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Vlerick Business School: Enterprise architecture @ work - vlerick research insights and belgacom testimonial

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Enterprise architecture @ work vlerick research insights and belgacom testimonial

  1. 1. 24/10/2013 24 OCTOBER 2013 - WE INVITE FOR YOU ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE @VLERICK BUSINESS SCHOOL AGENDA FOR THIS EVENING I. EA Research Insights II. Enterprise Architecture @ Work III. Centre for Excellence in EA IV. EA @ Belgacom V. Networking © Vlerick Business School 1
  2. 2. 24/10/2013 BJORN CUMPS - SHORT INTRODUCTION @bjorncumps Bjorn.Cumps@vlerick.com PhD on BusinessICT Alignment 3 - HQ: Group ORG Branch Manager - Financial Services Management & ICT EA & BPM © Vlerick Business School ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE 4 © Vlerick Business School 4 2
  3. 3. 24/10/2013 EA WITH BUSINESS TOUCH – EA PHONE?  http://www.phonebloks.com/ 5 © Vlerick Business School HOW MUCH ARCHITECTURE DO YOU NEED? What is “Just enough architecture”?  Do we see an evolution in EA practices? If yes, how do organisations make this transition?  How do organisations make their EA efforts sustainable? Do organisations over-invest or under-invest in EA? In other words, how do organisations invest in “Just-Enough-EA?” 6 © Vlerick Business School 3
  4. 4. 24/10/2013 PARTICIPATING ORGANISATIONS 7 © Vlerick Business School EA QUADRANT MODEL HIGH Isolation Enabling Losing Barrier Level of architectural maturity LOW LOW HIGH Integration in the organisation 8 (Van Den Berg & Van Steenbergen, 2006) © Vlerick Business School 4
  5. 5. 24/10/2013 THE 3 ELEMENTS OF DESIGN Drawing Design Problem Solving Ideal Pursuing (Taura & Nagai, 2009) 9 © Vlerick Business School DRAWING - GENERAL DESIGN EXAMPLES 10 © Vlerick Business School 5
  6. 6. 24/10/2013 DRAWING - ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN EXAMPLES 11 11 © Vlerick Business School SKILLS - ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT (TEAM) Accurate Analytical Expert Associative Communicative Client-focussed Influencing Visionary 12 Sensing © Vlerick Business School 6
  7. 7. 24/10/2013 THE ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT AS CREATIVE ORGANISATIONAL DESIGNER Leader Engineer Creative Designer 13 © Vlerick Business School TOWARDS EA-INFUSED ORGANISATIONS EA 1.0 (Old vision) EA 2.0 (New vision) Characteristics of the EA-Aware vision Characteristics of the EA-Infused vision Formal/Conceptual EA Pragmatic EA EA is Framework-based EA is Framework-inspired Fixed-method for EA Dynamic, flexible method for EA EA is focused on completeness EA is focused on usefulness Modelling Focussed, problem-driven modelling EA to create output/documentation EA for output + importance of process of architecting EA is ICT-focused EA is Business & Client-focused EA is isolated/on its own EA is integrated in existing management practices ICT or CC has ownership of EA Business has ownership of EA EA is auditor 14 EA is enabler Architect has mainly technical skills Architect is creative organisational designer © Vlerick Business School 7
  8. 8. 24/10/2013 KANO MODEL – EA AS SATISFIER OR DELIGHTER? 15 © Vlerick Business School RECOMMENDATIONS Be the tortoise not the hare Talk the walk Map the road ahead, but do it in pencil 16 Get inspired, not indoctrinated Prove your worth © Vlerick Business School 8
  9. 9. 24/10/2013 GET INSPIRED, NOT INDOCTRINATED. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MODELS. 17 © Vlerick Business School BE THE TORTOISE: TAKE YOUR TIME AND MODEL THOSE VIEWS YOU NEED TO SOLVE SPECIFIC PROBLEMS Population Density Metro Map Emissions 18 © Vlerick Business School Historic Prague Traffic Noise If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there! (Yogi Berra) 9
  13. 13. 24/10/2013 ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE @ WORK NEW 2-DAY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME JUNE 2014 ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE @ WORK NEW 2-DAY PROGRAMME EA Infused Organisation Roadmapping Governance & Roles Skills & Capabilities 26 © Vlerick Business School 13
  14. 14. 24/10/2013 GOVERNANCE & ROLES – THE ARCHITECTS Enterprise Architect Business Architect Solution Architect RACI RACI Application Architect 27 RACI Information Architect RACI Technical Architect Yet another Architect RACI © Vlerick Business School EA => BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION => DEALING WITH CHANGE 1. Be the tortoise, not the hare 2. Get inspired, not indoctrinated 28 3. Prove Business School your worth © Vlerick 4. Draw the road ahead, but do it in pencil 5. Talk the walk 14
  15. 15. 24/10/2013 DEALING WITH CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION Create a Sense of Urgency Pull Together the Guiding Team Develop the Change Vision & Strategy Communicate for Understanding & Buy-in Empower Others to Act Produce Shortterm Wins Get it started: vision, leadership, enthusiasm AS-IS Evaluate maturity Burning platforms 29 EA Leadership Influence Understanding context TO-BE Formulate vision & Architecture Alignwith strategy Networking Storytelling Don’t Let Up Create a new Culture Make it last: methods, systems, structures Governance Roles, structures, EA Office People Capabilities & training Technology Method & tools Support projects Bottom-up / top down Institutionalize Performance management Infuse the organisation Attitude KPI’s Incentives Governance Behaviour Values Structures © Vlerick Business School SKILLS - ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT (TEAM) Accurate Analytical Expert Associative Communicative Client-focussed Influencing Visionary 30 Sensing © Vlerick Business School 15
  16. 16. 24/10/2013 ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE @WORK NEW 2-DAY PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE           Developing a roadmap for EA implementation: How/where to start? What works best and what doesn’t work? How does EA as a discipline fit with strategy, portfolio management, project management, change management, …? How does this all fit together? How can you put EA on the board’s agenda? Should you? How do you tackle the question of the ROI/added value of EA? How can EA be used to deal with business transformation? The Enterprise Architect as creative organisational designer: What is the required skillset? What is his/her role or function? How/where do you find this person? - … Building an Enterprise Architecture capability in your organisation, do’s and don’ts. How to invest in “just-enough-architecture”? ... DURATION 2 DAYS – 3 & 4 JUNE 2014 TARGET GROUP BOTH EXPERT AND NON-EXPERT PROFESSIONALS – ARCHITECTS, ANALYSTS, MANAGERS AT BUSINESS AND ICT SIDE WEBSITE WWW.VLERICK.COM/EA 31 © Vlerick Business School NEW CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE MANAGEMENT STARTING NOVEMBER 2013 16
  17. 17. 24/10/2013 NEW CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE MANAGEMENT Webinars Blogs/communities 4 workshops/year Video Resources 33 © Vlerick Business School 34 Testimonials & knowledge co-creation © Vlerick Business School 17
  18. 18. 24/10/2013 Need more info on enterprise architecture management programmes or research @ Vlerick Business School? Contact Bjorn Cumps, PhD at Bjorn.Cumps@vlerick.com or visit www.vlerick.com/ea. 35 © Vlerick Business School EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT EA @ BELGACOM WOUTER DEPOORTERE HEAD OF EA @ BELGACOM 18
  19. 19. “Everything you wanted to know about EA … at Belgacom… but were afraid to ask.” WE INVITE FOR YOU… WOUTER DEPOORTERE – HEAD OF EA, BELGACOM Vlerick Campus Brussel, 24/10/2013 (Table of content)  INTRODUCTION WHAT IS EA ? POSITION & ROLE FRAMEWORKS & TOOLS CHALLENGES  WRAP-UP WE INVITE FOR YOU… WOUTER DEPOORTERE – HEAD OF EA, BELGACOM Vlerick Campus Brussel, 24/10/2013 1
  20. 20. YOUR SPEAKER http://about.me/wouter.depoortere YOUR SPEAKER BACK IN 2007 2
  21. 21. BEFORE WE DIG IN… Tip: watch out for the slides with this marking in an attempt to balance audience attention intensity with presentation material (= my overload of slides) WE HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE 3
  22. 22. OUR ACTIVITIES We are a telecommunications company active in the Belgian and international market. The quality and interconnection of our fixed and mobile networks makes us the leading operator in Belgium for residential, business, corporate and public-sector customers. We provide a complete range of telephony, Internet, digital television, ICT, and network services, and offer customers access to data and the best multimedia content, everywhere. 4
  23. 23. OUR STRATEGY We continuously improve our existing products, and prepare today the We want to surprise solutions of tomorrow. our customers with We simplify our offers, systems, networks, and way of working. high-quality, easyto-use products and an efficient, personalized service. Mutual respect and transparency are levers for greater engagement and efficiency. “Enterprise Architecture?” 5
  24. 24. WHAT EA IS NOT Photograph: http://www.enterprise-advocate.com/2012/02/enterprise-architecture-jokes/ WE’RE 26 YEARS OLD “During the 1980s, I became convinced that architecture, whatever that was, was the thing that bridged the strategy and its implementation… I published the result of this investigation in the September 1987 issues of the ‘IBM Systems Journal’ in an article entitled a ‘framework for information systems architecture’” – John Zachman 6
  25. 25. WE HAVE OUR OWN HYPE CYCLE expectations Enterprise Information Architecture Enterprise Business Architecture EA Governance 5-10 years Enterprise Architecture Innovation Trigger Peak of Trough of Inflated Disillusionment Expectations Source: Gartner July 2013 Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity time WE HAVE OUR OWN DILEMMA Forrester’s illustration on the Enterprise Architect’s Dilemma (…) It provides a good high-level understanding of the organizational barriers. 7
  26. 26. OUR DEFINITION OF ‘EA’ (INSPIRED BY GARTNER) “EntErprisE ArchitEcturE (EA) is the Process of translating Business Vision and Strategy into Effective Change by creating and improving the Requirements, Principles and Models of the EntErprisE’s Future State, and defining a Roadmap to enable that future stAtE.” Note : EA is still fairly young as Gartner ratified a standard definition of EA in May 2006 QUITE A BIT LIKE FAMILY COUNSELING Photograph: http://www.thefellowshipfgc.co.za/family_counseling.htm 16/10/2013 8
  27. 27. STARTS WITH BUSINESS VISION & STRATEGY source: Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951) ARCHITECTING TO ENABLE CHANGE Photograph: http://www.cpsu.org.au/agency/news/28662.htmls 9
  28. 28. TRANSFORMING THE ENTERPRISE trans·for·ma·tion n. 1. a. The act or an instance of transforming. b. The state of being transformed. 2. A marked change, as in appearance or character, usually for the better. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/transformation NOBODY LIKES CHANGE, REALLY Photograph: Bernd Vogel/Bernd Vogel/Corbis 16/10/2013 10
  29. 29. WHERE WE SIT ON THE ORG CHART CEO Finance Human Resources Strategy & Content Consumer Business Unit Service Delivery Engine Enterprise Business Unit Product mgt., Marketing & Sales, Customer Care Architecture, Planning & Program Office Carrier & Wholesale “IT” Service Platforms Network Information Technology Customer Operations Engineering & Operations EA AS THE LINCHPIN CEO Finance VISION Human Resources Product mgt., Marketing & Sales, Customer Care Network BUSINESS CAPABILITIES DOING THE Service Delivery Enterprise Engine Business Unit RIGHT THINGS BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS Consumer Business Unit FACTORY BUSINESS Strategy & Content Architecture, Planning & Program Office “IT” DOING THE THINGS RIGHT Service Platforms Information Technology REALITY Carrier & Wholesale Customer Operations Engineering & Operations 11
  30. 30. WHERE WE USED TO SIT ON THE ORG CHART before the SDE re-org of 2012 CEO Finance Human Resources Strategy & Content Consumer Business Unit Service Delivery Engine Enterprise Business Unit Product mgt., Marketing & Sales, Customer Care Network & IT Transformation Carrier & Wholesale Program Office Solution Development Infrastructure Deployment & Field Operations Service Center & Remote Infrastructure Operations Customer Operations Develop Deploy Operate Serve Architecture, Vendor Mgt & Operational Excellence THE ROLE CALLED ‘ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT’ The role of the ‘enterprise architect’ is to get all the right questions asked and answered in the different decisional arena’s and in a way that the whole is consistent. Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture “The end goal is not developing a model of ‘current state => future state => roadmap’; it’s creating insight that leads to well-found business decisions.” – Alex Cullen, Vice President, Research Director at Forrester Research 12
  31. 31. UPPER LEFT CORNER OF SYSTEMS SIDE Business Capabilities the system Enterprise Architecture = set of elements that together constitute a functioning whole Business Requirements the plan To give direction and structure to purpose = set of actors/agents that through a series of activities realize an objective Supports / Enables / Automates Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture 2010 – inno.com institute TO GIVE DIRECTION & STRUCTURE TO PURPOSE Photograph: http://www.barkcommunications.com/unleash-41801 13
  32. 32. THE REAL ARCHITECT OF THE ENTERPRISE Photograph: http://www.digitaleconomics.nls CROSS-FUNCTIONAL VERSATILISTS We connect ! we join the dots, link between boxes, build bridges between silo’s ; to create a greater sense of the whole as a unified and functioning whole. We are a lean & mean team of cross-functional versatilists  providing thought leadership and guidance on architecture aspects  connecting at the level of the enterprise  delivering value through those connections because most of the other people within the enterprise are functional specialists that remain within their own specific box 14
  33. 33. WHAT DO YOU SEE? Photograph: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmyharris// SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE Photograph: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmyharris// 15
  34. 34. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SHAPE AND STRUCTURE Shape = looking outside-in Structure = looking inside-out The shape of the enterprise is the boundaries of its structure within the wider world. The architect designed the shape of the Sydney Opera House that you see. Much, much later the engineers designed the internal structure to support it. A FEDERATED MODEL FOR ARCHITECTURE 1 10 1. The enterprise architect looking at the bigger picture and long term targets / roadmaps to enable strategic goals 2. The domain architect concerned with maintaining and evolving his/her domain 3. The project architect focussing on delivering solutions in line with scope, time and budget 16
  35. 35. EA NEEDS SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE Business Capabilities Business Requirements the plan the system Enterprise Architecture Mentor To give direction and structure to purpose To turn means into purposeful solutions = to make EA a reality Solution Architecture Guide Review = set of actors/agents that through a series of activities realize an objective = set of elements that together constitute a functioning whole Supports / Enables / Automates Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture 2010 – inno.com institute INTEGRATED ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORK BiAF Conceptual Information Business Process IT systems Target Operational Model Logical DistributionChannel (SalesMarketing) ProductCatalogue 0..* o ffe re d to 1..1 va lid fo r ValidityPeriod (BaseT ypes) Customer (Customer) 0..* de scribe 1..1 spe cify 1..* o ffe re d a t 1..1 a ssigne d to 0..* de scribe d in 0..* o ffe r 1..1 va lid fo r ProductOfferPrice ProductOffer 1..1 spe cify 1..1 de scribe d by 0..* de scribe 0..* ha ve AssignedProduct 1..* co nta in 0..* spe cifie s 0..* o ffe re d in SimpleProductOffer OneT imeFee BundledProductOffer RecurrentFee 0..* o ffe re d a s 0..* spe cify DeductionPlan 0..* a pplica ble to 0..* a pplie d fo r ProductGroup 0..* be lo ng to 0..* e x ist o f 1..1 o ffe r Product ProductT emplate 1..* use d in 0..* use d in 0..* co m po sitio n o f 1..* co m po sitio n o f ProductComponentT ype ProductComponent ProductMainComponent 1..1 0..* spe cifiespe cify d by 0..* re fe re d by 1..1 de fine d by 0..* re fe r 1..* de fine ProductComponentAttribute 1..* spe cifie d by Physical BPM EA APP 17
  36. 36. BELGACOM ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MODEL  an integrated extendible enterprise information model specifying the major information concepts used in Belgacom's business processes. (eg. customer, party, order, ...), their key attributes and associations/relations.  a common vocabulary to the different business and IT departments within Belgacom to ensure that everyone uses the same "language" in Belgacom's processes and systems.  a blueprint data model which is to be reused as “the reference” starting point during application development and/or integration into Belgacom's service oriented architecture (SOA) and DWH. FUNCTIONAL ARCHITECTURE SUPPORTING TRANSFORMATION separation of concerns modular layered  clustering of related IT capabilities into functional blocks  functional blocks providing business services  re-use of generic components  each functional block can contain 1 or more applications  vendor selected per functional block loosely coupled  between functional blocks  via our One ESB  with BEIM as canonical model a Belgacom-specific, service-oriented approach for IT a common language for IT ànd Business 18
  37. 37. BEFORE FAST Communication Order VOD Commercial Catalog Notes Customer Opportunity Survey (EUC app) Portal TV GeoMarketing Events BCI myHome (FTTH+Mobile) BPM .. Lead Drawings Rosy Opportunity Files Selling Service Bundle::Offer Quote Service Bundle::Offer TV VOIP HSI EMAIL HomeGateway Mobile Voice Mobile Handset Mobile Data 3G Modem Order Capture :: MigrateToNewOffer InstallPoint PerformCustomerOrderFeasibility CurrentAsset TV PSTN HSI Customer Asset One Selling One Selling Instant Ordering Service Bundle::VODpack Commercial Catalog Allocate Subscriber Numbers - Still supported? - If yes, when VOD Mobile Voice (Proximus) Configure Availability Feasibility Appointment . . Notify Billing Notify Billing Notify Billing Notify Billing Notify Billing Notify Billing TV VOIP HSI EMAIL HomeGateway Mobile Voice Mobile Handset Mobile Data 3G Modem Commercial Catalog CustomerOrder 2 SiebelOrder Notify Billing Notify Billing CustomerOrder 1 CancelCustomerOrder SubmitCustomerOrder HomeGateway TV VOIP HSI EMAIL TV VOD TV TV REC EMAIL BOX EMAIL BOX EMAIL BOX EMAIL BOX HomeGateway Mobile Voice Goods accepted Update Inventory Product Delivered Bill & Notify Product Delivered Bill & Notify Product Delivered Bill & Notify Product Order Completed Service Order D TV FOOT EMAIL BOX EMAIL BOX EMAIL BOX EMAIL BOX Product Delivered Bill & Notify Product Order Completed Service Order E Mobile Voice MMS Delivery Confirmation Service Order A Service Order C TV REC Product Delivered Service Order B TV VOD HSI VoiceMail Goods Delivery Completion CPE Order Z VOIP 3G Modem SMS 3G Modem TV FOOT AV Security Voucher 50 iTunes DNS Web Hosting Order Execution Management Via Shop, Partner or TaxiPost Product Order Reassembly TV VOD CFS Decomposition PSTN Product Order Completed Product Order Completed Legacy Order Execution Product Order Completed Service Order X OMS Service Decomposition Aggregate sub service orders or service order items status’s Service Order Status Management Service Design Update Inventory Update Inventory Service Order Execution Management Service Order Syncro Service Design Service Order Syncro Task Creation Task Execution Validate SIM Alloc Mobile Data Validate SIM Alloc PSTN Validate DN Alloc Legacy Order Exec Flows Delivery Notify Billing Delivery NW Design Notify UTS Delivery Notify NRM Update Charging Notify Billing NPS Resource Design Hiq VOIP IP Address Mgt Logical Resource Management Sync Resource Alloc Resource Alloc Task / Job Engine Job Creation Job Scheduler S6: NW Design S7: NW resource alloc S8: Delivery IP Address Mgt DACTP S9: Update NRM NIP (VOIP) Number Mgt VOIP ACT IN ACT VOIP WFM Sync ISIS Activation Job Execution TEST EMAIL VLAN Mgt cfs-rfs mappings Resource definitions TEST HOME GATEWAY JMS Physical Inventory WFM Some physical resource elements have a logical resource equivalent No WFM integration during intermediate release. Appointment & Work optimisation handled by deployment contracter. DARE only as from 2012, after having feedback info on root cause analysis DARE Re-Active Drawings SalyExplorer GIS Before/After works Backbone (Ethane) connection points MIA IP Address Mgt Comptel InstantLink ACT TV DACTP If VDSL2 ANA ACT HSI AHS (AHO) IAB ABR ACT EMAILBOX Work Force Management VLAN Mgt PSY services definitions Resource Catalog User DACT PSTN PNI/FIONA ABD Logical Resource Management Assigned Resources ResourceDeactivation Service Catalog If we also document DP’s and ”passed” situations: would allow UTAC for “passed” Assigned Services S5: DN Alloc BPM Mobile Logical Inventory Services Manage Workforce Alloc Service ID Notify Billing Notify UTS Inventory Update Inventory Task Creation Mobile Voice Central Product Information Mgt Product Order Completed Legacy Order Execution Service Order F TV VOD Product Order Completed Legacy Order Execution Service Order F Mobile Data Mobile Data Product Order Completed Notify Directory Services SUPS Charging Activation Engines Sync SALY PWD Generator Services Pro-Active Scheduler Network FITNESS (TeraFibre) AI EWSD S12 E-Mail Profile Radius Profile BAS ALU IMS/SDP (VSAM) TV (Total Manage) Fiber NEM Service Gateway Service Verify (TR-069) OMC Switching (TR-069) ? “AND DEFINING A ROADMAP TO…” 2 As Is 3 From/To 1 To Be 19
  38. 38. ROADMAPPING “to make sure we do the right things” What do we need (by when)? Can we cope with existing capabilities? “70/20/10” What do we do when and how? Identify decision points HEATMAPS AS IS 3-level fit gap analysis 20
  39. 39. DRAMA OF OUR LEGACY OSS not a burning platform Strengths Weaknesses • meets current operational expectations • high-level of process automization • high level of exception handling capabilities • • • • • Opportunities Threats •… • old versions • accumulation of quick-fixes fine-tuned for current business & operations • scarce IT skills for legacy systems optimized for current business model & operations few opportunities gaps vs. long term vision seperate core systems for fixed & mobile tuned for legacy network topology lacking federation of inventories no real E2E support long time to market for new products IT debt to be dealt with NO ‘BUILD NEW’ BUT ‘RE-CONSTRUCT’ Scenario Assessment “Patch it up” • business as usual, no fundamental changes (more of the same , more on top) • current short-comings, IT deficit and complexity will continue to grow “Re-construct” • major but step-by-step reconstruction of the IT landscape • risk of delay due to long-term changes versus short-term delivery needs “Build new” • new landscape built in parallel with existing, slow • complex migrations scenarios, with difficult orchestration between old and new (dual focus for org) 16/10/2013 21
  40. 40. ABOUT THAT ROADMAP Your roadmap will always be wrong, but serves at questioning your future. Be very clear about where you are going, but very flexible in how you get there. ARCHITECTURE CONFORMANCE FRAMEWORK “to make sure we do things right” Intake ACF #1 Initial feasibility o o o How does this fit with our Target Architecture? (FAST & BEIM) Can we (re-)use an existing application? (70/20/10) What standards are applicable? ACF #3 Delivery o ACF #2 High Level Solution Design o o o What is being implemented? (FAST & BEIM) How is it being implemented? (FAST & RSA & 70/20/10) Any impact on the ‘bigger picture’? o o Does what has been implemented accord with the approved High Level Solution Design? (If not, why?) Have all Principles been adhered too? (If not, why?) Can we re-use any of the new functionality elsewhere? 22
  41. 41. EA HAS AN INDIRECT VALUE PROPOSITION “There is no value in EA, in and of itself!” The value of EA is in its execution. When projects apply the prescriptive guidance provided by EA. EA questions: By EA     providing appropriate information, makes sure that : no unnecessary activity takes place duplication and waste is minimized (critical) resources are conserved decisions on prioritization are (more) efficient  scope and planning is managed  change is effective idea Does it progress the business vision/strategy? feasibility Is it doable? Should it be done? plan When and how should it be done? design What standards & principles are applicable? build Does what is being built match with what is required? Does the outcome deliver the identified benefits? execute WHAT YOU GET WITHOUT EA Photograph: http://www.asfaltkonijn.be/?s=surr%C3%ABel 23
  42. 42. OUR MAIN CHALLENGES     Changing role of IT in the company Changing/increasing demand from the business side Continuous pressure on costs     Unclear transformation path Lack of commitment from the business side Project risk standing from sheer size of the effort Close link with other concurrent (non-IT) transformation initiatives IT as enabler of leading to additio customer data, h IT contribution to yardstick for ove Ongoing price pr Several rounds o place Need for smart, lead to continuou IT landscape in danger of collapse Transformation challenge    IT as a key busin bottom-line optim Shift from produc centricity requirin    Complexity of architecture (fragmentation, redundancies, …) Underinvestment over past years (wrong mix of Run vs. Change the business) Increasing performance problems Source: 2009 Boston Consulting Group study for ETIS (TYPICAL) ATTENTION SPAN OF THE ENTERPRISE Senior Mgmt ??? Middle Mgmt The Floor Operational Mgmt Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture 2010 – inno.com institute “Most companies do have an IT architecture, but very few control it. Instead, it grows organically, and the result is often duplicated systems, proliferating and inconsistent data and makeshift integration. To make matters still more complicated, at most large companies, even within divisions, many IT initiatives are driven as much by short-term business wants/needs as by any long-term blueprint.” (McKinsey Quarterly; IT architecture: Cutting costs and complexity, August 2009) 24
  43. 43. (DESPERATELY) SEEKING SPARRING PARTNER Information & Systems ? Enterprise Architecture Business Process Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture 2010 – inno.com institute MANY STAKEHOLDERS OF EA 25
  44. 44. TOP-DOWN VS. AND BOTTOM-UP EA way of “framing” top-down Direction Structure Reality Purpose Solution Means Business way of “appreciating” bottom-up THAT CONTINUOUS ALIGNMENT CHALLENGE Deliberate Strategy Intended Strategy Unrealised Strategy Things left behind What we would like to happen Top-down objectives/ initiatives Realised Strategy What actually occurs Emergent Strategy Many day-to-day decisions and prioritisations Having an IT transformation roadmap is not enough. You need to implement it. Decisions with the allocation of funds & resources are not made within the architecture itself, nor its roadmap. The evolution towards that desired future state, which is laid out by the roadmap, needs to be safeguarded through a governance process. 26
  45. 45. SYSTEMICALLY DESIRABLE & CULTURALLY FEASIBLE IF ONLY I COULD DO THIS Photograph: http://www.photoree.com/photos/ 27
  46. 46. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Adaptation of a Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams from July 20; 1997 SHOULD YOU WANT TO REACH OUT http://about.me/wouter.depoortere 28