someone you didn’t know. In this project I will teach people about suicide and what the effects are.
  3. 3. • The suicide rate has gone up more than 100% for people 10-14
  4. 4. A teen who is thinking about suicide may:• Talk about suicide or death in general.• Talk about “going away”• Pull away from things or people.• Loose the desire to take part in things or activities.• Have trouble concentrating of thinking clearly.• Experience changes in eating or drinking• Depression
  5. 5. -Myths or facts-• Myth- people who talk about killing themselves, rarely do.• Fact- Most people who commit suicide have given some verbal clues or warnings of there intention.• Fact-Many teens who cut themselves, get addicted to it.
  6. 6. -Location-• Every country in the world is effected by some form of suicide
  7. 7. -Stats-• Canada is has the third larges suicide rate among teens. Females are 9 times more likely to attempt suicide than guys. But most of the time guys are more successful than girls. In the next 24 hours 1,439 teens will attempt suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people10-15.
  8. 8. Which teens are most likely to attempt suicide- Those who have had a major change in there life, like parents divorcing, a move to another city or school, etc- Those who have problems with school or the law.- Those who have had trouble with a girlfriend or boyfriend.- Those who suffer from depression- Young woman who are pregnant
  9. 9. How to tell if someone thinks about it• Have they been sad or unhappy?• Do they feel hopeless or that things will never get better?• Do they have thoughts of death?• Lack of appetite.• Inability to sleep or to much sleep.
  10. 10. What to know about depression• Depression is not the same as feeling “blue”• Being depressed does not mean they are crazy• Clinical depression is the worst kind
  11. 11. SolutionI think to help prevent teen suicide the government should have more counselors and principles of schools should do better at watching for bullying. I think they should also raise money to help people who have had a teen commit suicide.
  12. 12. Sources•••