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  1. 1. Learning Flow
  2. 2. Remember!
  3. 3. All Levels
  4. 4. TOPIC CONTENT OBJECTIVES PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE   EXCHANGE PROCESSES  Exchange process flow and yearly timeline  MyAIESEC.net management SUPPLY & DEMAND MANAGEMENT  Supply and demand theory and necessity  MyAIESEC.net management INNER&OUTER JOURNEY  Why and how and what of inner and outer journey in AIESEC  Delivery of I&O journey to our customers  Understand how AIESEC develops leadership through I&O journey and know how to support our customers to go through an intense I&O journey CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT  Why, how and what of CEM?  Co-delivery  Infosystems management (e.g CustomerGauge)  Data analysis and usage (plan)  Understand the importance of customer experience management and know how to use the resources (data, partners) we have to create strategies for improvement Relevance of the product in the society What is a product and product life cycle  Know the elements of products (price, brand, quality, value, customer segments, etc.) and the different stages of products  Understand the exchange process from Subscription until Completed  Know how to use all the functions on myaiesec.net for exchange management to make the process fast and effective TARGET Members, Leaders, VPs
  5. 5. TOPIC CONTENT TARGET CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION CUSTOMER LOYALTY FOR STUDENTS SALES TRAINING INTEGRATED XPs Why and how of issue segmentation for GCDP in AIESEC Changes in product and process management in the LC  Understand why issue segmentation was created and how to work with this model in the LC (changes in processes, product development, structures)   Hofstede’s cultural dimensions Behaviours and attitude needed for effective cross-cultural communication  Understand the 5 cultural dimensions of Hofstede and how to adapt communication based on that     Building a customer relationship with students (since EwA) Minimums of EP preparation How to satisfy our customers Understand the standards and extra deliveries in oGCDP in order to have promoters and develop leadership Leaders & VPs   Basic sales knowledge and techniques Practice sales of our products  Understand the process of sales and know how to deliver a full selling cycle Members, Leaders, VPs  ISSUE-BASED SEGMENTATION  OBJECTIVES The why of reintegration for AIESEC and the EP Integration and reintegration process flow, activities, synergies Internal pipeline management  Know the contact points and messages to the EP to reintegrate them into the LC (TMP or TLP) Know how to package oGCDP product to our members     Leaders & VPs Members, Leaders, VPs Members, Leaders, VPs
  6. 6. Intermediate
  7. 7. TOPIC CONTENT OBJECTIVES TARGET NATIONAL PROGRAMS  Product knowledge of national programs  The responsibility of making national programs  Devision of responsibilities and roles between MC and LC and the rules of communication  Value of national partners & programs  Understanding what is the national program, how to operate with MC and feel responsible and commited to national programs. Leaders & VPs PROJECT MANAGEMENT     Definition and characterisitics of a project. Process in project management Goals achievement Resource management  Understand how to build your project and the processes inside, manage effecively resources to achieve the goals. Leaders & VPs COUNTRY-TOCOUNTRY PARTNERSHIPS     What is CY2CY partnership Value of CY2CY partnership Responsibilities in partnerships Main processes in cooperation management  Understand the processes in CY2CY partnerships, responsibility towards delivering the XPs on LC levels and clear WHY of working by CY2CY VPs SHOWCASING & PROMOTERS  What is showcasing and promoters stories usage  How to brand promoters stories and showcase them  Showcasing channels and partnerships  Understand how to showcase the srories of promoters for getting more customers Leaders & VPs
  8. 8. Advanced
  9. 9. TOPIC OBJECTIVES TARGET  Product packaging  Product development flow & processes  Customization  Understanding how to package the project, how to sell to different stakeholders and customize to different target groups. Leaders and VPs SELECTION PROCESS OPTIMIZATION  Changes that need to be made in selection process (resources, timeline) to manage high volume of candidates  Understand how to modify the selection process based on the volume of candidates that are managed  Know how to allocate time and HR to make the process fast, focused and simple OFF-PEAK MARKETING  Analysis needed for finding the off-peak target  Customization of product for off-peak  GTCM model  Know where to find our off-peak customers, how to customize our products and communicate to them PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CONTENT Leaders, VPs VPs
  10. 10. TOPIC CONTENT OBJECTIVE  Know how to communicate with universities to ensure satisfaction and objectives achievement for university and LC TARGET UNIVERSITY RELATIONS  Account management for universities  Timeline and messages to pass in university relations  Defining and approaching the right people CRISIS MANAGEMENT  XPP review  How to deal with the threats before, during and after they occure  Case solving practice  Know how to deal with cases and crisises and are not afraid of fire-fighting process. Leaders, VPs LC2LC PARTNERSHIPS  What is LC2LC partnership  Value of LC2LC partnership  Responsibilities in partnerships  Main processes in cooperation management  Understand the processes inLC2LC partnerships, responsibility towards delivering the XPs on LC levels and clear WHY of working by LC2LC VPs VPs
  11. 11. Mature
  12. 12. TOPIC CONTENT CUSTOMER LOYALTY FOR ORGANIZATIONS  Creating and maintaining long-term partnerships with organizations (ex. schools, universities, NGOs etc)  Dealing with different stakeholders (ex. embassy PROCESS OPTIMIZATION  Information system management (different advanced platforms)  How to simplify processes to make it faster and more effective PROMOTERS STRATEGY  Knowledge how to convert promoters to new customers  WHY AND HOW should we use our promoters OBJECTIVES TARGET  Shift the mindset of memebrs from short-term raising to long-term relations with stakeholders.  Know how to create and maintain longterm partnerships. Leaders, VPs  Know how to use and deal with different platforms  Understanding which process they can do faster and how to be more effective Leaders, VPs  Having the clear strategy how to work with promoters VPs