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Globalno promicanje sigurnosti na internetu: Povezivanje generacija, Larnaca, Cipar, 14.-16. 5. 2012.

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John davitt

  1. 1. Intergenerational peekingmeet the team #esafe12wifi … conference…. password GOLDEN12345To build a dialogue with students & parentsTo give to give permission, provide challenge
  2. 2. The teamAnna – teacher GreeceElisa – teacher RomaniaBianca- student +video RomaniaStalo – mother CyprusAndreas – student CyprusPatricia Cartes FacebookJohn DavittSlow speaker/thinker
  3. 3. Four areas of focus the meaning of privacy in todays world how bridges can be built between generations online transferable strategies to protect against the phenomenon of "being famous at any price” "the role of parents, grandparents and teachers in helping ensure that young people are safe online.
  4. 4. Image courtesy of Wordle.netThree ways to share#1 A curriculum is many different paths to the same destinationWhisper bubbles on table/ for overview & ebb and flow Challenge for all tables now
  5. 5. Our private backchannel have a go, & a play but include your table numberwhen you are “whispering” on task to make an observation or ask a question from the panel
  6. 6. Laying the learning out in time Allowing negotiation Download free
  7. 7. privacy What does it mean today? Commercial perspectives? answers from team Need for science to help measure more (David Finkelhor’s point) a Hans Rosling approach to safety data maybe.. Todaysmeet time 5 mins as table then..
  8. 8. bridging generations Ways to connect? Bianca’s video examples of success Mitra …the “granny cloud” youtube Commercial perspectives Table talk then…
  9. 9. roles Parents Grandparents Teachers Others Recognising individual learning curves Table talk
  10. 10. fame At any price? What answers from team? Too easy to publish – how do we defer instant gratification? Maybe start by modelling it more? Todaysmeet time
  11. 11. The closing on twitter
  12. 12. Some mythology Idiot was originally a private person Sisyphus was condemned to keep doing the same thing after unchanging day Theseus had the sense to take some string and start to map out the labyrinth…. Need to live in both worlds. Marshmallow… phone in a basket for sleepovers  model DOG (dogsearch) ) Experiment with data a Hans Rosling approach to safety data maybe?
  13. 13. How do you like your..Left..don’t care right..botheredWe will have Key pointssome fun explained soonexploring Write in pen orTrace round pencilyour phone Follow Map withon piece of fingerpaper Yes this is aThere will bea talking Toast & directions Wednesdaysheep soon Acknowledge Difference Diff test
  14. 14. The sensory matrix for content & activity random hear solvitur ambulando Google My Maps etc Bermuda trianglesee touch Docendo Discutur feel the power of group The RAG work
  15. 15. Final Session ..time forMaking thingsTelling storiesstruggleware How can new tools help us amplify, extend and share? How should we tweak our vocabulary of expectation Cognoscenti Curves Otherwise history will say ‘’they had what tools..they did what with them?” ) Experiment with data a Hans Rosling approach to safety data maybe?
  16. 16. Activity 1 Let’s build a school of our collective wisdom? Tapping into the ultimate resource of each other “tell us about a small idea/skill that has a powerful result in your work Ephemeral-will only last as long as today See the group wisdom at via email
  17. 17. Educationalsubversion ofcommercial intent our role?
  18. 18. Activity 2 via email As a table talk for 10 minutes about the conference try to come up with a list of the five most important things that you have focussed on in the past three days and two areas that you would like more coverage for in future events on the palm Email (or bluetooth) the result of your challenge to me ce
  19. 19. InsafeConference