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  1. 1. TSG MOBILE _ PLATFORMS WAP APP Telemundo was the first local Spanish Language WAP available in the U.S. As we continue to evolve, we introduce an improved platform that will allow a seamless transition from the online local sites to the WAP. The introduction of the latest addition to our mobile portfolio, the redesigned and optimized Telemundo Y Punto iPhone & Android Apps, will provide all markets with the opportunity to reach the rapidly growing mobile audience more effectively. With an estimated 1.6 million monthly impressions between both platforms, Telemundo Y Punto Mobile is an essential part of advertising buys nationwide. Estimated Delivery Estimated Delivery (based on 2011 average) (based on 2011 average) = 655,000 monthly impressions = 1 million monthly impressions The App and WAP sites are available for the current eleven Telemundo Station Group markets.
  2. 2. TSG MOBILE _ AD SPECS Ad Type Dimensions File Size File Format Mobile WAP Site GIF, 8 bits per channel, 72 Dimensions File Size File Format Banner Ad 320x53 <15 KB dpi. JPG accepted when there Banner 300x50 <15 KB is no animation GIF, 8 bits per channel, 72 dpi. Interstitial JPG accepted when there is no 320x53 9 KB <40 KB animation iOS (iPhone) and Android Apps 300x250 Collapsed view: Animated GIF or Expanded Dimensions Expandable Static GIF, JPG, PNG Landscape/ 480x320 / 320x480 Portrait Expanded view: 50 KB GIF, JPG, PNG Content Safe Area 8 bits per channel 72 dpi 320x416 / 480x256 GIF, 8 bits per channel, 72 Interstitial Landscape: 480x320 50 KB dpi. JPG accepted when there Portrait: 320x480 is no animation Interactive GIF, 8 bits per channel, 72 480x320 50 KB dpi. JPG accepted when there Video Ad is no animationInternal Use Only - Submission Lead Time:NEW AD REQUESTS: MUST submit the order 3 weeks before campaign launch to allow enough time for the design, development and publishing process. Client MUSTprovide high resolution assets in order to produce a quality product. Assets will be reviewed by the creative team upon submission.CLIENT PROVIDED ADS: If a client is providing the completed ad, given that such ad does not require further design or development, please submit the order 1 weekbefore campaign launch to test and publish.
  3. 3. TSG MOBILE _ OPPORTUNITIES Providing an experience. Delivering results. Considering the prominent presence of the U.S. Hispanic population in the growing mobile market, advertisers are seizing the opportunity to reach this segment by including WAP sites and mobile Apps as key components of their media planning strategies. Research has proven that advertisers with cross- platform campaigns more effective building customer loyalty and retention. Mobile advertising presents a unique opportunity to connect with the user on a more personal level. Mobile Understanding the true potential of this platform is crucial to implement effective advertising campaigns. Online For a brand to successfully create a mobile presence is not enough to have a website that translates into a On-Air mobile browser. Events The key is to provide an experience that not only reinforces the online efforts, but that elevates the Jeep “Cazando Aventuras” interaction in a more intuitive, practical and inviting way. Jeep created this campaign targeted to the Hispanic markets in South Florida and California in order to promote the new 2012 Jeep Compass. The campaign included entertaining community events, advertising on the local station’s websites, mobile ads and also a custom Wap just for the campaign in order to enhance the all-around experience for the audience. As result, the brand effectively established an online presence and provided useful information about the product to it’s prospective buyers.
  4. 4. TSG MOBILE _ LOCAL MARKETS Investment Summary Los Area de Las New York Miami Chicago Dallas Phoenix Tucson Houston Denver Total Angeles la Bahia Vegas *WAP 92.5 136.9 180.7 62.6 78.9 17.3 11.5 20.7 9.4 8 8 626.5 *APP 166.5 211.5 202.6 81.9 47.9 13.1 8.7 37.8 23.2 10 10 813.2 TOTAL PV 259 348.4 383.3 144.5 126.8 30.4 20.2 58.5 32.6 18 18 1439.7 CPM 25 20% SOV $1,295 $1,742 $1,916.5 $722.5 $634 $152 $101 $292.5 $163 $90 $90 $7,198.5 *Page Views | 2011 Average 200 100 15 15 10 10 100 50 WAP APP 5 5 0 0 0 0 Los Angeles Chicago Tucson Las Vegas 300 100 40 15 200 10 50 20 100 5 0 0 0 0 New York Dallas Area de la Bahia Denver 220 20 30 200 20 10 180 10 160 0 0 Miami Phoenix Houston
  5. 5. TSG MOBILE _ RESEARCH The Hispanic Mobile Market •  Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group in the U.S., and their purchasing power is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2015 (Packaged Facts, 2010) In addition, Hispanics are at the forefront of mobile device usage. (eMarketer, 2011) •  Hispanics are the leaders on smartphone adoption. (Nielsen, 2011) •  Hispanics are sophisticated wireless consumers – 44.7% use smartphones, compared to 31.9% percent of the non- Hispanic population and are good targets for mobile marketing. (AdAge, 2011) •  Research shows that Hispanics are more likely to use their mobile devices as their only source for Internet access. In fact, many do not have any form of Internet access at home.
  6. 6. TSG MOBILE _ RESEARCH The Hispanic Mobile Market •  Hispanics are more likely – vs. the general market – to use their mobile device to download music, play games, and access social networking sites. Additionally, 19% of Hispanic adults live in a household that owns one or more smartphones. (Scarborough, 2010) •  Hispanics are more likely than any other cellular users to text message. (Scarborough, 2010) •  The most common investment business executives looked to make in mobile for 2012 was in building apps (29%). In addition, 22% said they were investing in the general category of mobile advertising, and 20% in sending SMS alerts. Only 15% of respondents planned to invest in location-based mobile marketing in the coming year, a number that is sure to climb as brands realize the value of connecting with consumers on the go and in-market. (eMarketer, 2011)