2011 Thought Leader Series


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2011 Thought Leader Series

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2011 Thought Leader Series

  1. 1. e-Learning ServicesThe 2011 Thought Leader SeriesParticipate in WORLD-CLASS, interactive Management & Leadership training via Satellite, Webcast,LMS, and/or DVDLinkage’s Thought Leader Series is a convenient and cost-effective way to bring some of the most world-renowned leaders rightto your organization. These 90-minute live broadcasts can be easily integrated into your existing leadership and managementdevelopment programs. The broadcasts can be viewed by satellite and webcast and include an interactive Q&A session with thefeatured presenter. Additionally, Linkage makes the broadcasts available “on-demand” after the original broadcast date.Spring 2011 Fall 2011 Adrian Gostick Bill Conaty on How One Great Team Can Transform an on Why Smart Leaders Put People before Numbers Entire Organization September 14, 2011 March 23, 2011 11:00AM – 12:30PM ET 11:00AM – 12:30PM ET Steven Johnson Faculty Member from Linkage’s Global Institute on Where Good Ideas Come From for Leadership Development April 26, 2011 October 11th or 12th, 2011 11:00AM – 12:30PM ET 11:00AM – 12:30PM ET Atul Gawande Jason Jennings on How to Get Things Right in a Complex World on Reinvention May 25, 2011 November 17, 2011 11:00AM – 12:30PM ET 11:00AM – 12:30PM ET Charlene Li Paul Sullivan on Open Leadership: Transform the Way You on Why Some People Excel under Pressure and Lead Some Don’t June 16, 2011 December 8, 2011 11:00AM – 12:30PM ET 11:00AM – 12:30PM ETHelping thousands of managers & leaders Linkage’s Leadership Series helps Nokia realizeachieve better results!Call 781.402.5555 to register or for more information. “ one of our company’s fundamental values: leaders developing leaders. Anna Tavis // Nokia >>
  2. 2. e-Learning Services>> Spring 2011 speakers Adrian Gostick Steven Johnson on How One Great Team Can Transform an Entire on Where Good Ideas Come From Organization “An idea is not a single thing. An “If everyone is moving forward idea is a network.” together, then success takes care —Steven Johnson of itself.” —Henry Ford Some teams make it look easy. Why is it that some business depart- What sparks the flash of brilliance? How does groundbreaking innova- ments or groups achieve world-class results and others fall short? Are tion happen? Answering in his infectious, culturally omnivorous style, Breakthrough Teams comprised of individuals with super-hero talent, Steven Johnson provides the complete, exciting, and encouraging DNA, or drive? Is there a secret to their success? Adrian Gostick found story of how we generate the ideas that push our careers, our lives, that breakthrough teams while always including competent people are our society, and our culture forward. Beginning with Charles Darwin’s not usually comprised of a preponderance of people with remarkable first encounter with the teeming ecosystem of the coral reef and to intelligence or unique expertise. They are not so-called Dream Teams. the instant success of YouTube, Johnson shows us that the question In fact we met dozens of breakout groups made up of people who up we need to ask is, What kind of environment fosters the development to that point in their careers had been more supporting players than of good ideas? Most exhilarating is Johnson’s conclusion that with stars. We began to realize that world-class results come only partly today’s tools and environment, radical innovation is extraordinarily from who makes up these teams, but more importantly what these accessible to those who know how to cultivate it. teams do. During this program you will learn: During this program you will learn: • The kinds of environments that foster the development of good • The key traits found inside the world’s most stellar teams ideas • The steps these teams took to conquer barriers, exceed expectations • The seven key principles of the genesis of good ideas and see them and overcome mediocrity traced across time and disciplines • How the synergy that exists among teams within the world’s most • Lessons to be learned from various stories of innovation, discovery respected and innovative organizations can be tapped by any group and invention from Darwin to You Tube of individuals Steven Johnson is the best-selling author of six books on the intersec- Adrian Gostick is a global thought leader on workplace strategy and tion of science, technology and personal experience. His writings the author of several successful books on employee engagement. His have influenced everything from the way political campaigns use the latest WSJ bestseller, The Orange Revolution is recognized worldwide Internet, to cutting edge ideas in urban planning, to the battle against as the premiere book on how breakthrough teams and teamwork revo- 21st-century terrorism. Steven’s newest book is titled Where Good lutionize a company, a community, and the world. The Carrot Principle Ideas Come From: the Natural History of Innovation. His previous book has been a regular New York Times bestseller, and 24-Carrot Manager The Invention of Air tells the story of Joseph Priestly, the Founding has been called a “must read for modern-day managers” by Larry Fathers, and how innovative ideas emerge and spread in society and King of CNN. His research has been called “fascinating,” by Fortune drive historical change. Both social critic and technologist, Steven has magazine and “admirable and startling” by the Wall Street Journal. a genius for mapping the future—for predicting and explaining the As a leadership expert, he has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, real-world impact of cutting-edge developments in science, technology National Public Radio and others, and has been quoted in business and media. He recently won the Newhouse School fourth annual Mir- publications such as The Economist, Financial Times, New York Times, ror Awards for his TIME magazine cover article titled “How Twitter Will Wall Street Journal and Hall University, where he is a guest lecturer on Change the Way We Live”. Steven has also written for The New York organizational culture. Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Nation, and many other periodicals. 2 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  3. 3. linkageinc.comAtul Gawande Charlene Lion How to Get Things Right in a Complex World on Open Leadership: Transform the Way you Lead “Better is possible. It does not take “Open Leadership is having the genius. It takes diligence. It takes confidence and humility to give moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And up the need to be in control while above all, it takes a willingness to inspiring commitment from people try.” to accomplish goals.” —Dr. Atul Gawande —Charlene LiWhat does simple idea of the checklist reveals about complexity, our Talk with your customers. Listen to your employees. These are long-biggest problem in modern life? The world has brought stupendous time, well tested truisms of business. But ask organizations to engageknow-how. Yet avoidable failures plague us in virtually every realm of with people on Facebook or Twitter and a look of sheer terror crossesorganized activity—health care, government, the financial industry, their faces. The long held concept of command-and-control leadershipschools. And the reason is simple: the volume and complexity of is being tested as organizations are experiencing the largest technolog-knowledge today has exceeded our ability as individuals to properly ical and sociological shift of our generation. Charlene advises leadersdeliver on it—consistently, correctly, safely. We train longer, specialize how to feel in command in a world where they’re no longer in control.more, use ever-advancing technologies, and still we fail. What we’ve For example, how open, how transparent, how authentic, and hownot understood properly is why we fail—and how something as simple real do you need to be? More importantly, how do you leverage andas a checklist could make it possible to fly planes of extraordinary so- measure the impact of using social technologies in your organization?phistication or to cut death rates in surgery by half. Find out how this Charlene lays out a new approach that today’s leaders must adopt formethodology can help you perform better every day starting now. competitive advantage.During this program you will learn: During this program you will learn:• The difference between failures of ignorance and failures of inepti- • Why being open and in control is possible tude • The characteristics, skills, and behaviors of today’s “open” leaders• What checklists can and can’t do to help us cope with complexity • Best practices in creating a coherent and effective social media• How to understand the fierce resistance to checklists strategy• How to make checklists that work • How to implement an “open” strategyAs a practicing surgeon and an accomplished writer, teacher and Charlene Li is an influential thought leader and guide on emergingspeaker, Dr. Atul Gawande offers audiences a unique perspective on technologies, with a specific focus on social technologies, interac-the human struggle to improve performance. Chosen for the 2010 tive media, and marketing. The co-author of the business best-seller,TIME 100, Gawande is number five in the thinkers category. He was Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed by Social Technologies,also chosen for the Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers 2010. He Charlene’s newest book, Open Leadership: How Social Technology Canreceived the MacArthur Fellowship, popularly known as the “genius Transform the Way You Lead addresses the challenges facing leadershipprize,” for his writing and his efforts to improve surgical practice. Atul of the modern organization. Named “One of the Most Creative Peopleis the author of three brilliant bestselling books on medicine, culture in Business” by Fast Company magazine, Charlene is the founder ofand human experience. In his book, Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Perfor- Altimeter Group. Charlene is one of the most frequently-quoted indus-mance, Dr. Gawande uses the high stakes challenges he faces as a sur- try analysts and has appeared on 60 Minutes, The McNeil NewsHour,geon to explore the universal struggle to perform well. Atul’s current ABC News, CNN, and CNBC. She is also frequently quoted by The Wallbook, The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right is a New York Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Reuters, and The Associ-Times bestseller. In this book, Dr. Gawande explores the importance ated Press. Most recently, Charlene was a Vice President and Principalof using the checklist and how it has revolutionized medical practice Analyst at Forrester Research.and saved lives. He is the Research Director for the BWH Center forSurgery and Public Health, a practicing surgeon, and a staff writer forThe New Yorker magazine. 3
  4. 4. e-Learning Services>> Fall 2011 speakers Bill Conaty on Why Smart Leaders put People Before Numbers “My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too.” —Jack Welch In the fast-changing global marketplace, the ability to create a steady, self-renewing stream of leaders is the only way for an organization to gain a lasting, competitive edge. Bill Conaty, a GE veteran who helped shape the modern face of human resources, presents strategies to attract and nurture top talent, and develop business leaders. If talent is the leading indicator of whether a business is up or down (and it is)… do you know how to accurately judge raw human talent and develop that talent? Successful leaders put people before numbers for the simple reason that it is talent that delivers the numbers. Success comes from those who are able to extract meaning from the events and forces affecting a business, and who are able to look at the world and assess the risks to take and the risks to avoid. During this program you will learn: • A process to convert subjective judgment about a person’s talent into an objective set of observations that can predict success • How to assess the characteristics and capabilities of rising stars and new hires • How to map out a course for unleashing the full potential of a workforce and taking any business, in any industry, to the next level Bill Conaty was legendary for his ability to attract and nurture top tal- ent and develop business leaders. As senior vice president for Human Resources at GE from 1993 to 2007, he was responsible for all human resources activities for GE’s 330,000 employees worldwide. One of the most visible achievements was successfully managing the CEO suc- cession and transition process from the legendary Jack Welch to Jeff Immelt. The cover story in Human Resource Executive magazine hailed his handling of “one of the most important CEO succession challenges of the century.” In 2004, Bill Conaty was named Human Resources Executive of the Year. In great measure due to the management development and training programs Bill engineered, BusinessWeek declared that GE had “the most talent-rich management bench in the world.” Bill is the co-author, with Ram Charan, of The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers which relays valuable principles for creating a steady, self-renewing stream of leaders. 4 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  5. 5. linkageinc.com 5
  6. 6. e-Learning Services>> The High Impact Leadership Model™ Leadership Responsibilities Leadership Skills Creating the Vision: The responsibility of anticipating future Strategic Thinking: The skill of using powerful frameworks and demands and seizing future opportunities while providing meaning, approaches for diagnosing and anticipating competitive threats, and context, and motivation throughout the organization. taking action on the strategic concerns of your organization. Creating the Organization: The responsibility of building and devel- Communication and Negotiation: The skill of communicating and oping the structure for high performance. relating to a broad range of people internally and externally and using that ability to reach understandings and agreements. Building a High Performance Culture: The responsibility of creat- ing an environment in which employees want to develop and achieve. Leading Change: The skill of understanding and using the most ef- fective tools and processes to drive needed change. Driving Growth through Innovation: The responsibility of building a culture that systematically anticipates future demands and seizes Coaching and Mentoring: The skill of mastering a comfortable future opportunities. coaching style and using it strategically to improve performance. Producing Results: The responsibility of setting goals, monitor- Problem Solving: The skill of employing analytical abilities, prag- ing progress, and driving flawless execution to achieve results in a matism, and other tools to resolve complex problems in a variety of competitive world. contexts. Leading Teams: The skill of inspiring and driving a team to go be- Leadership Competencies yond the expected. Focused Drive: The capability of focusing on a goal and harnessing your energy in order to meet that goal – a balance between focus and drive. Emotional Intelligence: The capability of understanding and mastering your emotions (and those of others) in a way that instills confidence – a balance between perception and emotional maturity. Trusted Influence: The capability of evoking trust from others and placing trust in others to enable them to succeed – a balance between commitment and empowerment. Conceptual Thinking: The capability of conceiving and selecting innovative strategies and ideas for your organization – a balance between innovation and big picture thinking. Systems Thinking: The capability of connecting processes, events, and structures – a balance between process orientation and mental discipline. 6 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  7. 7. linkageinc.comHIGH IMPACT LEADERSHIP MODEL™The foundation that drives the selection of our speaker lineup is the High Impact Leadership Model (HILM). TheHILM, co-developed by Linkage and Warren Bennis, is based on over 50 years of empirical observation into thebehavior and performance of hundreds of thousands of managers and leaders around the world.This observation culminated in a 2-year, longitudinal study comparing managers and leaders that consistentlydelivered better results with those who delivered only average results. The behavior-based competencies andskills found to differentiate the two sets make up the competencies, skills, and responsibilities in the model.Over the last 12 years, the HILM has been validated and refined through application with over 100,000thousand leaders and managers around the world making it one of the most reliable and valid leadershipframeworks available today.Each speaker within this series seeks to cover one of these areasbut will touch upon several others within their presentation. Manycompanies will identify the areas that need to be covered withintheir organization and combine our upcoming lineup with ourextensive on demand library to construct a customized,focused internal leadership series. 7
  8. 8. e-Learning Services>> Bringing together the people, tools, and Why do leading organizations choose technology for a truly distinctive learning Linkage’s Thought Leader Series? experience. + World-Class Faculty Thousands of customers have leveraged Linkage’s Thought Leader Bring valuable content, insight, and perspective from world- Series. Real customer examples include: renowned presenters at a fraction of the cost to hire them directly. • A Fortune 100 multinational organization that re-brands the broadcasts as their own Distance Learning Executive Series and offers the programs to managers and executives around + Global Reach the world. Use a variety of proven distance learning options to maximize the • A 60,000 person governmental agency that uses the live global reach and impact of your training investment. broadcast as well as an on-demand option to ensure that its current executives and high-potential managers are continu- ally honing their leadership skills despite travel and budget + Cost-Effective restrictions. An unbelievably low “total cost per person” allows you to get • A mid-size, high-growth private company that uses the maximum “bang for your buck” with exceptional program quality. series throughout the year by building the 90-minute broad- casts into a series of day-long blended learning development programs offered by its corporate university. + Interactive Format • A small not-for-profit organization that cannot usually afford live presentations from such world-renowned speakers, Get your specific questions answered! Submit questions directly but uses Linkage’s Thought Leader Series to bring tremendous via text, e-mail, or fax during the live events. value and leadership lessons to their managers and executives at an affordable price. + Timely & Convenient A 90-minute, highly relevant learning experience that can occur in your conference room, at your desktop and/or at home LIVE or on your own time. + Integration with Existing Programs Use these broadcasts as LIVE stand-alone development programs or integrate them into existing leadership development initiatives through the on-demand option. The highest quality, most flexible, and cost- effective management and leadership training solution your organization can buy! 8 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  9. 9. linkageinc.comSuPPORT MATERIALS AND RESOuRCES Linkage’s satellite broadcasts give us a “The world-class speakers are just the beginning. The ThoughtLeader Series is designed with a Participant Guide and Facilita- valuable and cost-effective opportunity to keeptor Guide that provide numerous tools, resources, and learning our finger on the pulse of thought leadership.activities to ensure real “take-away” value for your participants. Anne Glass // CSCParticipant and Facilitator Guides The live broadcast and interview format gaveThese guides are created by an instructional designer in as- me the rare opportunity to get to know thesociation with the speaker. They are designed to maximize the speakers as well as share in their valuablepower of the broadcasts by increasing the essential transfer of insights.knowledge into action. These comprehensive materials contain Richard Ayers // AMDinsightful pre-program readings to better prepare the facilita-tors and participants for the live event. They also contain manyexercises and activities designed for groups of varying size andexperience. Facilitators can select those that best support their The program covered the topics facingunique organizational needs. The facilitator guides also contain participants today and provided clear, simpleover 15 pages of materials designed to assist newer facilitators models for dealing with leadership challenges.with overall facilitation skills. Jack Brown // Pemco CorporationOne-Hour Facilitator Preparation CallThis call is hosted by the program moderator. During the call,participants are provided with: Linkage’s Thought Leader Series Library• an overview of the speaker’s background and the material Timeless leadership lessons in a convenient they will cover to help prepare facilitators format designed to boost your organization’s• a thorough knowledge of the program materials and how they can best be used to maximize the impact within their internal leadership capabilities—from first line own organization supervisors to C-suite leaders.• an opportunity to ask questions about how to best facilitate the session with their particular group Consisting of 90+ of the world’s greatest thought leaders, CEOs, political, and military leaders, the complete Thought Leader SeriesInternal Marketing Materials library offers a keynote retail value of $4.5 million at a fraction ofThese materials are designed to increase awareness of, and the cost.maximize participation in the broadcasts. They include: Downloadable directly onto your learning management system,• a one-page, customizable, marketing flyer containing key the full series is yours to tap into at your leisure and to share with learnings, a brief bio, and a picture of the speaker your leaders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.• a brief paper on each program known as “The Background- For complete details, please call Linkage today at 781-402-5555. er” that contains an overview of the topic and speaker to increase interest in the program and better prepare partici- pants for the program• E-mail announcements for internal communicationTechnical SupportA technical consultant will be available to work with you priorto each live program to assist with any technology-relatedquestions or issues you have. 9
  10. 10. e-Learning ServicesLeadership ResponsibilitiesCreating the VisionThe responsibility of anticipating future demands and seizing future opportunities while providing meaning, context, and motiva-tion throughout the organization. Warren Bennis Benazir Bhutto David Breashears The world’s foremost First female prime World-class filmaker, authority on leadership minister of Pakistan adventurer and and best selling author presents: mountaineer presents: of On Becoming a Leader Diversity Vision, Courage and presents: Passion The Most Common and Often Fatal Flaws of Leadership Mikhail Gorbachev Michael Porter Sandra Taylor Former head of the Soviet Foremost expert on Former senior vice union presents: competitive strategy president of Corporate Global Leadership presents: Social Responsibility Creating a Vision for with Starbucks Coffee Competitive Advantage Company presents: The Business Case of Corporate Social ResponsibilityCreating the OrganizationThe responsibility of building and developing the structure for high performance. Rick Belluzzo & Jay Ken Blanchard Tommy Franks Conger Leading management Former Commander of Former CEO of Quantum expert and author of uS central command and author of The Practice The One Minute Manager presents: of Leadership present: presents: Learning to Lead Developing Your Creating a World-Class Leadership Bench Organization Strength Michael Hammer Ann Richards Sherron Watkins & Jo- Creator of management Former governor of Texas seph Badaracco, Jr. theory of Business presents: Enron whistleblower and Process Reengineering Defining Moments for Harvard Business School presents: Successful Leaders professor present: Managing Without Ethics in Leadership Structure Margaret Wheatley Author of Finding Our Way Leadership for an Uncertain Time presents: Leading in a Networked World10 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  11. 11. linkageinc.comProducing ResultsThe responsibility of setting goals, monitoring progress, and driving flawless execution to achieve results in a competitiveworld. Richard Branson Hank Haney Phil Harkins & Dave Chairman and CEO of A world authority on Liniger Virgin Brands presents: the business of golf and CEO of Linkage Inc and Lessons in Leadership a leader in the field of chairman of Re/Max individual performance International present: development presents: Everybody Wins: A Roadmap to Proven Guidelines Excellence for Creating Henry Mintzberg unprecedented Growth Author of The Rise and Marilyn Carlson Jack Welch Fall of Strategic Planning Nelson Former chairman and presents: CEO of General Electric Chairman and former Half Truths of CEO of Carlson presents: Leadership Companies presents: Leadership & How You Lead Matters Management Jack & Suzy Welch Authors of Winning present: Producing Results: Winning Through Flawless ExecutionDriving Growth through InnovationThe responsibility of building a culture that systematically anticipates future demands and seizes future opportunities. Clayton Christensen Rosabeth Moss Kanter Lynda Gratton Author of The Innovator’s Author, SuperCorp: How Founder of the Hot Spots Dilemma presents: Vanguard Companies movement and author Building a Successful Create Innovations, Profits, of Hot Spots and Glow Innovation-Driven Growth, and Social Good presents: Organization presents: Creating Performance How to Create New Leading a SuperCorp Driven Innovation Growth Businesses in a Risk-Minimizing Environment Peter Sheahan Michael Treacy Leading expert in Growth & Strategy workforce trends and Business Transformation generational change Expert presents: presents: Sustaining Double- Future Proof: How Digit Growth in Any to be up in a Down Economy Market 11
  12. 12. e-Learning ServicesLeadership ResponsibilitiesBuilding a High Performance CultureThe responsibility of creating an environment in which employees want to develop and achieve. David Allen Marcus Buckingham Tom Davenport Author of Getting Things Author of best-seller Go Author of Competing on Done presents: Put Your Strengths to Work Analytics presents: The Keys of Execution: presents: Maximizing Knowledge Successful Strategies Leverage Your Worker Productivity: Leaders use to Get Strengths The Next Generation of Things Done Management Keith Ferrazzi Malcolm Gladwell Carlos Gutierrez Founder & CEO of Best-selling author of Former Secretary of Ferrazzi Greenlight and Outliers, The Tipping Point the u.S. Department of author of Never Eat Alone and Blink presents: Commerce presents: presents: The Power of Rapid Leadership from Top to Relationships for Cognition for Business Bottom Group Success Leaders Why People are Successful Tony Schwartz Michael Lee Stallard Randy Street Author of The Power of and Jason Pankau Co-author, Who: The Full Engagement presents: Founders of E-Pluribus A Method for Hiring Building Individual Partners presents: presents: & Organizational Fired up Leadership to using the “A” Method Capacity in the Age of Boost Productivity and to Evaluate Talent Overload Innovation Quint Studer Bruce Tulgan Author of Results that Recently included in a Last presents: Financial Times listing Transforming a of the world’s greatest Corporate Culture management thinkers to Drive Sustainable presents: Results How to Turn Age Diversity Into a Strategic Advantage for Your Organzation12 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  13. 13. linkageinc.comLeadership CompetenciesFocused DriveThe capability of focusing on a goal and harnessing your energy in order to meet that goal – a balance between focus and drive. Warren Bennis Ken Blanchard Larry Bossidy The foremost authority Leading management Former chairman of on leadership and expert and author of Honeywell presents: best-selling author of The One Minute Manager Execution On Becoming a Leader presents: presents: Excellence in The 6 Core Leadership Management and Capabilities Leadership Marshall Goldsmith Marilyn King Betsy Myers Author of New York Times, Two-time Olympian and Advisor to Barak Obama’s Wall Street Journal, and founder of Beyond Sports Presidential Campaign USA Today best seller presents: and Executive Director MOJO: How to Get it, Envisioning the of the Center for Public How to Keep it, How to Gold: An Olympian’s Leadership at Harvard Get if back If You Lose It Challenge to Business presents: presents: Leaders Authentic Leadership: The Positive Actions How You Can Take the Leaders Must Take to Lead Start Winning Again Marilyn Tam Best Selling Author and global leadership expert presents: How to use What You’ve Got to Get What You WantTrusted InfluenceThe capability of evoking trust from others and placing trust in others to enable them to succeed—a balance between commit-ment and empowerment. Louis Gerstner John Maxwell Dave Ulrich Former chairman and Internationally Professor, university of CEO of IBM presents: recognized leadership Michigan presents: Organizational expert presents: Creating Your Own Transformation The Five Levels of Leadership Brand Leadership 13
  14. 14. e-Learning ServicesLeadership CompetenciesConceptual ThinkingThe capability of conceiving and selecting innovative strategies and ideas for your organization—a balance between innovationand big picture thinking. Warren Bennis Thomas Friedman Seth Godin The foremost authority Author, The World Is Flat Called by BusinessWeek on leadership and presents: the ultimate entreprenuer best-selling author of The Status Quo Is of the information age On Becoming a Leader Not an Option: The presents: presents: Leader’s Role in Idea Marketing Leadership Globalization C.K. Prahalad Howard Schultz Co-Author, The Future of Former chairman and Competition: Co-Creating CEO of Starbucks Unique Value with presents: Customers presents: Leadership Strategy in the New Competitive LandscapeSystems ThinkingThe capability of connecting processes, events, and structures—a balance between process orientation and mental discipline. Rosabeth Moss Kanter Peter Senge & Peter Senge Author of the Fifth Leading management Discipline presents: experts present: Systemic Leadership The Keys to Leading/ and Change Managing Change/ Strategy & Systems ThinkingEmotional IntelligenceThe capability of understanding and mastering your emotions (and those of others) in a way that instills confidence – a balancebetween perception and emotional maturity. Richard Boyatzis Bill George Dan Goleman Author, Resonant Former chairman and Best-selling author of Leadership: Renewing CEO of Medtronic Emotional Intelligence Yourself and Connecting presents: presents: with Others through Authentic Leadership: Leadership and Mindfulness, Hope and Rediscovering the Emotional Intelligence Compassion presents: Secrets to Creating Emotionally Intelligent Leading in a New Lasting Value Leadership—Bottom World Line Results14 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  15. 15. linkageinc.comLeadership SkillsStrategic ThinkingThe skill of using powerful frameworks and approaches for diagnosing and anticipating competitive threats, and taking action onthe strategic concerns of your organization. Madeleine Albright Rudy Giuliani Gary Hamel Former uS Secretary of Former mayor of NYC Harvard professor and State presents: presents: leading expert presents: Global Leadership Leading in Difficult Strategy on Innovation Times and Strategy C.K. Prahalad Co-Author, The Future of Competition: Co-Creating Unique Value with Customers presents: Making Strategy Work- The Future of Value CreationCoaching and MentoringThe skill of mastering a comfortable coaching style and using it strategically to improve performance. Gail Evans Marshall Goldsmith Pat Mitchell Award-winning speaker Author of Wall Street President and Chief and former Executive Journal best-seller, What Executive Officer of PBS Vice President of CNN Got You Here Won’t Get presents: presents: You There presents: Leader As Mentor The Power of Working Coaching for Women Working Leadership Together Coaching & Feedback Noel Tichy Co-Author of Judgment and one of BusinessWeek’s Top 10 Management Gurus presents: Leader As Teacher 15
  16. 16. e-Learning ServicesLeadership SkillsLeading ChangeThe skill of understanding and using the most effective tools and processes to drive needed change. Dan Heath Spencer Johnson Margot Morrell and Co-author of Business Warren Bennis Best-selling Author of Week and New York Who Moved My Cheese? Best-selling authors Times bestseller Made to presents: present: Stick: Why Some Ideas Shackleton: A Survive and Others Die Managing Change Leadership Journey presents: How to Change when Change is Hard Tom Peters Author of all-time best-seller In Search of Excellence presents: Creating the 21st Century Organization Change & Leadership Leadership and ChangeCommunication and NegotiationThe skill of communicating and relating to a broad range of people internally and externally and using that ability to arrive at andreach understandings and agreements. Phil Harkins Tim Sanders Nick Washienko Author of Powerful Author of best-selling Leading expert Conversations presents: Saving the World at Work on Executive Communicating With presents: Communication Impact Leadership and and former director Likability of the Professional Development Program of Boston university presents: Effective Leadership Communication16 To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/disl.htm
  17. 17. linkageinc.comProblem SolvingThe skill of employing analytical abilities, pragmatism, and other tools to resolve complex problems in a variety of contexts. Sheena Iyengar Michael Roberto Noel Tichy Author of The Art of A preeminent authority Co-Author of Judgment Choosing presents: on neutralizing hidden and one of BusinessWeek’s The Art of Choosing threats to organizations Top 10 Management and author of Know What Gurus presents: You Don’t Know presents: How Winning Leaders How Great Leaders Make Great Calls Prevent Problems Before they Happen Michael Useem Author of The Go Point— When It’s Time to Decide presents: Reaching the Go PointLeading TeamsThe skill of inspiring and driving a team to go beyond the expected. Geoff Bellman Kimball & Mareen Doris Kearns Goodwin Author of Extraordinary Fisher Pulitzer Prize-Winning Groups presents: Authors of The Distance author and world How Ordinary Teams Manager and co-founders renowned historian Achieve Amazing of The Fisher Group presents: Results present: Team of Rivals Leading High Performance Virtual Teams Mike Krzyzewski Patrick Lencioni Head Coach of the Duke Author of BusinessWeek Blue Devils presents: best-seller The Five Coaching to Win: Dysfunctions of a Team Developing People and presents: Teams Who Excel Building and Leading a High Performance Team 17
  18. 18. >> linkageinc.com Group participation options • Satellite—We broadcast our programs live on both C and Ku band. A test time is provided one week before the broadcast as well as 30 minutes before the broadcast begins. • Large screen webcast—A special high resolution web stream that expands clearly on a Partial client list large boardroom or auditorium screen. This medium combines the convenience of a web- cast with the clarity of a videoconferencing feed. Allmerica Financial Lubrizol Corporation • Webcast—Enables a widely dispersed audience to view the broadcasts by bringing the American Home content to the desktop. This medium allows participants to view the broadcast either live Products Mastercard or for a period of time following the live session. Please call for pricing. Fees listed below Amgen Medtronic include webcast at one desktop or viewing station only. AT&T Microsoft • DVD—The best choice for organizations not requiring live programming, This option enables facilitators to determine how to best position the broadcasts within their unique Bausch & Lomb McDonald’s organization. This option affords maximum flexibility in that you can view the broadcast Corporation during times most convenient for you and your teams within the defined viewing period. Berlex Labs Monsanto • LMS— An excellent choice for those companies who already own an LMS. Combine the The Boeing convenience and value of the DVD option with the flexibility of webcasting. Receive an Company NASA LMS compliant file to host for your entire organization for the length of your licensing The Campbell Soup New York Life term. We will work with your IT team for a quick and seamless upload of the broadcast and Company support materials. Nokia Cisco Northwestern Pricing information Computer Sciences Mutual Corporation 2011 Series Packages Past Broadcast Packages Panama Canal Constellation Authority All fees include live webcasts and/or satellites Available on DVD or for download directly Energy at one viewing station*. There is no limit to onto your LMS, all of Linkage’s 90+ recorded Pemco Financial the number of viewers per viewing station. leadership broadcasts are yours to share Dell Pfizer, Inc. After the live events, the broadcasts are made on-demand with your leaders 24 hours a day, Discover available to you on DVD or direct upload 365 days a year. Procter & Gamble onto your LMS for the remainder of your Disney university Full library of 90+ programs ........ $30,000 Rockwell licensing term. Dow Corning Automation 8-pack on-demand............................$3,000 Full 2011 series ................................$3,000 Florida Power & Solvay 4-pack on-demand............................$2,000 2011 spring or fall series .................$2,000 Light Pharmaceuticals Participant materials, facilitator guides, sample marketing materials, and technical support Gap, Inc. Sprint assistance are included with all live and on-demand packages. Genentech Toyota Motor Sales Payment, Cancellation, and Restrictions: All registrations must include payment or a copy of a purchase order. Cancellations made anytime up to four weeks prior to the broadcast will General Mills TSMC be refunded. Cancellations made within three weeks of the broadcast are subject to the full Genworth uS Census Bureau registration fee. Taping rights are not allowed for The Linkage Thought Leader Series. Financial university of Harley Davidson California Additional services Hewlett-Packard uS Army • Facilitation—Linkage helps your organization connect distance learning to corporate ini- tiatives and development goals. Opt to have a Linkage facilitator work with your organiza- Ingersoll Rand uS EPA tion to enhance the learning experience and impact of the session(s). Intel uS FDA • Leadership Tools—Linkage provides your organization with management tools which can JC Penney uS Navy be used in connection with the broadcast(s). These tools help managers to drive their own learning, develop their people, work with their teams, and impact organizational change. JP Morgan Chase uSDA Key Span Energy uS Steel *Please call Linkage at 781-402-5555 regarding pricing for broadcasting simultaneously at multiple desktop or viewing stations. Kohl’s university of Linkage is a global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development. Notre Dame Lawrence We provide clients around the globe with integrated solutions that include strategic consulting services, customized leadership development and training experiences, tailored assessment services, and Livermore VA Learning benchmark research. Linkage’s mission is to connect high performing leaders and organizations to the National university futures they want to create. With a relentless commitment to learning, Linkage offers conferences, learning summits, open-enrollment Laboratory workshops, and distance learning programs on leading-edge topics in leadership, management, human resources, and organizational World Bank development. More than 200,000 leaders and managers have attended Linkage programs since 1988. Los Alamo’s Wyeth Natural 0869.11 Linkage / Burlington, MA / 781.402.5555 / www.linkageinc.com Laboratories ATLANTA BOSTON NEW YORk SAN FRANCISCO ATHENS BANGALORE BRUSSELS HAMILTON HONG kONG ISTANBUL JOHANNESBURG kUALA LUMPUR kUWAIT CITY MExICO CITY ROME SEOUL SHANGHAI SINGAPORE SYDNEY VILNIUS