Turkcell Mobile Marketing & Advertising


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Turkcell Mobile Marketing & Advertising

  1. 1. Turkcell Mobile Marketing & Advertising Team Category: Best Change-Maker
  2. 2. Turkcell Group: Leader in the region Operations in 8 countries, 62 M subscribers Belarus Ukraine Kazakhstan Moldova Georgia Turkey Azerbaijan Northern Cyprus *Turkcell is holding a 41.45% stake in Fintur and through Fintur holds interest in AzerCell, K’Cell, GeoCell and MoldCell.
  3. 3. Turkcell Is A Player In The Forefront Turkey’s leading provider with 37 million subscribers. Europe’s 2nd and the world’s 13th largest operator in terms of subscribers * First and only Turkish company listed in the New York Stock Exchange First and reachest PERM DB reaching 7.6 mio Tone&Win selected as Best Mobile Advertising Service in GSMA, 2009 (* Sep 30, 2008)
  4. 4. Turkcell a leader in communication and technology
  5. 5. Turkcell Mobile Marketing Timeline 3G Affiliate 2009 New Ad Media Sponsorships Wap Banner 22 Product Co-Branding 2008 MM Emp: 14 Product and Project Dev. Permission Based Marketing 650 Camp. 2007 Dijital Content 16 Product Campaign 2006 370 Camp. MM Emp: 12 9 Product MMA: 22 Credits/Airtimes 2005 296 Camp. MM Emp: 9 Campaign 8 Product MMA: 15 2004 167 Camp. MM Emp: 5 3 Product MMA: 12 Sweepstakes Campaign 2003 78 Camp. MM Emp: 2 2 Product MMA: 8 2002 Project Group MMA: 4 Revenue ve Ecosystem Development new and alternative Interactive media with the highest enabler response rate and media measurability
  6. 6. Turkey vs Turkcell Mobile Marketing Revenues $ 260 $ 179 $ 125 $ 91 $ 38 $ 43 $ 51 $ 68
  7. 7. Turkcell Mobile Marketing Products Display & Ad-funded Mobile Advertising Sponsored Advertising BULK SMS/MMS Infotainment SMS/MMS Packages Web /Wap SMS / Wappush Banner MMS Tone&Win Mobile Ticket IVR Sponsored Credits/Airtimes Video Interactive Menu Content Perm DB Targeted LBS Mobile Advertising User Text&Win Campaign Mobile Survey Generated Content
  8. 8. Turkcell Mobile Marketing Metrics of 2008 650 projects, 276 brands, 27 industries Database reached 7.5 million. ( Europe’s largest) More than 19 million customers have participated. For new services; TonlaKazan, Targeted IVR, Mobile Ticketing, Ad-funded Info Packages Co-founder in MMA EMEA Board (2007-2011) and Active member of GSMA Mobile Advertising &Metric Commitee ( 2008-2010) Standardization Sustainable reputation Knowhow sharing Network building PR opportunities Consultancy
  9. 9. Melis Türkmen, The Top Ten mobiThinkers 2009 “When it comes to mobile marketing, Turkcell is the envy of the majority, or probably all of the world’s mobile network operators. Much of the credit (though she’s too modest to accept it) for transforming the Turkey’s largest and Europe’s second largest mobile operator into a slick and highly effective marketing machine lies with Melis Turkmen, the Head of the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Division.” Click for more: Melis Turkmen http://mobithinking.com/sites/mobithinking.com/files/mo biThinking_mobiThinking%20Top%20Ten_0301_0409_0.p Head of Mobile Marketing and df Advertising Division, Turkcell
  10. 10. Organization Melis Türkmen MOBILE MARKETING Media&Marketing Customer & Project Management Management CUSTOMER Elvin Altun Sinem Soydar Tuğba Bilgili Banu Kargın Nina Can Evrim Dirik Oya Baltacı Aslı Altun Serdar Özerman Ozan Koçak Aslı Kaplan Alp Yanık Aymel Tezbaşaran
  11. 11. Associations & Awards • Associations • Mobile Marketing Association EMEA Co-founder Member (2007 – 2011) • GSMA Mobile Advertising, Mobile Metric Commitee Member (2008 – 2009) • GSMA Mobile Advertising – Messaging Metric Commitee Sponsor (2009) • IAB Europe, Mobile Advertising Commitee Member • Awards • 2009 GSMA, Best Mobile Advertising Service : Tone&Win • 2009 GSMA, VisionGain MAMA / Best Creativity or innovation in mobile marketing and advertising Gold Award: Tone&Win • 2009 GSMA, VisionGain MAMA / Best network for delivery of mobile advertising and marketing Silver Award: Permission Database • 2008 Golden Sim Card, Best Value Added Service: Tone&Win • TESİD, Creativity&Innovation Awards Finalist: TonlaKazan • 2008 GIA Turkey , 3 Awards: Garanti Turko, Pepsi, Axe & Turkcell • 2008 Felis Mobile Advertising Award : Adidas & Turkcell Banner • 2008 MMA Best Mobile Marketing Promotion Campaign : Coke & Turkcell • 2008 GSMA, Best Mobile Advertising Campaign Nominee : Akbank & Turkcell
  12. 12. Tone&Win: An Award Winner Service! Tone&Win is the world’s first Ringbacktone advertising platform •Over 1 million members reaching 15 Mio people monthly •72 campaigns with 50 brands in 2008 •Monthly member increase rate 338% GSMA Awards/2009 TESİD / 2008 Best Mobile Advertising Service Creative / Innovative Idea Finalist Meffy’s Awards/ 2009 Altın Sim Kart / 2008 Best Ad Campaign BEST VAS of the Year Visiongain’s MAMA / 2009 Altın Örümcek / 2009 Best Creativity or Innovation in mobile marketing Best Telecom Web Site by Public and advertising
  13. 13. Permission Based Marketing • 7.6 mio opt–in subscribers Visiongain’s MAMA / 2009 Silver Award • 2009 target is 13 mio Best network for delivery of mobile advertising Customer and marketing • Response Rate: %5 - %25 Data •Transaction Knowledge •Usage Data Data PERM DB •Demographic collects required Database •Interest Collection subscriber data. •Location •SES Define Collect Define brand target ROI & Return Target Rates Response group using Turkcell Group data. Find the Create&Deliver SMS, MMS, Right Create campaign Campaign Wappush, based on Channel Mobile Ticket, budget. IVR etc.
  14. 14. Permission Based Advertising Cases Sana – IVR Mercedes-MMS Akbank – SMS Scenario: Informing target Scenario: Information about Scenario : Loan Approval via audience about Sana’s C 180K and collect test drive SMS campaign and collect requests Target Audience: 300K information from customer if Target Audience: 13K Response rate: 18% they have SANA at home or Response rate: %4 Other media: Direct not Other media:, e-mail, internet Marketing Target Audience: 15K - web form Answered Call Ratio: %80 Action Rate: %56
  15. 15. Free Airtime (Sponsored Call) Campaigns Görsel Garanti Bank “Bu Mu Bu Mu” Pepsi - Reach Your Dreams PO LPG Campaign Scenario: New Customer Scenario: Instant credit / airtime Scenario : Retention Campaign Acquisition Campaign via airtime win. Opportunity to meet Thierry and mobile content Henry, Chelsea Football Club and Participation: 1.000.000 Fergie. Participation: 2.000.000 Other media: Radio, direct Participation: 19.000.000 marketing Other media: TV, Newspaper Other media: TV, POP Görsel
  16. 16. Thank You