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the evolution of TV experience from media to entertainment, from broadcast to personacast, from consumption to interaction, and from branded content to a combination of branded and user-generated content. This addresses how these technology changes might influence the thinking of diverse stakeholders in the tv value chain – broadcasters, content studios, advertisers and of course viewers.

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  1. 1. Venu Vasudevan, PhD Senior Director Applications Software Platforms Research Motorola Technology
  2. 2. Linear TV. A long and prosperous tenure channel lineup syndication quality content reach user advertiser studio operator
  3. 3. quality content convenience user reach engagement advertiser syndication cross-platform studio Convergence perturbs the equilibrium channel lineup services operator
  4. 4. Convergence 1.0. bundling and billing • Cable operators lead Consumer Adoption of Double- and Triple-Play Bundles telcos in triple play as the Source: Yankee Group, 2007 consumer choice • Convenience (62%) and discounts (60%) are primary reason for buying decision • Telco video is not nearly as easy as cable voice
  5. 5. Up Next . Advanced Services 70% 62% 60% 60% Percent of 50% Consumers 40% 40% Expecting the 30% Benefit from 23% 20% 17% Bundle 10% 0% Single bill Discounted Single point Enhanced Integrated price of contact for functions features (i.e., customer programming service TV from cell phone) 30% 25% 24% 22% Percent of 20% 18% 17% Consumers Very/ 15% 12% Interested in 10% Service 5% 0% Online Caller ID Visual Click to Video voicemail on TV voicemail call phone on TV
  6. 6. Convergence : a bewildering variety of choices Converged Experiences Converged Content Recommendations Time Shifting nDVR TOD Search Rules Rights Multi-Screen Advertising Control Mobility Mobility across networks across devices DLNA Deliver it Take it Anywhere Anywhere 6
  7. 7. how do you package this much choice into a few optimized experiences?
  8. 8. .. and benefit all stakeholders media experiences that combine TV and beyond video games, wellness, virtual worlds internet services in novel ways Consumer MSO Content Studio Marketer up sell and cross-sell content engagement, addressibility, measurement social network ‘buzz’ creation
  9. 9. three convergent experiences Personal tv on demand Social nexgen set-top Multi-platform tuvista
  10. 10. TV on demand TV On Demand
  11. 11. The Promise: A new Consumer Experience Any Content on any device . . . . . . anywhere you want it 11
  12. 12. The Problem: Content Rights and Licensing Syndication: • Each content provider has very specific things they can and can’t do with content dictated by the studio license. Exclusivity: • Each network has exclusive windows of time they can air syndicated episodes. Advertising: • Complex bartering controls what advertisements are sold by providers, networks, local ads, and cable. Residual Payments: • After airing, usage data is needed to pay the contract terms all the way back to the actors, directors, and others. 12
  13. 13. The Problem: Content Rights and Licensing In today’s world of complex content licensing and syndication, you can not simply make everything available to everyone on every device whenever they want it… Because it’s Not Legal! 13
  14. 14. The Solution: Content Rules and Control enable content providers to attach rules metadata to their assets facilitating - Decide what content is available and when Control which shows will compete with their live network Preserves the value of the content provider/network brand Scheduling is analogous to broadcast network trafficking Facilitates obedience of the Syndication rules Seamlessly navigate and consume pushed (broadcast) & pulled (internet) content using media bundles 14
  15. 15. The Other Problem: Navigation If you could get everything, how would you find anything? 15
  16. 16. Embrace and extend the in-channel guide Rich navigation of content in a mosaic or grid format Simplify ‘browsing’ for interesting content Content ‘bundles’ give consumers related content Browse Live, DVR, nDVR, on-demand, and internet content, all in an engaging consumer experince Guides for STB, Mobile Devices, and PC with a consistent look and feel 16
  17. 17. TV on demand video
  18. 18. Nexgen Set-Top want some social with your tv? Personal tv on demand Social nexgen set-top set- Multi-platform tuvista
  19. 19. why social & tv. bits of history .. 90’s .. presently thin client traditional got the social roughly right web access but failed in content quick race to the 1st million strategy subscribers, then hit a wall lack of compelling traditional web access not content (versus, say Hulu) the tv-web killer app failed attempt to consumers expect the web radically change to build on a tv’s social syndication rules aspects1. 1. Why WebTV failed to grow. great social experience only works if you have killer content
  20. 20. tv + social : strategic framework tv (still) the mother ship of compelling branded content web’s the hub of social, viral tv+ social = tv +web eco-diversity of new media mashups
  21. 21. ‘Overlays’ as design vocabulary Social on TV inline search. q&a twitterQL overlay web based social tv experiences on evolving cable & iptv models social bookmarking TV Create & Share
  22. 22. STB of Future media access real-time rich interactivity, media access rich services Connected DVD player BT is teaming up with Microsoft to offer its television service via the software giant's Xbox 360 console. On-device On- Rich graphics MS Wants Xbox 360: Your Ultimate Set-Top Box Context Intelligence Social Killer Apps Netflix confirms XBox 360, PS3 and set-top box ambitions Distributed Devices Distributed Devices Companion products. Companion products. Accessories Accessories P2P P2P Enhanced Services Social Services Intermediaries P2P
  23. 23. Increase client intelligence, New (social) application domains richer analytics wellness Personal Context Peripheral Communal Advertiser Metering Context7 Analysis Context Context Agent Agent HoPE Framework Your 1st Med. Centrum Multivitamin Supplements TV content Time: 8:00am ~ 9:00am Taken Skip Dose Snooze Details Radio content With foods Game Portal 1. Download Tetris Pictures for OCAP Pictures 2. Install 3. Deploy 4. Restore state 5. Take control of screen Appbus Music 6. Pause for user HoPE Music Continue game on STB Ad Engine Web Content Second Life games Web Content (location) Second Life social application domains (location) (health/wellness, games, search, commerce) Cross-platform – Cross- game advanced novel ad advanced controls interaction models analytics models context intelligence Web conte nt rich, 3-d graphics platform Static Image Ad Video ad Rich compelling Interactivity user Gestural remotes Virtual experiences Voice UI - Voice Vista worlds 3-d ui
  24. 24. inline search for tv • tv search an unmet need • state-of-the-art limited in facets • support for automated extraction of rich feature vectors expensive, hard
  25. 25. inline search for tv • tv search an unmet need • state-of-the-art limited in facets • support for automated extraction of rich feature vectors expensive, hard • queries – visual, ambiguous • crowdsourcing potential – humans good at interpreting (unusual) features of a scene Q. what famous politico does this – ‘intuitive’ answers to subjective volleyballer resemble questions A. James Carville – diversity of answers diversity of opinion
  26. 26. inline search for tv • content as scoping function for query, community user watching a rerun of the “FIFA World Cup” final from 2006 – genre specific vocabularies - Who is this? – viewing history as community - - Where is this? What is this? - How much is it? predicate - Custom Query Proxy based Submit Cancel routing 2-click query Response from community directed to tv Zinedine Zidane..
  27. 27. inline search • content as scoping function open vocabulary Micro-language for query, community query structure – genre specific vocabularies – viewing history as query broadcast Narrowcast social net trickle propagation (topic, buddy based) community predicate model 3rd party (community specific) • scaling issues in space, time response aggregation none and heterogeneity – ask on tv, answer on mobile pedigree horizontal Business focused women/health focused – scaling across the content, cost/ micropayment communities currency none Reputation currency
  28. 28. clip-and-share for tv • viral sharing content & people discovery • user participation exposes granular user engagement • studio social networks multi-platform media experience
  29. 29. clip-and-share for tv Untidy conditionality in content sharing what show what studio what artist what episode what part of episode explicitly ‘sharing activated’ where (geography) for how long to whom People with the same subscription level • viral sharing content & • viral nirvana. subscriber people discovery acquisition cost $800 $0 • user participation exposes granular user engagement • high program cost ($10M/episode) high • studio social networks value. high paranoia. fine multi-platform media print. highly conditional experience
  30. 30. nexgen stb video
  31. 31. TuVista anticipate, engage, extend sports experience Personal tv on demand Social nexgen set-top set- Multi-platform tuvista
  32. 32. Football Fan Experience Fans sign-up for delivery of media bundles to their devices RSS feeds Web pages TV programs images podcasts radio programs music Media Bundle Cable Wireless WiFi/WiMax Home Experience Mobile Experience Stadium Experience View bundles on TV View bundles via Screen3 Optionally view video on TV & Link to view richer content View video replays, player bios, related info on mobile device (browser, DVB-H, downloads) stats, ongoing games, etc. (as auxiliary screen) Link to record on home PVR Personalized ads for souvenir Blend with Social TV, i.e. show stands, concession stands, etc. friend bundle items to discuss Bundles include personalized ads (“buddy, check out these corner and merchandising links Other ideas from Motorola / kick stats”) Link-in with SocialTV at home Purdue eStadium trials
  33. 33. What the Fans Want Anticipate Engage Extend What will happen? What is happening? What happened? News & Information Replay Review & Discuss - Who will play? That was a fantastic The goals, decisions, goal! performance…
  34. 34. Video Fans very interested in seeing video replays of memorable events e.g. goals, significant play etc Provide video clips during the game in one click Provide access to all game video clips via the homepage
  35. 35. Entertain During half time fans can enter competitions to win prizes Fans can also express their views e.g. who is the best player in the match Service operates via SMS or through web interface (WiFi)
  36. 36. Experience Vision Video TuVista Soccer w control.exe
  37. 37. TuVista. User Feedback. Monetization Potential
  38. 38. Features Most Wanted Live video of the game View from your seat before you buy a ticket Videos of the best moments after the game Buying tickets Search for videos from this season Choose a camera angle for a clip View Season Schedule Live audio of the game Slow motion video Player statistics
  39. 39. what’s next services kinder, gentler Xbox lean back immersion ‘beyond the remote’ interaction privacy monetization Opt-in. embrace & extend Asynchronous services internet style advertising on a shared device - addressibility - Interactivity - engagement manageability still about couch potatoes