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Sanity Through a Redesign!!! SEO and Staying Visible in Search Results.


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Website redesigns, like death and taxes, can only be ignored for so long. When your time comes, how do you prepare and then interpret the resulting value of redesign efforts? How do you maintain the search visibility and organic traffic you already have? Will you be able to compare apples to apples or will other fruit enter into the picture? Barbara, who has helped countless clients preserve their search mojo during a redesign delivers advice on what to measure to prove your success and what to ignore to maintain your sanity. See other presentation that is a handout with the top 10 search/metrics-related things to do when redesigning a site.

First presented at #emetrics San Francisco 2014.

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Sanity Through a Redesign!!! SEO and Staying Visible in Search Results.

  1. 1. Sanity Through a Redesign!!! Barbara Coll SF 2014 @webmama
  2. 2. @webmama Top Reasons for Redesign and #1 Effect on Measurement, Visibility and Sanity New SEO Company = Tactical changes too many to mention in this small box New CEO/CMO = New brand agency, new web design Repositioning of Company/products = New content, new keywords Company Name Change /Acquisition = Domain Name Change. Every URL Changes
  3. 3. @webmama Prepare for Redesign (1) Keyword discovery research – what keywords define the company Which content drives traffic into site (review landing pages) and set content/SEO strategy to maintain that content Look at Page Authority ( and don’t kill pages with high page authority
  4. 4. @webmama Keyword Category Domination Company = VMware Keyword = virtualization
  5. 5. @webmama Instances of Keyword/Content   *  n-basics/what-is-virtualization.html *  virtualization.html * * URLs/Filenames the same as pre-redesign
  6. 6. @webmama Internal Content Links Maintained Footers Imagery Main Nav Video
  7. 7. @webmama Prepare for Redesign (2) The Tedious Part WebMaster Tools – Queries, Keywords, Clicks - TAKE SCREENSHOTS! What do search results look like today! TAKE SCREENSHOTS! As much as I hate to say it – run ranking reports Set up redirect file for .htaccess
  8. 8. @webmama
  9. 9. @webmama
  10. 10. @webmama
  11. 11. @webmama@webmama Little Things Error Page in place? Turned on the tracking code (since it was probably off on the beta site)? Filtered out the design/development team (Search company too) from the analytics? Connected Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools and have the same person looking at both
  12. 12. @webmama Right about Now Spot check for redirect errors – click on organic search results Home page change? 3 hours Sitelinks? 1-3 days Old and new URLs at same time – yup – some overlap DNS propagation – 4-5 days across world Major ranking changes – 2 weeks Launch 2-weeks
  13. 13. @webmama What can you compare from previous site?
  14. 14. @webmama Organic Search Traffic Comparing Pre-Post Launch Traditional Analytics Full site Visits Unique Visitors Time on site Bounce rate Traffic to pages where URL has NOT changed Questionable Number of Pages Viewed/visit Form completions
  15. 15. @webmama Organic Search Traffic Comparing Pre-Post Launch  Queries, Keywords, Clicks
  16. 16. @webmama What CAN’T you compare from previous site?
  17. 17. @webmama Organic Search Traffic What you CAN’T Compare Content by page (unless you kept the URLs the same) (ie. Visits to company/mgt/ceo would need to be mapped to company/management/ceo) # of Pages visited Path through site Top content Landing pages Questionable  Consumption of resources (whitepapers, etc)
  18. 18. @webmama@webmama Go back and revisit your screenshots of search results prior to redesign. - Did it work? - Do the snippets make sense? Question – when do you intervene?
  19. 19. @webmama Visual Search Turns Up Lots of Things
  20. 20. Barbara Coll @webmama #emetrics