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05 building a_necto_social_network_ready


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05 building a_necto_social_network_ready

  1. 1. Necto TrainingModule 5: Building aNecto Social Network
  2. 2. Objectives By the end of this lesson you will be able to: Build a social network in Necto View and add comments Initiate and participate in discussions Define your friends Subscribe to other users’ work
  3. 3. Agenda Social Network Overview Comments Discussions The Social Ribbon Friends Subscriptions
  4. 4. Social Network Objectives Add a layer of personal knowledge and collaborative analysis to the database Enable users to learn from each other Examples: Sales dropped because of natural disaster Special Sale increased revenue Personal Knowledge Necto Database
  5. 5. Case Study I need to understand the sales figures from the previous quarter. Maybe Laura, from Marketing, has additional knowledge… Laura Brady, David Smith, Category Marketing Manager Sales Manager, for the Drinks segment. Drinks Dept.
  6. 6. Comments
  7. 7. What are Comments Free text Associated with a workboard, comp onent or grid cell Added by authorized users For all to see Only one comment per cell
  8. 8. Viewing Existing Comments Click to view all commentIndication that thereis a comment Move mouse over red triangle to view / edit comment
  9. 9. Adding Comments Click and drag to cell to add comments
  10. 10. Editing and Saving Comments Remember to save you comments Editing optionsTo addcomments, youmust have writepermissions to theworkboard Write text here
  11. 11. Exercise 1– Working with Comments Locate comments on workboard Change comment display mode Add a comment Remember to save your work!
  12. 12. Discussions
  13. 13. What are Discussions Related to specific: People Workboard Cell in workboard The people that Edit name of participate in the discussion discussion Click to edit or delete
  14. 14. Creating a New Discussion – byDragging Drag a user to a cell to create a discussion Discussion is created. User is a member. Cell value is copied to thread.
  15. 15. Creating a New Discussion – ClickingCreate New DiscussionClick tocreate newdiscussionEditdiscussionnameWrite yourinput
  16. 16. Adding Members to a Discussion Drag users to add to discussion Click arrow to see more participants All members will get notification of additions to the discussion
  17. 17. Actions on Discussion Members Start a new discussion Open user’s shared workboards Remove from discussion. Available only to discussion creator Click name to view picture and perform actions
  18. 18. Discussion Indication Number of new discussions or new content. Preview of user’s discussions.
  19. 19. Exercise 2 – Discussions View indication of a discussion addressed to you Participate in an existing discussion Examine different methods of starting a discussion
  20. 20. The Social Ribbon
  21. 21. The Social Ribbon Displays users that have viewed this workboard Appear in the following order: Subscribed users Workboard creator Uses that have saved the workboard Users that have viewed the workboard
  22. 22. Social Ribbon StatesUsers that have viewed Click to view only Subscription Friendthis workboard your friends indication indication
  23. 23. Actions on Users Click user to perform actions Open / close Remove / add Remove / add Start discussion user’s shared friend subscription Workboard
  24. 24. Additional Method for Defining Friends 1. Click on your name to edit properties2. Go to Friends tab 3. Drag a name to add it to friends 4. Click OK or Apply to save your changes
  25. 25. Managing Subscriptions
  26. 26. What are Subscriptions? Workbook changes made by users that you are subscribed to Select Select timeframe user
  27. 27. Subscribing to Users – From SocialRibbon Subscription indication Add / remove subscription
  28. 28. Subscribing to a User’s Activity – From Properties 1. Click on your name to edit properties2. Go to SubscribedUsers tab 3. Drag a name to add it to subscribed users 4. Click OK or Apply to save your changes
  29. 29. Editing Your Properties
  30. 30. Editing Your Properties Click on your name to edit properties Click to upload your picture
  31. 31. Starting a Private Session I don’t want other users to follow my work. What can I do? Click to start a private session, hiding your actions from other users.
  32. 32. Private Session Indicator Indication that you are currently in private session
  33. 33. Exercise 3 – The SocialRibbon, Managing Friends andSubscriptions Manage friends Manage subscriptions Use the social ribbon
  34. 34. Additional Exercises Add Comments Manage your Friends and subscriptions Create and Participate in Discussions Accessing discussions and subscriptions on the Necto home page
  35. 35. Summary In this lesson you have learned to: View and add comments Initiate and participate in discussions Define your friends Subscribe to other user’s work
  36. 36. Thank youAny Questions?