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Al quadea by matt q 2


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Al quadea by matt q 2

  1. 1. Written By: Matthew Quinn
  2. 2. Intro• This has effected kids all around the world today by this bad group of people that has been affecting people all around the world by dropping bombs.
  3. 3. Human impact• A human impact is now the airports make it a lot harder for a Israel people to get on the plane because of the event 9 /11 that has taken a family member from a lot of us citizians.
  4. 4. • One of the worst effected areas are New York because of 9/11
  5. 5. Why• Al Qaeda is doing this because in the Muslim bible it says to commit “Jihad”• Which those terrorizing Muslims interpret to be holy war against all those that are not Muslim!
  6. 6. Aid organizationThere are no aid organizations for alQaeda
  7. 7. My solutions• My solution is we track down al Qaeda and kill all of them and then the world will be right again and then hopefully people will quit being terrorist.
  8. 8. Locations• Khyber, Saudi Arabia• Madrid Spain• Istanbul, Turkey• Riyadh, Saudi Arabia• Jakarta, Indonisia
  9. 9. Overview• The issue is Al Qaeda a international terrorist network that has been killing people since 1988 established by the leader Osama Ben Latin.
  10. 10. Financial impact• 9/11’s impact is 3.3 trillion dollars just in that one event.
  11. 11. SourcesAl-Qaeda — -qaida.htm