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iGIP (L&D)

  1. 1. Learning Flow
  2. 2. Remember!
  3. 3. All Levels
  4. 4. TOPIC CONTENT SALES MANAGEMENT    PRODUCT FOCUS  What the product is, how to sell, the values propositions.  Why focus on sub-product: to ensure members understand how to sell based on supply EXCHANGE PROCESS  Raising  Raising Operation  Contracts Management  Matching  Realizing  Receptions  VISA  Minimum Quality Deliveries  Quality  NPS Operation  Firefighting Market Research and Segmentation Product packaging Sales Techniques OBJECTIVES TARGET  Know how to sell the product of iGIP to companies  Understand the iGIP based on the subproducts and supply Members, Leaders, VPs  Understand how to manage the entire exchange process in iGIP
  5. 5. Potential
  6. 6. TOPIC CONTENT OBJECTIVES TARGET SUBPRODUCT PACKAGING  Specific sub product; what;why;how; the values propositions and packaging  Know how to package subproducts to the external reality Leaders & VPs MARKET RESEARCH AND SEGMENTATION  Advanced research and segmentation based on sub product  Understand how to get the needed data from the market for iGIP delivery Leaders & VPs SALES SPECIALIZATION  Sales based on sub product and how to make it effective and focus  Get the next level of sales for more efficiency and volume Leaders & VPs CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT   Leaders & VPs Database of Sales activities (software or virtual space), account management and account transition. Make sure partners are retained in a long term perspective
  7. 7. High Potential
  8. 8. TOPIC CUSTOMER LOYALTY FOR ORGANIZATION S CONTENT  Creating and maintaining long-term partnerships with organizations (ex. schools, universities, NGOs etc)  Dealing with different stakeholders (ex. embassy  CUSTOMER LOYALTY FOR STUDENTS   Building a customer relationship with students (since EwA) Minimums of EP preparation How to satisfy our customers OBJECTIVES TARGET  Shift the mindset of memebrs from short-term raising to long-term relations with stakeholders.  Know how to create and maintain long-term partnerships. Leaders, VPs  Understand the standards and extra deliveries in oGCDP in order to have promoters and develop leadership Leaders & VPs
  9. 9. High Volume
  10. 10. TOPIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION CONTENT OBJECTIVES TARGET  Conversion from Sale to Raise  Approach umbrella organization  Attend corporate events  Make proposal easier process  Utilization of networks (BoA, Alumnae)  Capitalized partnership in other LCs or even country  Conversion from Raise to Match  Raise a matchable TN  Raise based on LC partnership  Raise based on S&D analysis  Conversion from Match to Realize  Supply and Demand Analysis  LC Partnerships  Peak Season Understanding  Conversion from Realize to Re-Raise  Fast feedback system and follow up  Upscale partnership - Upselling  Mass Realization Project  In kind partner for accomodation  Upscale partnership benefit (accomodation providers)  Understand what part of the exchange process can be improved to increase results Leaders, VPs