SMARTBoards- Turning up the HEAT


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NOTE: Not a full-functioning version. Just a taste of a presentation about advanced applications of SMART Boards in the classroom.

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SMARTBoards- Turning up the HEAT

  1. 1. Turning up the HEAT Advanced SMART Board Applications in the Classroom O’Neill Public Schools My “delicious” links: More ways to stay connected: Twitter: katiemorrow Apple Learning Interchange:  Always On Podcast:     (or Search the iTunes Music Store for ‘Always On’) Teach42Morrow Blog:
  2. 2. (Click next to each letter to reveal topic.) H igher-order thinking E ngaging Active learning T ransformative We Didn't Start the Fire (morrow)
  3. 3. Welcome! Get a SMART Board!.mov Some critics claim that an interactive whiteboard is nothing more than an expensive, fancy toy. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The fact is, when used correctly, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard has the potential to truly change teaching and learning in the classroom. This presentation will share simple ideas for igniting the transformative potential of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard in many different subjects, grade levels, and ways to use. These simple, engaging uses will go a long way to "Turn up the HEAT" and "Spread the Fire" of learning throughout your school.
  4. 4. Preparing the kindling for the campfire
  5. 5. Igniting the first "spark" Ten Quick and Easy Tips for Integrating SMART Boards
  6. 6. Higher-Order Thinking H.O.T.S.! Interactive Non-linear Hyperlinking
  7. 7. · Identifying Similarities and Differences · Summarizing and Notetaking · Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition · Homework and Practice · Nonlinguistic Representations · Cooperative Learning · Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback · Generating and Testing Hypotheses · Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers
  8. 8. Rethinking the KWL - Introducing the WTWT (courtesy of Dan Schmit, Kidcast) WHY are we studying this? What do we THINK we know? What do we WANT to know? What are we ready to TEACH?
  9. 9. Which requires higher-level thinking to create? Linear Non-linear (hyperlinked)
  10. 10. Kate and the Mystery Camp written by Emily and Claire **with help from YOU, the reader!
  11. 11. This summer was definitely not going to be like any other. For one, you are attending summer camp for the first time, and you're not too sure about it. Although your mom and dad constantly assure you that you will have a great time and meet new friends, you still go to sleep the night before camp with a very nervous stomach. As the sun rises and you get dressed, you continue to anxiously await the bus that will deliver you from your corner to your living quarters for the next week. All through the lonely bus ride, you wonder, what will the other kids be like and what activities will you do while you are at camp?? But when the bus arrives and you step off you see a most shocking sight...NOTHING. That's right, no one is anywhere in sight. You have a decision to make as the bus quickly pulls away. Do you... Walk into a cabin marked "Office" OR Run into the nearby woods and look for a nearby camp that might be the right one.
  12. 12. As you open the door to the cabin marked "Office" you see an even more peculiar sight. Sitting in the chair behind the desk is a raccoon. Now what do you do? Ask the raccoon for help. OR Run out into the woods and look for a nearby camp.
  13. 13. You decide to go explore the woods in hopes that a more populated camp is nearby. After much wandering and walking you realize that you are tired, thirsty, and hungry. The apples hanging off the branches of the trees look like just the solution to your problems. But as you reach up and pluck one off, you surprisingly hear the tree exclaim, "Excuse me, did you ask for that apple?" You need to make a quick decision. Do you? Keep going, faster now. OR Apologize and ask the tree for help.
  14. 14. You begin to run, faster than you knew you could run, when those pesky apple trees start throwing apples at YOU! One hits you square on the head knocking you out... ...and when you finally come to, you hear your alarm clock interrupting your dream and forcing you to realize that maybe summer camp won't be QUITE SO BAD, after all!
  15. 15. Nebraska e at tal st pi ca
  16. 16. Interactive Quiz Shows Click on the ear to hear the words. Then click on the number of the example which shows ALLITERATION.
  17. 17. I'm sorry, you are incorrect. This was an example of rhyme. Please try again. Click here to go back
  18. 18. Excellent Work! Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds. Let's go on!
  19. 19. Jeopardy Letter Sounds Jeopardy Jeopardy (Online Jeopardy Game Builder)
  20. 20. Engaging Student Avatars/Icons Notebook on Student Computers Class Collaborative Projects
  21. 21. Greater Engagement with Student Icons (Avatars) Create online Natasha Montana Nate Or use digital photos Or draw and sign yourself Katie Add to your gallery for use for: Erase to reveal Pictographs Voting Maps and More!
  22. 22. SMART Notebook installed on all student machines to allow for seamless integration from classroom to computer lab.
  23. 23. EXAMPLES Columbus Day (1st grade) Pizza Factory (2nd grade) Christmas FunPad (Kindergarten)
  24. 24. CLASS COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS D is for Dad (Kindergarten Example) "My Dad and Me" start file Finished Student Example Silly Sea Animal Similes (1st grade example) Finished Class Project
  25. 25. Create template pages 11 12 1 At _________ o'clock we have 10 2 _______ class. We learn about 9 3 8 4 ________ and _______. Our favorite activity is _________. 7 5 6
  26. 26. Finished "HOT!" product:
  27. 27. Active Learning Student Story Illustrations SMARTcasts
  28. 28. Collaborative Story Writing Lloydminster, AB, Canada O'Neill, NE, USA "A FEATHERY FIELD TRIP"
  29. 29. Story Creation Published on our School Podcast site:
  30. 30. Students can creatively create AND illustrate their own original stories in SMART Notebook. File > Export as Images. Then drag in images to GarageBand to record narration for publishing as a podcast.
  31. 31. "Roger the Rock" by Jonathan (5th grade)
  32. 32. SMARTcasts When you are ready to record, Open SMART Recorder and choose the drop-down arrow next to the record button. Click on Record Area and drag a box around the portion of your page that you want people to see. Click the PAUSE button any time you want to switch pages (or catch your breath!)
  33. 33. Transformative Transparent Technology Students as Teachers
  34. 34. "focus on teaching and learning... not the technology"
  35. 35. Learners remember... LEARNERS remember… · 5% of the content of a lecture · 10% of what we read · 20% of content simultaneously using 2 or more media · 50% of content that includes interactive discussion · 75% of content that involves practicing by doing · >90% that involves teaching or applied learning
  36. 36. Balancing Equations
  37. 37. Voice Thread
  38. 38. SMARTcasts!/ Making_it_COUNT!/Making_it_COUNT!.html
  39. 39. Student Technology Tutorials
  40. 40. Some final advice for "Feeding the Flames" Let the students create! Let the students teach! Learn alongside your learners! Provide kindling and support. When I Become a Teacher..
  41. 41. “Our challenge is not just to do things differently… it’s also to do different things.” David Thornburg “The future belongs to young people who know where the knowledge is, how to get it, how to think about it, and how to turn it into better work, better products, better lives.” Rexford Brown techrock