Keeping Customer Conversations Real


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Keeping Customer Conversations Real

  1. 1. The 3 key learnings you will take away with you are: 1 How to plan your conversations 2 The rules of engagement 3 Tangible ideas for feedback to customers that will make a difference
  2. 2. How to plan Ask members of your panel how often they would like to hear from you and try to mirror On average most community members will advise they are happy to hear from you once a week Generally no less than two contacts a month is the sweet point for b2c panels and less frequently for b2b Consider your mix of asking and responding Produce a roadmap of activity for 6 to 12 months that incorporates asking and sharing
  3. 3. Product Development General XYZ - Finished Product Testing - What Made You Switch? Product Development - What Does Value Mean to Product Development, Members? concept testing - Third Newsletter - Fourth newsletter- Welcome study - Public Relations, Rate - Marketing and Acquisitions, Marketing and Acquisitions- Welcome newsletter Review Communications Effectiveness - Retention and Loyalty - Second newsletter - Member Satisfaction Study (PM) - Website Review: How Are General - Retail mind & mood- Product Development, Members Using It - What’s Your Thought - Seasons Greetings & Best Concept Testing - Mobile usage study Process? Wishes for the New Year!- Media segmentation eDM Study
  4. 4. Learn how to effectively engage your panel by: What When How• Determining the “what” to share• Planning in advance for the “when” to share• Using Sparq for the “how” to share
  5. 5. The Majority of Research A I GIVE a The company company company NEEDS ? insights & MAKES insight & ideas decisions ideas
  6. 6. Providing Intrinsic Value to Memberss I GIVE the company insight & ideas The company GIVES ME The company feedback on GETS insight & how my insight ideas is used The company MAKES decisions
  7. 7. Key Drivers of Satisfaction Note where “incentives offered” vs “input you provide is valued” are ranked
  8. 8. Ways to Provide Intrinsic Value Quarterly Newsletters Updates on the panelist portal Short email updates to keep memberss informed Member of the Month
  9. 9. NewslettersResults summaries: Providing members with regular summaries ofresults from studies is an important part of intrinsic incentiveprograms.Updates on actions taken from panel results: One of the strongestmotivators for panelists is proof that their contributions are beingheard and driving change or resulting in positive initiatives.Sneak Peeks: Another element that members respond well to is thefeeling that they are part of a “special” or exclusive group. This canbe reinforced in the form of access to content or informationoutside of the panel that hasn’t been seen by general public yet.Member of the Month: Each month a member can be selected tobe highlighted on the panel. This can be as simple as selecting apanellist based on a strong participation on the panel, or can evenbe a random draw selection from study participants. Specificfeedback can be obtained from the member on their experiencewith the panel.
  10. 10. Portal Updates • In order to really use the member portal as an engagement tool, we recommend updating the quick poll content monthly (at the very least) in order to engage members. • Spend time each month coming up with topics for the portal. • When creating Quick Polls, it is important to remember to ask questions that are relevant to members, questions that are interesting and engaging. For example, asking a member about their favourite pizza may not seem appropriate unless the panel is focused on food. • Asking questions about current affairs, political issues, special events, questions that are timely, and possibly controversial in nature, could generate some interesting response rates.
  11. 11. Verbatim QuestionsOne suggestion to encourage feedback from panelmembers is to include verbatim questions at the endof each survey to allow members to give their opinionsopenly, like in the image below: Are there any comments you would like to make about the TOPICS in this survey? Are there any comments you would like to make about the EXPERIENCE you had taking this survey?
  12. 12. Five FeedbackTips for MemberEngagement
  13. 13. “Your voice was heard! 89% ofrespondents claimed to preferPackage C for our new widget, Or, another example:and this is the packaging wewill be going with.” “Because a large number of you asked us for more information about XYZ, we are writing an article about that in our February issue”
  14. 14. If an actual decision is not appropriate, include the findings themselves 6000 5000 4000 enough sleep 3000 not enough sleep“89% of business leaders 2000on our panel feel theydon’t get enough sleep” 1000 0 Don’t include graphs all the time – quick points with results are great on their own
  15. 15. “We’re launching our Spring line this month – watch for that great handbag we tested with you in September.” “A few months ago, we tested different concepts for our new advertising, and our newest ad campaign is starting this week.”
  16. 16. Where Our Members Live San Francisco 29% Vancouver 29%“Here is where the people on New York 20% our panel live: Toronto 22% People want to know how they compare
  17. 17. • Include a comment from the CEO about how he/she feels about the panel, or write a letter to the panel.• Give people an opportunity to write in with questions directed to a particular member of your company – designer, medical specialist, chef, etc. “Click here to ask our health expert any questions you have about our report on exercise”
  18. 18. Some additional ideas … • Include a link for members to view special content on your website, or take a quick poll on the member portal • Updates on prize winners from sweepstakes draws • Engage members by asking them for suggestions or hot topics • Include a special contest within a newsletter and highlight the winners & entries in future communications • Ask fun, non-research verbatim questions in surveys and include the results, for example “95% of you are anxiously awaiting the next season of “Lost”
  19. 19. Recap – 5 Feedback Tips I GIVE the company insight & ideas Tell members about what decisions your company made as a result of the research If an actual decision is not appropriate, The company GIVES ME The company include the findings themselves feedback on GETS insight & how my insight ideas is used Provide follow-up on past projects Tell members something about themselves The company MAKES decisions Tell members something about your company
  20. 20. Some Helpful Hints When you are designing your next survey, highlight the areas that could be included in a newsletter Mark quarterly newsletters on your research planning calendar, including time for content gathering Allow members to anticipate feedback by telling them how often you intend to communicate back to them, and stick to it Post a quick result on your website, direct the panel there to see their insights put into action Have FUN with it – ask yourself what you would want to know if you were on the panel
  21. 21. Sparq: the “How”• Communicate your feedback via the newsletter template in Manage > Communication• Put updates on the member portal• Create a new “study” that you update with reports & information and send out an anonymous link
  22. 22. Encouraging survey starts
  23. 23. Encouraging Survey Starts with your InvitationPart of conducting successful studies is making sure that members willread invitations, and click on the link to start. Below are some tips onauthoring emails that give you best possible start rates: 1 Length of Survey: 2 Call-To-Action: 3 Personalisation/Relevancy: 4 Special Characters & Spammy keywords: 5 Physical Addresses: