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What is a Community Panel?


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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What is a Community Panel?

  1. 1. What is a Community Panel?
  2. 2. What is a Community Panel? Company owned and sponsored Category or brand specific Typically invitation only, private environments Panel Sense of insider exclusivity Well profiled participantsMulti-media capable (photos, video etc.) Community Community Panel = targeted groups of customers (or potential customers) whom you engage with and learn from over time.
  3. 3. Communities & Panels: DifferencesPanel Community1000’s or 10,000’s of members 100’s of membersTypically quant surveys Typically qual discussionsTWO-way: THREE-way:private feedback (company initiated) open feedback (company or member initiated)Topics & studies controlled Semi-controlled, semi-organicMember identities are private and Discussion and sharing of personaldiscussions are typically question then information is encouraged, bonds formanswer
  4. 4. Communities & Panels: How They Work Together Quantitative Panel Breakout Communities of 300, with 10,000 panelists still part of the panel Invite panelists to additionally participate in ongoing qualitative discussions. Seamlessly run smaller breakout groups of varying sizes. Can be both open member generated content or directed tasks. Interact with your target segments through quantitative surveys
  5. 5. Communities & Panels: How They Work TogetherStart by brainstorming ideas in yourcommunity Idea Idea Idea Idea
  6. 6. Communities & Panels: How They Work TogetherTake those ideas and send a quantsurvey to the larger panel Panel Community
  7. 7. Communities & Panels: How They Work TogetherTake 3 winning concepts from paneland dissect further within community Panel Community
  8. 8. Communities & Panels: How They Work TogetherGo back to your panel with moredeveloped concepts to pick a winner Panel Community
  9. 9. Communities & Panels: How They Work TogetherContinue the cycle…(back to communityto brainstorm positioning etc.) Panel Community
  10. 10. What Does the Average Community Panel Look Like? 5,000 – 10,000 panelists Members contacted ~ 1-2x per month (12/24 studies) Initial recruit through customer lists and assets Augment with outside lists and direct advertising Typically minimal cash incentive (draws) 10-12 weeks to launch
  11. 11. Community Panels: Why Companies Love Them • Always on Fast & Flexible • Results in hours • Every answer is remembered Deep Profile of • Pinpointing key groups for sampling Customers • Relevant surveys go to right respondents Engaged Participants • Captive audience will give you honest feedback Bake Customer Voice • Quick hit insight – directional feedback fast into Company DNA • Research begets more research More Research for • Costs decline with every study: Recruit once, top Less Money up less, use often
  12. 12. Community Panels : Why Participants Love Them Feel like an insider and • Feedback Loop very important have a strong voice • Can see the impact of their opinions Create connections • Friendships are formed with other members Enjoy the online • Shorter, more engaging surveys & exercises experience • See a new ad or product before it goes public Exclusive rewards • Exclusive invites • Sweepstakes - chance to win
  13. 13. Community Panel Continuum Surveys Only Surveys + Ad Surveys + • 70% of Clients Hoc Discussion Discussions • All Service Levels • 10% of Clients • 15% of Clients • All Service Levels • Mostly Full Service 13
  14. 14. A few of the brands that embraced Community Panels…Vision Critical’s leading Community Panel platform, Sparq is used by:- Over 400 unique 1/3rd of the World’s Top 100 clients Brands