One Change 2008 annual report


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One Change 2008 annual report - introducing One Change, simple actions matter

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One Change 2008 annual report

  1. 1. annual Simple actions matter.™ 08 08 board of directors Introducing – One Change! President Ralph Rick CEO, Must Source Inc. One Change empowers people to believe that simple actions matter and to make smart choices that protect Vice-President Christine Hogan Vice President, Policy and Performance the environment. Canadian International Development Agency The non-profit organization began in 2005 when a group of friends Past President: Elizabeth N. Harvey decided to make it possible for everyone to take action on climate Government Relations, change and rising energy costs. Since then, we’ve reached millions Canadian Marketing Association of people. Our flagship campaign—Project Porchlight—introduced Secretary/Treasurer Don Singer North Americans to the cost and energy savings of switching to Executive Director, Financial Management Institute compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. But the bulb was just the start. Project Porchlight proved that people’s attitudes can shift when they Gabriel Miller, Member believe they have the power to take action and make a difference. Senior Policy Analyst, Federation of Canadian Municipalities One Change has big plans for the future, all of them stemming from making one small change. Simple actions matter.™ Christine Adam, Member Assistant Dean of Arts, Carleton University Kirstin Grant, Member Mercer Human Resources, New York Rob Beckers, Member/Scientific Advisor Founder, Solacity Incorporated, Ottawa Stuart Hickox Executive Director One Change 2008 Project Porchlight New Jersey
  2. 2. Message froM the President Since becoming a director of Project Porchlight several years ago, my ears are always tuned into environmental news. Almost daily, we hear of new green initiatives and the need to conserve our resources and energy. Realizing we need champions to solve these issues, I’m very pleased to serve as President of an organization with such great potential to change the way people engage each other in positive actions that make a difference every day. One Change has attracted a diverse and talented Board of Directors with a wide range of skills and expertise. All Directors share a strong commitment to protecting the environment, and each member has a passion for direct community engagement as the catalyst for broad public participation in energy conservation and environmental action. The Board is also complemented by a growing team of informal advisors. Bright lights from politics, business, science and NGOs who believe in what we are doing and want to lend a hand. I also want to acknowledge my predecessor, founding President Elizabeth Harvey who delivered the first CFL bulb with Stuart Hickox back in 2004. A sincere thank you is extended to Elizabeth who has been instrumental in helping to build a firm foundation on which to grow. I never thought I would be leading such a dynamic group of individuals who are working hard to get people to change light bulbs. But that’s just it—we’re not just changing bulbs! One Change has discovered the way to use light bulbs and other simple actions to engage people and transform behaviours. We use light bulbs to change people. People change the world for the better every day. It is truly a privilege to be involved with Project Porchlight and One Change. Ralph Rick, President – One Change headquarters staff senior management full time staff Karen Powell Payroll and Accounting Stuart Hickox Manon Crôteau Founder and Executive Director Manager of Communications Natalia Snajdr and Outreach Campaigns Organizer John C. Mulvihill Associate Executive Director Lisa Hatina Josh Snider Development and Evaluation Manager Communications Coordinator Karin Bond Director, Finance Christopher Kelly John Wade Development Coordinator Database and Logistics Coordinator Matt Carter * Director, Business Development Andrea Thomas Carolyn Wright Executive Assistant Finance Clerk Patti Laurin * Director, Human Resources Dan Walker contractors Systems Administrator Gail P. Logan * Director, Communications Jason Bourdeau Lee-Ann R. Hall Graphic Designer Database and Logistics Coordinator consulting Neil McCallum Peter Cleveland Melanie Moore Finance Clerk * Communications Assistant Cleveland Leadership Group Jose Palacios * Joined One Change in 2009 Data Entry Clerk 2 One Change: Simple actions matter.™
  3. 3. Message froM the executive director A few friends – some light bulbs – big changes! Individual actions do If someone had told me in 2005 that the little energy-saving light bulb program my wife and I were running from our basement would soon employ over 100 people across four provinces and three states, I would have laughed. make a difference, We just wanted to help our neighbours save some money and soften our impact on the planet. Four years later, I truly believe and we all have a role I have the best job because I have the privilege of working with so many passionate and in protecting hard-working people from all walks of life who understand the health of our that a simple action like changing one bulb can trigger a major social movement for communities positive change. Together, we have and reducing engaged and trained more than 10,000 volunteers from over 2,000 diverse greenhouse gases. community groups in over 500 communities across North America. More than Project Porchlight 2,300,000 energy-saving ENERGY STAR® qualified is accomplishing light bulbs have been delivered and millions more people have been reached. both goals— Our unique approach to public engagement is also a perfect complement to the movement toward a more sustainable economy. Project Porchlight is a green one light bulb job engine with significant economic spin-off benefits in all the communities we operate. This is particularly relevant to our new programs in the U.S., where we are seen as the missing link between a disengaged public and a new and at a time. diverse green economy. One Change’s ability to make environmental action accessible, relevant and personal is what distinguishes us. We’re needed now more than ever, not just because we are helping people to save money and soften their impact on our planet, but because by helping people to believe that what they do matters, we’re laying the foundation for a —David Suzuki fully-engaged and sustainable society. We’ve come a long way in a very short time. Please join us and help us promote that simple actions matter! Stuart Hickox, Executive Director – One Change 3 annual08
  4. 4. Big Changes in 2008 One Change named United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) partner • UNEP’s first North American not-for-profit grassroots partner In September 2008, UNEP— the voice for the environment in the United Nations system—announced that One Change would become its first North American not- for-profit grassroots partner. Being chosen as a UNEP partner is not only a huge vote of confidence for the One Change model, but it makes it possible to speed up the process of reaching millions of people with the ‘simple actions matter’ message. As One Change launches future campaigns, UNEP will be a valuable partner in reaching international audiences. By combining UNEP’s resources, networks, and international credibility with One Change’s proven approach to mobilizing individual action, both initiatives will be able to engage more people and inspire more Regional Director of United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for lasting change. North America, Amy Fraenkel Project Porchlight expands to the United States • 30,000+ free CFL bulbs delivered in Vermont • 225,000 free CFL bulbs delivered in New Jersey One Change’s reach into the United States began in 2007 when Stuart visited Washington, DC to give a talk on Project Porchlight. One of the attendees was Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) representative Chris Granda. Impressed by One Change’s emphasis on empowering individuals to take action and make smart choices to protect the environment, Chris approached Stuart and opened the door to a great partnership. VEIC, a leading international energy and environmental consulting firm, has been instrumental in introducing One Change to Vermont and New Jersey residents. Project Porchlight named “Top Non-Profit” by ENERGY STAR® • Project Porchlight named fourth among top five nationally ranked non-profit organizations • 14,997,966 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions cut • $1,000,000+ saved in energy costs for New Jersey The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program recently honored organizations whose outstanding support helped drive citizens to sign pledges promising to help save energy and fight global warming. Project Porchlight was honored in fourth place among the top five nationally ranked non-profit ENERGY STAR® pledge drivers in 2008. According to the EPA, our cumulative savings so far for New Jersey include 14,997,966 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and a total of over $1,000,000. 4 One Change: Simple actions matter.™
  5. 5. Project Porchlight Campaigns Project Porchlight Alberta Phase 2 – Calgary/Edmonton Coal Greenhouse Gas (June–December 2008) Emissions Campaign Sponsors: Government of Alberta, EnCana Corporation, The City of Calgary, The City of Edmonton, The City of Medicine Hat Project Porchlight Alberta Phase 2 111,671 Energy Coal Greenhouse Gas 141,000 MWh Savings $14,875,226 Emissions tonnes cut Volunteers recruited Community events Bulbs distributed 1,400+ 146 300,000 Electricity Saving Energy Coal Savings Greenhouse Gas Emissions Electricity Energy CO2 Saving Savings Emissions Alberta Environment is proud to work with Project Porchlight, an award winning organization, to increase environmental stewardship in our province. If all Albertans pledge to commit to one simple act, such as changing just one incandescent light CO2 Electricity Saving Emissions bulb to a compact fluorescent, it can have a huge impact on our environment. Together, we can make a difference. —The Hon. Rob Renner, Minister of Alberta Environment CO2 Emissions Project Porchlight Vermont (Greater Burlington Area) (May–September 2008) Campaign Sponsors: Burlington Electric Department (BED), Vermont Energy Investment Coal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Corporation (VEIC) Project Porchlight Vermont, USA Energy Coal Greenhouse Gas Savings Emissions Volunteers recruited Target Communities Bulbs distributed 400+ 6 30,000 Electricity Energy 14,103 MWh Savings Coal Greenhouse Gas $240,056 Emissions 1,860 7,111 Saving tonnes not burned less tonnes Electricity Energy Coal Greenhouse Gas CO2 Saving Savings Emissions Emissions Electricity Energy CO2 Saving Savings Emissions 5 annual08
  6. 6. funding Project Porchlight British Columbia Partners (August–October 2008) Campaign Sponsors: One Change gratefully BC Hydro Power Smart, EnCana Corporation acknowledges the generous support of our 2008 sponsors: Project Porchlight Alberta Project Porchlight BC and British Columbia Volunteers recruited Target Communities Coal 500+ Greenhouse Gas Emissions 15+ Events Attended Bulbs Delivered Project Porchlight Alberta 50+ 20,000 Energy 1,000,000 KWh Savings Coal Greenhouse Gas $700,000 Emissions 500 tonnes cut Electricity Energy Coal Greenhouse Gas Saving Savings Emissions Project Porchlight British Columbia Electricity Energy CO2 Saving Savings Emissions Project Porchlight Saskatchewan Making the switch from the old bulbs to the new ones shouldn’t be this much fun. But it Emissions is. Neighbours get together, whole communities CO 2 Electricity Saving get on board. Congratulations to the great people at One Change— Project Porchlight really is a bright idea. Project Porchlight —The Hon. Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario Vermont USA CO2 Emissions funding reaches record high Funding for operating Project Porchlight campaigns has increased steadily since Project Porchlight 2005 from 50K to 3.5 million in 2007 New Jersey USA and 7 million heading into 2009. 7M 6M 5M 4M 3M 2M 1M 100K 50K 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 6 One Change: Simple actions matter.™
  7. 7. Project Porchlight Saskatchewan (August–November 2008) Campaign Sponsors: Coal Greenhouse Gas SaskPower Eneraction Emissions Project Porchlight Saskatchewan Volunteers recruited Communities Groups Engaged Energy 154,000,000 kWh Savings Coal Greenhouse Gas $8,000,000 Emissions 9,300 tonnes cut 1,100+ 276 Events Attended Bulbs Delivered 100+ 200,000+ Electricity Energy Coal Greenhouse Gas Saving Savings Emissions Electricity Energy CO2 Saving Savings Emissions Electricity CO2 Saving Emissions CO2 Project Porchlight New Jersey, USA Emissions (August–December 2008) Campaign Sponsors: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, New Jersey Clean Energy Program Project Porchlight New Jersey Volunteers recruited Communities Groups Engaged Coal 850+ Greenhouse Gas Emissions 100+ Target Communities Bulbs Delivered 49 225,000 Energy 105,750 MWh Savings Coal Greenhouse Gas $6,000,000 Emissions 73,575,000 tonnes cut Project Porchlight brings it home to the individual and helps a person understand climate change where you are and Electricity Energy Coal Greenhouse Gas Saving Savings Emissions how it affects you, your home, your family, your community. The issues you care about. This energy injected into our city, this great movement, so to speak, has helped to raise the consciousness of the city and helped us gain the momentum we need to meet our very ambitious goals. CO2 Electricity Saving Energy Savings —Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ Emissions 7 annual08
  8. 8. Future Initiatives for One Change Project Porchlight new Jersey Phase 2 (May–December 2009) • Project Porchlight to deliver 1 million more CFL bulbs across New Jersey catalyst awards (April 2009) • One Change will host inaugural awards celebrating environmental action Puget sound energy and Project Porchlight in Washington (Summer 2009) • Project Porchlight to join “Rock the Bulb” campaign • 275,000 free CFL bulbs to be delivered throughout Washington one change: fueL Fuel Efficiency Pilot Campaign in Ottawa (Summer 2009) • One Change will roll out pilot fuel efficiency campaign • 13K free tire gauges to be delivered across Ottawa one change foundation (Fall 2009) • One Change aims to secure charitable status, in both Canada and the United States. Project Porchlight sustains environmental consensus through face-to-face interaction, and stops the kind of decline in positive attitudes toward environmental action that coincided with the economic downturns of the early 1970s and late 1980s. This is a critical issue as the economy is once again in decline. — Greg Lyle, Innovative Research Group Inc. (conducts all One Change campaign evaluations) contact us One Change 68 Chamberlain Avenue,Suite 200 Ottawa ON K1S 1V9 tel: (613) 232-5892 fax: (613) 232-9504 toll free: 866-585-6359 8 One Change: Simple actions matter.™