Practice discipleship webinar 5


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"Leading a Small Group" by Rev. Dennis "Tiger" McLuen

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Practice discipleship webinar 5

  1. 1. Introducing… Dawn Trautman
  2. 2. 7 WEBINARS 1. “Lutheran Theology: How God Works in the World” 2. “Lutheran Theology: How We Read the Bible” 3. “Your Role as Leader” 4. “Strategic Planning” 5. “Leading a Small Group” 6. “Faith Conversations” 7. “Planning for the Unexpected”
  3. 3. Introducing… Rev. Dennis “Tiger” McLuen Youth Leadership Leading a Small Group
  4. 4. Leading a Small Group: Art or Science? Tiger McLuen President - Youth Leadership
  5. 5. LEADING EFFECTIVE SMALL GROUPSThe effective leading ofsmall groups may be themost important skill youdevelop in youthministry.
  6. 6. WHY WE USE SMALL GROUPS• Shift from telling them everything to helpingthem think.• Helps them translate information toapplication.• Helps them move from theory to reality.• Allows them the opportunity for involvementand peer interaction.
  7. 7. WHY WE USE SMALL GROUPS• Helps them see options and clarify theirposition.• Allows them to experience care and supportin a safe environment.• Moves from making them drink from a firehose to leading them to the edge of a deepwell.• Provides the opportunity for real life change.
  8. 8. LEADING EFFECTIVE SMALL GROUPS MARK 8:27-30 Small groups as “on the way” experiences
  9. 9. SMALL GROUPS AS PROCESS…„The Gospel writers were not focused on makingan academic case or solving the problem of whoJesus was. They were out to convey amessage about the mystery of God beingrevealed in human form and inviting people toexperience the mystery they were a part of. Youfigure out a puzzle, you solve a problem but youkneel in a mystery.‟ - Leonard Sweet
  10. 10. 10 Tips for Leading Small Groups1. Atmosphere is crucial to any small group2. Relationships are more important than content3. Always remember the purpose4. Preparation is essential5. Be graceful
  11. 11. 10 Tips for Leading Small Groups6. Discipline and control is a key issue7. Don‟t be afraid of silence8. Routines and ritual are important9. Work hard to create good questions10. The leader is crucial. a) YOU matter.
  12. 12. FEARS OF SMALL GROUP LEADERSInadequacy Task vs People Lack of Will they like control me?
  13. 13. Books & ResourcesBy Laurie Polich By Laurie Polich & Charley Scandlyn By Josh Griffin
  14. 14. Thoughts…Questions…Reflections… Tiger McLuen Dawn Trautman Please type your questions or comments into the question box on your screen. We‟ll try to get to as many of them as we can.
  15. 15. Next…December 18, 2011 2:00pm Central Time Dennis “Tiger” McLuen Youth Leadership Faith Conversations
  16. 16. Recording of thisWebinar
  17. 17. • Amazing speakers, workshops, worship, music and networking! • All 7 webinars “live” by the writers • Intensive Care Course: “How toIntensive Care Courses: Feb 8-9 Have a Great Youth Gathering!”Main Event: Feb 9-12 • “Gathering Bus Tours” of GatheringSheraton Hotel, New Orleans sites… • Plus all the regular great stuff happens at an “E”
  18. 18. Training Online or Live
  19. 19. Next…December 18, 2011 2:00pm Central Time Dennis “Tiger” McLuen Youth Leadership Faith Conversations