15 Years, 60 Countries, 6,000 Leaders                                 Warren Bennis                                       ...
“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a                                                 ...
What is GILD?                                                                                      “Linkage’s Global Insti...
“The results from the LAI         Program design     made me aware of and     sensitive to what I thought     of myself as...
Richard BoyatzisProgram at-a-glance           Sunday 9th                   Monday 10th                  Tuesday 11th      ...
Accelerated learning                               Based on the High Impact Leadership Model™, the five-day program uses a...
360º Leadership Assessment Instrument                                                             “The holistic approach t...
“Wow! Best [development             Leadership Responsibility Development program] ever attended.            The leadershi...
Leadership Competency Development                                                                           “This is the m...
Leadership Skill Development                                  We all possess the skills needed to be a leader. Our researc...
NEW! Communication Academy at GILD                                                                             “When Cicer...
“Loved your presentations, I will be definitely be back. Thanks for a great      week!”               —Scott Walton       ...
“A great opportunity to listenIndividual benefits…                                                                        ...
GILD upgrades and support“The time spent with my executive coach was priceless    The Senior Executive Leadership Forum (S...
Logistics                                                      Enrollment form                                            ...
Partial GILD alumni list by company and industry                                                               Aeronautics...
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2011 The Global Institute For Leadership Development


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2011 The Global Institute For Leadership Development

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2011 The Global Institute For Leadership Development

  1. 1. 15 Years, 60 Countries, 6,000 Leaders Warren Bennis GILD co-chair; author of the seminal book on leadership, On Becoming a Leader Phil Harkins GILD co-chair and CEO of Linkage; author of InRanked the #1 leadership development experience in the Search of Leadershipworld by Leadership Excellence for five consecutive years! Mike Abrashoff former Navy Commander and author, It’s Your Ship Colleen C. Barrett President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines, co-author of Lead with LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success Ken Blanchard leadership expert, speaker, and author of The One Minute Manager, Raving Fans, and Gung Ho! Bill George Harvard Business School professor and author; former CEO of Medtronic Marshall Goldsmith executive coach; author of MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back if You Lose It! Jeremy Gutsche innovation expert, author of Exploiting Chaos, October 9–14, 2011 • Palm Desert, CA host of Trend Hunter TV Gary Hamel author of Leading the Revolution, Competing for the Future, and The Future of Management Robert E. Knowling, Jr. chairman, Eagles Landing PartnersGILD develops better leaders through: A.G. Lafley former Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Procter & Gamble; author of The Game • A 360º assessment and coaching process proven to drive behavior change Changer • A 5-day immersion learning program that accelerates leadership growth Patrick Lencioni author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Getting Naked • A year-long curriculum that provides continuous learning and lasting results Roger Nierenberg • Peer learning with executives from around the world creator of The Music Paradigm; author of Maestro: A Surprising Story about Leading by • New for 2011: Communication Academy Listening Nando Parrado “survivor of the Andes” as depicted in the book better leaders and movie Alive David Rock founder and CEO of Results Coaching Systems, author of Coaching with the Brain and Mind better results Susan Scott founder of Fierce, Inc.; author of Fierce Conversations Bill Strickland CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation and champion for inner-city renewal“This is one of the most Fons Trompenaars author of Riding the Waves of Culture; leading comprehensive leadership consultant on cross-cultural communication programs I have ever seen.” presented by Anthony von Mandl founder & CEO, the Mark Anthony Group; —Stephen Covey proprietor, Mission Hill Family Estate Winery author, The 7 Habits of Highly Nick Washienko Effective People Boston University professor; leading expert on executive communication
  2. 2. “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”October 9–14, 2011 —Peter DruckerPalm Desert, CA What’s inside? Message from the Chairs Greatness is often defined by the trials one faces—the many “crucibles” that challenge What is GILD? ............................ 3 each of us and force us to emerge better, stronger, and more capable as leaders. The recent global economic crisis, major political shifts and falling regimes, and natural Program design ......................... 4 disasters have given us pause to consider the importance of leadership. It is during • Accelerated competency-based the difficult times that exceptional leaders emerge. The Global Institute for Leadership learning Development (GILD) is founded on the belief that any individual can rise to the challenge • The GILD faculty and that leadership is something that can be “learned by everyone, taught to everyone, • The Year of Learning and denied to no one.” Accelerated learning ................. 6 Over the past 15 years, GILD has developed over 6,000 leaders from around the world, all of whom are driven by the unrelenting desire to better themselves and to have a • 360º Leadership Assessment Instrument major impact on their organizations. Each has experienced a unique transformation that not only builds individual capability, but develops a greater sense of responsibility to • Executive coaching their team and organization; improved capacity to adapt to change and act on growing • Learning teams opportunities; and, most importantly, the ability to produce better results. • Leadership responsibility development One of the most difficult challenges for leaders in their development, both professional • Leadership competency and personal, is to embrace the fact that it requires sustained and lifelong effort. This development is where GILD has a great impact. In addition to a transformational five day personal • Leadership skill development learning experience, GILD is designed to support long term behavior change. Individual • NEW! Communication Academy Development Plans provide tangible goals, while an ongoing Year of Learning provides, at GILD not only resources for further leadership development, but encourages a mindset of constant reflection and learning on both an organization and personal level. The Year of Learning................ 12 GILD will deliver both accelerated and sustainable development in the areas proven to • Online networking differentiate superior leaders from average leaders. We invite you to partner with us this • Virtual learning teams October, and promise you, your teams, and your organizations a leadership develop- • The Monthly Leader ment experience unlike any other. • The LinkageNetwork • Thought Leader Series GILD upgrades and support .... 14 Warren Bennis Phil Harkins Customized leadership team Co-Chair Co-Chair meetings .................................. 14 Logistics................................... 15 Enrollment form ....................... 15 Partial GILD alumni list ............ 162 facebook.com/linkage.gild twitter.com/linkageGILD
  3. 3. What is GILD? “Linkage’s Global Institute is the Ivy League of leadershipThe Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD) is a unique experience for leaders and development.”leadership teams that provides transformational growth in areas proven to differentiate superior —Susan Acquistoleaders from average leaders. President, ProfessionalThe core of the experience is a five-day immersion program that integrates the best learning Health Servicesmethods employed by university executive education programs, leadership academies, andlarge-scale, global conferences to deliver accelerated growth. This is accompanied by The Yearof Learning, a year-long development process that combines peer learning with timely andcontent-rich resources to sustain leadership growth.Who benefits?Emerging leaders: individuals identified as successor candidates and/or high-potentials withless than 10 years of management experienceSenior leaders: individuals serving as strategic leaders with enterprise-wide focus and long-term impact, e.g. general managers, vice presidents, divisional and functional heads, and seniorexecutivesLeadership teams: intact executive teams and/or strategic project teams who customize theirGILD experience into an off-site meetingWhat are the benefits for participants? • Measurable growth in areas proven to differentiate superior from average leaders • Improved capacity to adapt to change and act on new business opportunities and chal- lenges • An actionable and fully personalized development plan to drive long-term commitment to growth • Year-long exposure to new insights and perspectives through a global cast of faculty and participants • A network of global leaders who serve as a vibrant community of educational resources, business ideas, advice, and contactsWhat are the benefits for organizations? • An experienced, driven, and connected leadership team committed to driving results • A larger cadre of qualified successor candidates to take on crucial roles • Increased excitement and passion for learning among leaders at all levels • Long-term, company-wide access to exclusive leadership development resources • Greater performance and results from your organization’s managers and leaders Warren Bennis www.linkageinc.com/gild 781-402-5555 3
  4. 4. “The results from the LAI Program design made me aware of and sensitive to what I thought of myself as a leader, as well as what my staff thought of Accelerated competency-based learning me as a leader. I was able GILD provides a tremendous influx of new insights, skills, and capabilities that can immediately to apply the LAI results to be leveraged to drive change and produce better results in the workplace. best focus my learning.” The entire experience is built upon the foundation of the High Impact Leadership Model™, a —Alasdair Smith proven leadership competency model that was co-developed by Linkage and Warren Bennis. COO, Ottawa The result of an in-depth longitudinal study, the High Impact Leadership Model™, identifies the Regional Cancer Centre key competencies, skills, and responsibility areas proven to differentiate superior leaders from average leaders. The GILD curriculum is focused on the development of these critical leadership differentiators. The GILD faculty We have carefully recruited a diverse, world-class faculty that provides the expertise and coaching necessary to drive growth and development in all of the core differen- tiators of the High Impact Leadership Model™. This faculty is a formal mix of the world’s greatest lead- ers (current and past CEOs, politicians, and humanitar- ians), world-renowned teachers (representing business, arts, and academia), and expert coaches and team fa- cilitators. A total participant/faculty ratio of 4:1 allows for a variety of learning formats including lectures, skill development workshops, peer learning ses- sions, and one-on-one coaching sessions. The Year of Learning As a complement to the five-day immersion program, The Year of Learning is an advanced community-based resource designed to sustain leadership growth over time. Focused around a robust online network, The Year of Learning delivers effective and content-rich resources in a way that is timely and minimally invasive. In addition to access to the alumni community, The Year of Learning incorporates virtual team sessions, monthly learning guides, exclusive access to executive book summaries and articles, and valuable thought leader content.Robert E. Knowling, Jr.4 facebook.com/linkage.gild twitter.com/linkageGILD
  5. 5. Richard BoyatzisProgram at-a-glance Sunday 9th Monday 10th Tuesday 11th Wednesday 12th Thursday 13th Friday 14th8:00 AM Registration and executive Producing Results Leading Teams Leading Change Strategic Thinking Reflection time and coaching Colleen Barrett and Patrick Lencioni Bob Knowling Gary Hamel executive coaching Ken Blanchard9:00 AM Reflection time and Reflection time and executive coaching executive coaching10:00 AM Reflection time and Reflection time and executive coaching executive coaching Creating the Organization Driving Growth through A.G. Lafley Innovation11:00 AM Building a Culture of High Emotional Intelligence Jeremy Gutsche Performance David Rock Lunch and executive Mike Abrashoff coaching12:00 PM Lunch and executive Lunch and executive Lunch and executive coaching coaching coaching1:00 PM Impact Leadership Trusted Influence Executive coaching Warren Bennis and Bill Strickland Coaching and Mentoring Communication Academy Phil Harkins Marshall Goldsmith Nick Washienko2:00 PM Learning Team Learning Team meetings Focused Drive introductions Nando Parrado Learning Team meetings3:00 PM Systems Thinking Learning Team meetings Roger Nierenberg4:00 PM Communication Academy Learning Team meetings Susan Scott5:00 PM Learning Team meetings Communication Academy Conceptual Thinking Creating the Vision Fons Trompenaars Bill George Anthony von Mandl6:00 PM Executive coaching Executive coaching Reception Break7:00 PM Opening reception Gala dinner and closing ceremonies Dinner with Learning Executive coaching Teams8:00 PM9:00 PM10:00 PM www.linkageinc.com/gild 781-402-5555 5
  6. 6. Accelerated learning Based on the High Impact Leadership Model™, the five-day program uses a multi-faceted learn- ing approach that ensures a balance of large-scale and individual learning to improve retention and results.“Best Overall Model of • 360º Leadership Assessment Instrument leadership I’ve ever come across. The combination of • One-on-one executive coaching the comprehensive framework with the world-leading • Learning teams thinking in each discipline was outstanding.” • Leadership responsibility development —Steve Tedesco Director, Clarica • Leadership competency development • Leadership skill developmentRoger Nierenberg6 facebook.com/linkage.gild twitter.com/linkageGILD
  7. 7. 360º Leadership Assessment Instrument “The holistic approach toBehavior change begins with an awareness of your strengths and areas for improvement leadership development far surpasses any otherSeveral months before GILD begins, you will complete Linkage’s 360º Leadership Assessment options I have experiencedInstrument™ (LAI), a multi-dimensional assessment that measures the differentiators in the HighImpact Leadership Model™. This provides the heightened self-awareness that is necessary for in 20 years of organizationalindividual behavior change to begin. development.”Some organizations prefer to use a different assessment instrument, such as one that the lead- —Rebecca Lynch-Wilmoters have used in the past or one that is customized for their organization. The GILD team will Director of Employeework with your organization to map your competencies to the High Impact Leadership Model™ so Learning andthat your leaders’ GILD experiences tie directly to their own assessment feedback. Development, InFocusOne-on-one executive coachingAchieve transformation by addressing your leadership strengths and developmental oppor-tunities with an action plan for behavior changeDirected by individual results from the 360ºleadership assessment, you will personallyselect and work one-on-one with an execu-tive coach from GILD’s faculty of experiencedprofessional coaches.The coaching process includes two, one-hourprivate coaching sessions during the five-dayprogram followed by a third tele-coachingappointment 4–6 weeks afterwards. Throughthese sessions, your coach will become a valuable resource in interpreting assessment results,crafting your Individual Development Plan, and monitoring progress on your goals for the year.Learning teamsLearning is retained through collaborative critique and application to real-life situationsLearning teams are facilitator-led, peer teamsof 15–18 leaders that gather each day toreflect on and share what they have learnedand apply it to their pressing leadershipchallenges and opportunities. Participants areassigned to teams based on similar charac-teristics such as leadership experience, scopeof responsibility, and preferred learning style.Some organizations prefer to keep theirleaders together throughout GILD so that they can immediately apply what they are learning toorganization-specific opportunities and challenges. Based on the size of your team, this optionmay be available (see page 14). Patrick Lencioni www.linkageinc.com/gild 781-402-5555 7
  8. 8. “Wow! Best [development Leadership Responsibility Development program] ever attended. The leadership responsibilities represent the pinnacle of the High Impact Leadership Model™. Speakers were world class!” They are the outputs of a leader that determine the success of an organization. During these GILD sessions, you will gain new strategies, tools, and techniques to help you excel in these —Jonathan Lewis critical leadership responsibilities. Vice President, American Century Investments Creating the Organization—The responsibility of building and developing A.G. Lafley is the structure for high potentials former Chairman of the Board, This session will help you: President, and • Understand and utilize various leadership styles and processes to move CEO of Procter your organization forward in prosperity & Gamble and recipient of • Identify and overcome dysfunctional leadership models and challenges in The Warren reaffirming buy-in from constituents Bennis Award • Strengthen your grass-roots organizational tools, technical capabilities, for Excellence in and infrastructure to build a unified culture Leadership. Creating the Vision—The responsibility of anticipating demands and seizing Anthony von opportunities while providing meaning, context, and motivation Mandl is founder and CEO of Mark This session will help you: Anthony Group • Inspire others through a deeply rooted sense of mission and purpose and of Companies, a well-articulated vision for change Proprietor of Mission Hill Family • Make the most of the resources you have available Estate Winery, • Set the bar higher to achieve what you previously thought to be impossible and recipient of The Warren Bennis Award for Excellence in Leadership. Building a High Performance Culture—The responsibility of creating an Mike Abrashoff environment in which employees want to develop and achieve. is a former Navy Commander and This session will help you: author of It’s Your • Inspire a culture of confidence and responsibility Ship. • Avoid specific behaviors that lead to dysfunction • Develop, motivate, and inspire talent Driving Growth through Innovation—The responsibility of building a Jeremy Gutsche culture that anticipates demands and seizes future opportunities is an innovation expert, the award This session will help you: winning author of • Build a culture that encourages creative ideas from outside sources Exploiting Chaos, and host of Trend • Increase market capitalization by turning previously-untapped global Hunter TV. innovation assets into real profits • Prepare for leadership crises and weather tough storms Producing Results—The responsibility of setting goals, monitoring progress, Colleen Barrett is and driving flawless execution to achieve results in a competitive world President Emeritus of Southwest This session will help you: Airlines, co-author • Better understand how important it is to make a proper diagnosis of Lead with LUV: A Different Way • Set realistic goals for your organization to Create Real • Make plans to accomplish your goals Success. Ken Blanchard is a leadership expert and author of The One Minute Manager, Raving Fans, and GungBill George Ho!8 facebook.com/linkage.gild twitter.com/linkageGILD
  9. 9. Leadership Competency Development “This is the mostThe leadership competencies represent the foundation of the High Impact Leadership Model . ™ comprehensive program IThey are ingrained mental, social, and emotional capabilities and behaviors that have been have attended.”formed and adjusted over the span of a lifetime. During these GILD sessions, you will learn —Randall Balierinsight and guidance for improving in these core competencies. Corporate Manager, Toyota Motor SalesFocused Drive—The capability of focusing on a goal and harnessing your Nando Parradoenergy in order to meet that goal is the author of Miracle in theThis session will help you: Andes, whose • Gain new perspectives to help in overcoming failures and unexpected story of courage hardships and survival was depicted in the • Prioritize that in life which deserves your truest commitment and devotion 1993 movie Alive. • Realize the extent of human perseverance in times of defeatEmotional Intelligence—The capability of understanding and mastering David Rockyour own emotions (and those of others) in a way that instills confidence co-founded the NeuroLeadershipThis session will help you: Institute and is au- • Adopt a style of leadership that resonates emotionally with others thor of the books Personal Best, • Improve your ability to perceive others’ emotions and build relationships Quiet Leadership, through empathy and inspiration and the textbook • Track and maintain control over your own emotions Coaching with the Brain in Mind.Trusted Influence—The capability of evoking trust from others and placing Bill Stricklandtrust in others to enable them to succeed is the CEO of ManchesterThis session will help you: Bidwell • Realize the importance of trust and accountability in being a successful Corporation and leader a champion for empowerment of • Improve your levels of authenticity and influence disadvantaged • Focus on consistently doing the right thing and achieving results through urban youth. commitment rather than complianceConceptual Thinking—The capability of conceiving and selecting innovative Bill George isstrategies and ideas for your organization a professor at Harvard BusinessThis session will help you: school, former • Use the principles of productive thinking and creative leadership to CEO of Medtronic, manage change rather than be swamped by it and author of four best-selling books • Approach problems and opportunities in a more productive way by on leadership. framing them correctly and asking the right questions • Break down subconscious mental barriers that inhibit creativitySystems Thinking—The capability of connecting processes, events, and Roger Nierenbergstructures is the creator of The MusicThis session will help you: Paradigm, and • Understand the nature of a system, and how to effectively use that author of Maestro: appreciation in an organization where people are the interconnected parts A Surprising Story about Leading by • Learn to trust and better utilize the expertise of your own performers Listening. • Leverage your influence to maximize performance while encouraging creativity Bill Strickland www.linkageinc.com/gild 781-402-5555 9
  10. 10. Leadership Skill Development We all possess the skills needed to be a leader. Our research indicates that the best leaders are those who make a personal choice to continually assess and constantly develop their leadership skills. The High Impact Leadership Model™ consists of the critical skills for leadership effective- ness. GILD offers skill development sessions that are interactive, practical, and intensive. These sessions provide instruction, simulation, practice, and tools for each leadership skill. In addition, this year, we are pleased to introduce a new format for communication and negotiation skills— The Communication Academy at GILD. Leadership skills Strategic Thinking—Using powerful frameworks and approaches for Gary Hamel was diagnosing and anticipating competitive threats and taking action on the ranked by Wall strategic concerns of your organization Street Journal as “the world’s This session will help you: leading expert on • Learn break-through processes and ideas for developing and business strategy,” implementing strategy and is best-selling author of Leading • Identify “engines for growth” and the different forces that will constrain the Revolution, them Competing for • Drive accountability and responsibility throughout your organization by the Future, and translating strategy into action The Future of Management. Leading Change—Understanding and using the most effective tools and Robert E. processes to drive needed change Knowling, Jr. has more than This session will help you: 30 years of • Aggressively seek out and pursue opportunities for change in your experience leading organization companies through periods • Revitalize lost change initiatives of high growth • Create an internal change team to execute on the change strategy of the and organizational organization turnaround.“GILD challenges your current ideas about leadership Leading Teams—Inspiring and driving a team to go beyond the expected Patrick Lencioni is the President of and provides cutting edge and This session will help you: The Table Group practical approaches to enable • Solve the specific problems that you encounter in leading teams in your and best-selling organization author of The Five you to more effectively lead Dysfunctions of a your group or organization • Learn how to build trust as a team leader through vulnerability Team and Getting • Harness your own personal leadership style to improve the performance Naked. in a complex and rapidly of your team changing environment.” —William Dole Coaching and Mentoring—The skill of mastering a comfortable coaching Marshall Goldsmith style and using it strategically to improve performance is one of the best VP Cardiovascular executive coaches Research, Berlex This session will help you: in the world and is Laboratories • Perfect your coaching technique to improve the performance of your rated among the peers and direct reports top ten executive educators by • Apply various principles of coaching as a guide for personal development The Wall Street • Identify the changes successful people need to make to continue to be Journal. successfulTony Alessandra10 facebook.com/linkage.gild twitter.com/linkageGILD
  11. 11. NEW! Communication Academy at GILD “When Cicero spoke menThe fundamental skill that leaders are never done honing is communication. With the global marveled. When Caesarlandscape and Internet age in which we work, communication has taken on a different meaning. spoke, men marched.”We have colleagues and customers in different cultures, with different communication styles indifferent time zones. The 24/7 world in which we live has added significant stress to the work-place, the likes of which many of us have never seen. The real test of a leader comes in times ofchallenge, crisis, and hardship—this is why communication skills are critical.We are pleased to introduce the Communication Academy to address the many facets of com-municating as a leader in today’s world. Understanding your own communication style andlearning those of the people around you will give you the advantage of communicating effectivelyevery time.The Communication Academy within GILD includes: Step 1 – Assessment on your communication style Step 2 – Coaching (included in your one-on-one coaching sessions) Step 3 – Interaction and presentations with world-class communication experts Step 4 – Skills to enhance how you can communicate for better resultsUnderstanding and techniques for leading a multi- Fons Trompenaars is a world authoritycultural and diverse world on managing cultural diversity for profitability. As managing directorTruly understand cultural communication and increase of Trompenaars Hampden-Turneryour knowledge for greater impact: Intercultural Management Consulting • Learn how to respect cross-cultural issues and an acclaimed author and advisor, he works with major global corporations • Unlearn negative cross-cultural attitudes/strategies regarding opportunities presented by • Reconcile cross-cultural dilemmas cultural differences.Tools and Techniques for being heard and getting Nick Washienko is a professor at Bostonyour message across effectively and with impact University where he has taught for the past 25 years. He has worked withFrom the master of communication, Nick Washienko will executives and politicians preparingshare tools and techniques to improve your presentation them for major business and criticalskills and your delivery method. In practical learning speaking engagements. Nick has taught “Our return on investingexercises, participants will discover how to maximizetheir presentation style and delivery. Participants will thousands of senior executives how to time and resources at GILD present and communicate effectively toleave the session with a toolset and a mindset for upping 21st century listeners. directly links to our businesstheir game. profitability and long termTools and Techniques for Mastery in all Susan Scott is a best-selling author and business strength. We haveConversations—Fierce Conversations leadership development architect who clear, honest interpersonal has enabled top executives worldwideLearn how to confront your most pressing issues by to engage in vibrant dialogue. A communications andhaving authentic, courageous, and clear conversations. recognized thought leader in the global we harness the power ofBecome a leader who has the skill set to engineer business community, Susan and herpredictable and spirited dialogue to innovate change and company are committed to large-scale individual accountabilitydrive results. and individual transformation. to passionately perform. GILD has provided us withAt GILD, all participants will have the opportunity to take: a powerful platform for operational excellence and 1. The Communication Styles and Abilities Inventory for Leaders (C-SAIL)— An assessment that measures individual leaders’ three key communication abilities and ten communica- visionary strategic planning.” tion style tendencies. —Myron Stadnyk 2. Culture Compass On-Line (CCOL)—An interactive multi-media, web based learn- President, ARC Resources ing system that embraces many aspects of business across cultures. The Intercultural Limited Awareness Profile (IAP) provides a comprehensive analysis of participants’ cross-cultural orientation through linking real life dilemmas that reveal the variety of interpretations caused by different (cultural) value orientations. Phil Harkins www.linkageinc.com/gild 781-402-5555 11
  12. 12. “Loved your presentations, I will be definitely be back. Thanks for a great week!” —Scott Walton Director of Sales, Mark Anthony Group (Canada) The Year of Learning The mission of the Global Institute for Leadership Development is to develop better leaders so that they can reach higher levels of success and produce better results for their organizations. GILD accomplishes this mission by developing essential competencies and skills, introducing new approaches and global best practices, and inspiring personal commitment to development that lasts a lifetime. The goal of The Year of Learning is to provide a simple, easy, and effective way for leaders and leadership teams to continue their own development beyond GILD so that the learn- ing is not episodic. Accompanying the five-day immersion program, this sustainable curriculum delivers a variety of leadership resources that make the leader the center of a community of learning and allow growth to continue unabated over the long-term. For individuals, these resources include… 1. Online networking 2. Virtual learning teams 3. The Monthly Leader 4. The LinkageNetwork* 5. Thought Leader Series* The Year of Learning offers additional benefits for teams, including collaborative action- learning teams and on-site leadership skill-building workshops. To learn more about these options, please call 781-402-5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/gild.12 facebook.com/linkage.gild twitter.com/linkageGILD
  13. 13. “A great opportunity to listenIndividual benefits… to the world’s best minds on leadership as well as discuss1. Online networking ideas, strategies, and practicalA vibrant, engaging community for knowledge and resource sharing tools on a personal level with small learning teams.Delivered via the GILD Leadership Portal, this powerful resource is the central location for ac-cessing participant-generated content, frequently updated Linkage and GILD faculty resources, It accomplishes more in oneand networking opportunities among leaders worldwide. The site is regularly maintained to week than many organizationsencourage networking through common interest groups, book review sharing, team meetings or can do in months or evengroup coaching, discussion posts, and informal or personal connections. years!” —Kevin Murphy Leader of Global2. Virtual learning teams Healthcare New BusinessFacilitated group learning with peers from around the world Development, Dow CorningDuring the five-day immersion program participants form strong bonds with your learning team.These bonds and the learning momentum will be maintained throughout the year via virtuallearning team sessions. This process includes ongoing informal contact among team membersand the facilitator as well as a total of four virtual team meetings taking place at quarterly inter-vals, granting a rare opportunity to focus entirely on individual development and teamwork in acollaborative environment.3. The Monthly LeaderA year-long post-program support curriculum for continuous learningEach GILD participant gains one year of access to The Monthly Leader, a monthly publicationfocused around individual components of the High Impact Leadership Model™. Each edition con-tains useful and practical articles, videos, and hands-on tools from a combination of renownedthought leaders and Linkage’s own content library. Included resources are carefully chosen toallow minimal time investment and instant application.4. The LinkageNetwork*Exclusive online communityGILD participants have the option of enrolling in the LinkageNetwork and the Thought LeaderSeries. The LinkageNetwork is a learning community designed to sustain and fast track risingleaders’ personal and professional development. Members connect with peers, receive best-in-class coaching, and develop professionally through a global online community and localin-person events.5. Thought Leader Series*Access to virtual broadcastsThe Thought Leader Series consists of eight distance learning broadcasts featuring renownedgurus and subject-matter experts from around the world. Previous speakers have included: PeterDrucker, Michael Porter, Benazir Bhutto, Jack Welch, Howard Schultz, and many more.*Additional fees apply at discounted GILD alumni rates. Marshall Goldsmith www.linkageinc.com/gild 781-402-5555 13
  14. 14. GILD upgrades and support“The time spent with my executive coach was priceless The Senior Executive Leadership Forum (SEL) is a three-day, strategic and provided me with a clear development program embedded within GILD and is limited to 15 C-level execu- picture in developing action tives and presidents from around the world. The SEL Forum includes group steps that will enhance my sessions facilitated by Dr. Warren Bennis and Dr. Phil Harkins along with select leadership presence.” members of the GILD keynote faculty, which focus on organizational and leader- —Steve Wurn ship challenges unique to executives at the top of the organization. President, Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington, TX This unique experience delivers: • New ideas, insights, and solutions to top priority leadership challenges • A peer network of successful leaders that share advice and recommenda- tions in a confidential, high-trust environment • Exclusive access and learning opportunities with an all-star faculty Customized leadership team meetings Great organizations invest in teamwork as a centerpiece to their success, and high-performing teams can be a huge contributor in rolling out new business initiatives and instigating large-scale change. For this reason, many organizations leverage GILD as an ideal off-site meet- ing for their senior or high-potential leadership teams, boards of directors, or functional teams. These groups customize their GILD experience to drive action around specific organizational agendas such as change, strategic planning, team-building, cost reduction, and/or annual leadership forums. The combina- tion of leadership and team assessment tools, world-class faculty, expert facilita- tors, and executive coaches provides the ideal ingredients to generate dramatic results from your meeting. For more information, visit www.linkageinc.com/GILDMerrie Spaeth14 facebook.com/linkage.gild twitter.com/linkageGILD
  15. 15. Logistics Enrollment form Please reserve _______ seat(s) at the Global Institute for Leadership Development, in accordance with the following schedule:Reserve your seat(s)You may enroll by contacting Linkage via: Early Enrollment: Reserved before May 27, 2011 $4,995 per person for 1-3 people per organization • 781.402.5555 $4,595 per person for 4+ people per organization • http://www.linkageinc.com/gild Standard Enrollment: Reserved after May 27, 2011 • fax: 781.402.5556 $5,495 per person for 1-3 people per organizationWe encourage early enrollment to ensure yourparticipation in the pre-GILD assessment. $4,995 per person for 4+ people per organization GILD Alumni Enrollment (only applies to actual person who attended GILD in past) $3,995 per personLodgingThe 2011 Global Institute for Leadership SEL enrollment: Call 781-402-5555 to apply.Development is October 9–14, 2011 at: Enrollment fees do not include travel, hotel accommodations, or the team dinner on Monday night. Only one discount may be applied per enrollment. Desert Springs, A JW Marriott Resort Please photocopy this form to enroll additional colleagues. All enrollments must be & Spa received together to receive team discounts. 74855 Country Club Drive Palm Desert, CA 92260 Name of enrollment coordinator Phone: 760.341.2211 Fax: 760.341.1872 Priority code (located on the back cover of brochure) Toll-Free Reservations: 1.888.538.9459 Name of participantLinkage will hold a limited block of rooms available Participant titleat a reduced rate on a first come, first servedbasis until September 16, 2011. When reserving Companyyour room, be sure to mention the code “LINKAGE” Addressto receive this reduced room rate. City State ZipTuition Phone FaxTuition covers all program materials, assessment E-mail (many program updates and features are sent through E-mail)feedback, and entrance into all GILD offeringsduring the immersion program, as well as access Payment Methodto all of the individual benefits outlined in The Year Check is enclosed for $________. Please make checks payable to Linkage and remitof Learning (unless otherwise noted). to Linkage, ATTN: Accounts Receivable, 200 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803. • 1–3 participants: $4,995/person until Credit card payment for $________. May 27, 2011 ($5,495 per person after VISA MasterCard American Express Discover May 27, 2011) • 4 or more participants: $4,595/person Card number Expiration date until May 27, 2011 ($4,995 per person Name on card after May 27, 2011) • GILD alumni: $3,995/person Signature GILD enrollment policies 1. Payment: Full tuition must be received in U.S. funds. 2. Group reservations will be billed to the PRIMARY CONTACT (above) unless otherwise specified. 3. Cancellation: A $275 administrative fee will be applied to any cancellation at any time. After September 4, 2011, cancellation of any and all registrations—including ‘no shows’—is subject to the full Institute fee. An organization may substitute one executive for another at any time at no charge. www.linkageinc.com/gild 781-402-5555 15
  16. 16. Partial GILD alumni list by company and industry Aeronautics and Defense Corporation • Colgate-Palmolive Pipeline Company • Control Aerojet • ARINC • BAE • Boeing Company • Gap, Inc. • Kimberly Components, Inc. • Donaldson Company • Esterline Technologies Clark • Levi Strauss & Co. • McCain Filtration Systems • Gerdau October 9–14, 2011 • National Defense University Foods • Mission Hill Family Estate AmeriSteel • Heimeier, ICG • Palm Desert, CA of Washington • National Winery • Nike • Procter & Gamble International Paper • Teknor Apex • Reconnaissance Office • Naval War Consulting Services and US Steel College • Raytheon Education Insurance and Legal Automotive and Transport Booz Allen Hamilton • Dunhumby Aetna • Chubb Insurance • Horace BMW • Chrysler Group, LLC • of England • Ferdo Training and Mann • Lawrence B. Morse & Harley-Davidson • Michelin • Toyota Coaching • IMI China • Maritz, Inc. Associates • Prudential • Standard Company • Nomadic Executive Development • Life Insurance • WEA Insurance Banking and Financial Services Ohio State University • Questionmark GroupCORPORATE HEADQUARTERS American Century • American Corporation Non Profit200 Wheeler Road Express • ARC Financial • Bank Energy and Utilities Boys and Girls Clubs of America • Burlington, MA 01803 of America • Champion Mortgage ARC Resources • Berens Energy, Ltd. Canada Foundation for Innovation/phone 781.402.5555 • Citizens Financial • Clifton • Bountiful Resources • BP Amoco Fondation canadienne pourfax 781.402.5556 Gunderson Financial Services • • Cambriam Energy • CenterPoint • l’innovation • International Centre for e-mail info@linkageinc.com Commonwealth Bank of Australia • Chevron • Exelon • Keyspan Energy Leadership in Financeweb www.linkageinc.com Deloitte • Discover Financial • DWS • Milestone Exploration, Inc. • Shell Pharmaceutical and Scudder • Fidelity • J.P. Morgan • Stop & Shop Supermarkets BiotechnologiesWITH ADDITIONAL OFFICES IN Chase Co. Food and Beverage Abott Laboratories • Amgen • Berlex, Atlanta • Boston • New York • San Francisco • Athens • Bangalore • Brussels • Hamilton • Hong Chemical Anheuser-Busch • Dunkin’ Brands • Inc. • Applied Biosystems • Bristol-Kong • Istanbul • Johannesburg • Kuala Lumpur 3M • Akzo Nobel • Bayer • Cleanse Frito-Lay • HEB • Kellogg Company Myers Squibb • Eli Lilly • Genentech • Kuwait City • Mexico City • Rome • Seoul • • Dow Chemical • DuPont • Saint • Kraft Foods • Mark Anthony Group • Illumina • Janssen-Ortho • Shanghai • Singapore • Sydney • Vilnius Gobain Performance Plastics • • McDonald’s • Nabisco • Nestlé Johnson & Johnson • McKesson • Sherwin-Williams USA • Pepsi-Co • Pizza Hut • Merck & Co. • Pfizer, Inc.Linkage is a global consulting and training com- Starbucks Corporation Computer Software, Networking Real Estatepany that specializes in leadership development. and Components Government Assurant Specialty Property • We provide clients around the globe with inte- Akibia, Inc. • Analog Devices • Alberta Energy Utilities Conservation Century 21 • RE/MAX International • grated solutions that include strategic consulting Beenox Québec • Cisco Systems Board • Center for Disease Control Wyndham Vacation Ownershipservices, customized leadership development and • Computer Sciences Corporation and Prevention • IDC Israel • IRS Retailtraining experiences, tailored assessment services, • Corning, Inc. • DST Systems • • Lawrence Livermore National Eddie Bauer • Macy’s • LL Bean, and benchmark research. Linkage’s mission is to Flycaster and Company • Hewlett- Laboratory • NASA • San Diego Inc. • Payless Shoe Source • Target work with leaders and leadership teams to build Packard • IM Flash Technologies Housing Commission • US Coast Storesgreat organizations that deliver results. With a • Entegris, Inc. • Getronics • Intel Guard • US Postal Servicerelentless commitment to learning, Linkage offers Telecommunications Corporation • Microsoft • X-Rite Healthcareconferences, learning summits, open-enrollment AT&T • Atheros Communications • workshops, and distance learning programs on Construction and Development Amgen • Cardeas Pharma • Foote Bell Aliant • Lucent Technologies • leading-edge topics in leadership, management, Advantage Drainage Systems • Health System • Health Care Service Matanuska Telephone Association • human resources, and organizational development. Gilbane, Inc. • HKS Architects, Inc. Corporation • House Ear Institute • Mototola, Inc. • NokiaMore than 200,000 leaders and managers have • MWH Americas • PCL Construction Kaiser Permanente • Medtronic • Meridian Health System Transport and Travel Servicesattended Linkage programs since 1988. Consumer Products Continental Airlines • Con-Way Manufacturing and Distribution Industrial Manufacturing and Transportation • Orbitz • Sabre Priority code: 3 Wire Group • Alberto Culver • Mining Airline Solutions • WestJet Airlines Altria • Avon Products • Bose AmeriSteel • Armtec • Colonial 1147.11GILD alumni profileJob title equivalent Scope of leadership responsibility Functional responsibility Chief/Chairman President/CEO (2.5%) I lead a group of I lead the entire Product Research & development (3.0%) (2.3%) businesses. (3.8%) organization. (4.2%) management Other (1.7%) Engineering (3.5%) (1.4%) Supervisor/Team Leader (4.0%) Project management (4.8%) Marketing (4.8%) I lead a I lead a single team/section. General Information department. management Vice President Manager/GM (14.4%) services (31%) (33.6%) (40.6%) (22.5%) (5.7%) I lead several Finance teams/sections. (5.7%) (17.9%) I lead a division or Human Director (26.7%) business unit. Sales Other resources (28.7%) (15.3%) (13.9%) (8%)