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  • El presentador se introduce y da a conocer el tema de la sesiónexplicandocualva a ser el Flow y utilizar ice breakers y energisers en caso de quehaganfalta
  • RA: RaiseMA: MatchRE: Realize
  • Explicar con claridadlasfechasparaentregar los documentos y el contacto de a quien se los tienenqueentregar
  • AIESEC Academy | Exchange Processes

    1. 1. Presents
    2. 2. Exchange Process
    3. 3. By: Roberto Chong Quezada • MCB Coach for Big cluster in oGIP • Email: • Facebook:Roberto Chong Quezada • Skype: roberto.chong.quezada.93
    4. 4. Objectives • Students understand the flow of Exchange process.
    5. 5. There are to types of Exchange program in AIESEC : Global Community Development Program Global Internship Program Both programs have the same process.
    6. 6. Exchange process in 7 easy steps • • • • • • • Application form (APP) Review Board (RB) Raise (RA) Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) Match (MA) Realized (RE) Reintegration
    7. 7. Application Form • Each and everyone of our interested people must fill the APP • In the APP the interested people answer the questions related to the program (how did knew about the program, why are they interested, if they have experience, level of English,etc) • If there is no app, they can’t continue the process
    8. 8. Review Board • Once APPa are in the LC workspace in PODIO, the LC is responsible for scheduling the RB (2 weeks max) with applicants • RB is the main filter and it must not take longer than 45 minutes • RB must be in English • RB should be held in formal, profesional way
    9. 9. RA-MA-RE
    10. 10. R A I S E “Raised” Exchange Participant means that applicant has been approved to take the internship and they should provide the next documents to continue the process and have their Exchange Participant ID: • Prove of payment • Passport • EP Contract with stamp and signature of applicant and LC representative • CV approved by AIESEC manager • Exchange Participant ID in
    11. 11. M A T C H Matching is the process of looking and applying for suitable internship. “Matched” Exchange Participant has already found and is accepted to start the specific suitable internship.
    12. 12. OPS is a Seminar to provide Exchange Participant with needed information to adapt to another culture and have a fulfilling experience with AIESEC
    13. 13. I found THE internship
    14. 14. R E A L I Z E “Realized” Exchange Participant is the the one who has already started the program in another country.
    15. 15. Reintegration is the process if involvement of Exchange Participant into AIESEC activities with the purpose to enhance his/her experience.
    16. 16. ARE YOU READY ?