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Inquiry i chat. helen


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Inquiry i chat. helen

  2. 2. WHY USE I-CHAT. At first I started using i-chat as a motivational tool. I wanted the student to be more focussed and interested in reading. Then I began to realise the benefits of using it for quiet collaborative interaction between the students. It wouldn’t disturb the group I was working with but it would help the group work together to find answers. Yes, sometimes one or two students got clever and did everyones work and i-chatted it to their mates. They thought this was excellent management because it then meant they could go onto the internet and play games.
  3. 3. LET’S BEGIN I know we aren’t meant to teach skills unless they are in context. BUT I did let my students have a 20-30 minute session on i-chat before we started. I thought letting them have some fun would get a lot of the playing around out of their systems and might make for a more settled first session. After the 30 minutes they had all picked up on something. Even if it was only how to open i-chat, put up a smiley face or change their name or picture.
  4. 4. Open i-chat It looks like this in your menu bar or go to applications The first thing to check is that you are on bonjour settings. Go to ichat in your menu bar click and go down to Accounts then ensure the tick is by Bonjour
  5. 5. Now we start to play/learn. When iChat is open this will appear on your screen. This is me; This is everyone else in the school who has their iChat open. To communicate with them you simply select your form of communication A for text or sending files movies even applications. Phone is to have a verbal chat. Movie camera is to video chat The two rectangles screen sharing.
  6. 6. Play away. The students have also taught me a lot. Some fun time wasting things to do are add smilie faces. Change your name. Go to window address book
  7. 7. Play away. The students have also taught me a lot. Then click on the small edit button, highlight your old name and change it. Change your picture Drag your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of your picture. A small arrow will appear. Click and an assortment of pictures will appear.
  8. 8. Play away. The students have also taught me a lot. If you go to edit picture you can either take another picture of yourself or chose one from anywhere on your computer. Special note you can’t use Photo Booth if any other application on your computer is using it.
  9. 9. Play away. The students have also taught me a lot. Time to have some fun playing with the application.
  10. 10. TIME FOR WORK Let’s pretend we are having a guided reading session. We will work on a prediction it’s a fun activity looking at inference. I am going to send you the prediction you will do the task save your work with your name behind it then send it back to me. As a teacher I would save your work in your groups folder and then mark it at home that night have it printed out ready for the next day.
  11. 11. Your prediction will look like this Dear Mr Man -Prediction One The world is full of signs, are they all useful but do we need quite so many signs? Look at this first sign and answer the questions... 1.Where might a sign like this be needed? 2.How are the colours important in this sign? 3.What is the sign actually warning people about? Sign 2 1.Where might a sign like this be needed? Two 2.How are the colours important in this sign? 3.What is the sign actually warning people about? Answer the same questions for signs 3-4- Don’t do all the questions when you get a copy of the text you will understand the prediction better.
  12. 12. Or like this... Prediction - Reinventing the meaning of life- Mouse Traps Remember to save as on the desktop with your name added behind the name of the prediction. In this case it should look like this... Mouse traps [YOUR NAME] There are many types of mouse traps Look at these sites Now decide which trap is the most... effective humane user friendly Type a little information under each heading after you have followed the links. Personally I feel the second link is better. Snap Traps Electronic Traps Live Traps Glue Traps 1. The most humane is definitely the live trap as it does not harm the mice. 2. The most effective seems to be the zap trap because it kills the mouse fast and covers the mouses remains. 3. The most user friendly is probably the zap trap as you don’t have to see the mouses rather gory remains. In terms of money saving the snap trap is the best. 4. The glue trap is the least humane If you have time design your own mouse trap. Be sure to label all the parts and then list the features of your mouse trap.
  13. 13. READING While I am taking guided reading the students can send their questions to me when they are stuck. I can send their work to them on the computer for their predictions and responses. Links will show up in blue and students can simply click on the link and do their research. Yes I have made some that have been too hard for the students I have attempted iChat with readers who aren’t at their reading age or have few computer skills it hasn’t worked, yet.
  14. 14. PROBLEMS Having a ball playing internet games, gossiping when they should be working... Fortunately students of this age have not yet learnt to mask their body language. The sneaky sidewards glances give them away. Another good tool open photo booth click movie, reduce it and film the class while you are working with the group. Re-run then check the internet history on the computers of the children you suspect. Works wonders until they get too clever and delete their history.
  15. 15. PROBLEMS This is Ashleigh who didn’t realise she was i-chatting the teacher. I changed my name and picture often at the beginning to try and catch them out. I pretended to be a child from another room.
  17. 17. Any Questions Any Suggestions