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Chatbots 101


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Presentation on tech and business models relating to Chatbots, at the Chicago 1871 incubator

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Chatbots 101

  1. 1. Workshop @1871 Chatbots 101 venu vasudevan Lightpad | Rice |
  2. 2. me • vp data science, lightpad - consumer iot stealth • rice ece, adjunct faculty - iot, m/c learning •, startup advisory - sports wearables, k-12 edubots
  3. 3. agenda • what are Bots? • why Bots (should be) important to App developers? • what works - topic | UX | .. • how - platform? approach? • one platform — crawl, a little walk ..
  4. 4. What’s a chatbot? the ‘Sirajology’ view ..
  5. 5. why Bots? Bot App
  6. 6. be where the people are they live within messaging they don’t use apps
  7. 7. Bots vs Apps - OR or AND? (5 points of view) red ocean = fight to the death blue ocean = win-win (in theory at least) OR
  8. 8. 1. chatbot: AI that creates new ‘systems of record’ narrow & deep AI $30 M raise for calendar app! spent 1.5 years understanding every nuance of the concept ‘Time’! understand peer meeting vs boss meeting vs investor meetings european vs US cultural norms on meeting confirmation human like if AI can redefine the performance metric for task Cred. Tomasz Tunguz, First Round Capital
  9. 9. 2. chatbots as frictionless app replacements Credits., Kik, Vahan messaging : must be conversation : maybe
  10. 10. 2. chatbots as frictionless app replacements color me skeptical on frictionless as sole barrier to entry Credits. Vahan
  11. 11. 3. chatbot as ‘greeter’ for app/web • presenting a decision as a ‘all at once’ form is daunting (e.g. loan approval) • chatbot warms up the user with some ‘form filler’ questions as conversation • redirects to app or web site for high-volume interaction the traditional way
  12. 12. 4. chatbot : conversation is the means, not end • chatbot as MVP prototyping tool • users talk to it because • it is entertaining • always there if i need it • users assign chatbots a persona, whether it wants one or not • persona can divulge more than clicks can
  13. 13. 5. chatbot : conversation the end, not the means • the ‘classic’ hollywood view of Bots, slightly less intelligent • skillful-ish conversationalist in a narrow domain • ‘artful nagger’ for habits i want to grow • good listener (‘band-aid’ for therapy)
  14. 14. for what (topics)? Bot App
  15. 15. One segmentation of ‘Bot-table’ problems Source. my take + high involvement conversation in low involvement interactions
  16. 16. an FB perspective Source.
  17. 17. how (platform | ux)? Bot App
  18. 18. chatbot architecture Task Cloud Chatbot Cloud conversation AI ‘world’ model AI FulfillmentUX ingress workers
  19. 19. ux:web Get weather City Date submit effective at what ineffective at why
  20. 20. ux:bot hi @botcat, wat up bro? bon giorno, what can i do you for? how’s the weather? where? the bay area, of course? bay city, wisconsin? could you give me a city name? i’m traveling to san francisco next week, you dumb cat! ………… small talk ambiguity interesting detail effective at why ‘ineffective’ at what ‘interesting’ detail chatbots (if successful): a rude awakening to UX competencies (screen designer —> storyteller)
  21. 21. conversational best practices ingress - choose the right contextual runtime (slack, map, msg?) attitude - sound helpful, and be clear on what you can help with ice breaker - help user articulate with example what & why - explain yourself w/results (back off w/increasing familiarity of user) choices - < 3 options in a decision fail gracefully - acknowledge failure, offer alternatives, who’s talking? - be clear (e.g. in mixed human-m/c): when answer is m/c vs human revise & repeat - when user changes mind (e.g. shirt size when asked color) - track back and clarify conversationfunnel
  22. 22. bot platform vocabulary What you want to do (verb) Nouns that become pronouns or implicit(s) What you want to do it to (noun) Entity Intent Context
  23. 23. Chatbot platform : personality match fan of instant gratification Chatfuel + numerous ‘Bot in 10 minutes’ platforms loves rope won’t hang oneself Wit.Ai. Expressive. Hard to debug (e.g. training examples SNR) open to clubby, if it helps my career New(er) chat platforms — Kik | Telegram narrow & deep is my thing Entrepris-ey e.g. Salesforce Einstein ‘fair & balanced’ - plenty of guard rails. plenty of rope brutal platform consolidation coming up ..
  24. 24. why i like effort tedium smalltalk domain modeling conversation model integration (front & back) iteration & debugging decent 1-click capability for baseline smalltalk domain libraries really good for the simple stuff. better than average for complex 1-click front end decent api for backend
  25. 25. stuff ..
  26. 26. @venuv62