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Skill Pod Media Mobile Solution Int


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The SkillPod Media mobile games solution.

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Skill Pod Media Mobile Solution Int

  1. 1. To Whom It May Concern RE: SKILLPOD MEDIA MOBILE GAMES SOLUTION It gives me great pleasure to present you with the following information in relation to our mobile games offering. Please let me know if I omitted to include any information that would be of relevance. Game Management Platform Features: The SkillPod Media Mobile Game Management Platform offers the following content modules. The system is highly configurable and each module can be formatted according to your requirements, the details are as follows: 1. Player access control features: free play; Pods based; time based access; subscription option 2. Download Games – Nokia / Sony / Samsung S60 version 5; Android, Windows Mobile. Blackberry versions are in development 3. Player registration engine and profile management, including Facebook Connect 4. Featured games and tournaments 5. High score boards 6. Game Ratings 7. Tournament leader boards 8. Game search engine 9. How to play guides 10. Refer a friend 11. Player support contact form 12. Game challenges: a. Challenge a Facebook friend or gazuma! player b. Pending Challenges c. Completed Results 13. Tournaments engine: a. Prize management, including virtual trophies b. Live tournament leader boards c. Game specific d. Time based e. Points engine (Pods) f. Advertisers can sponsor the tournaments - their logo and details will be displayed on the tournaments page 14. Most popular games listings 15. Ability to include partner tracking scripts i.e Nielsen Netratings / Google Analytics tags 16. Search engine friendly content structure 17. Highly flexible template driven content management system 18. Community elements: a. Build friends lists, invite Facebook friends b. Messaging c. Challenge friends for Pods d. Twitter integration 19. Detailed player profile pages - public and private 20. Surveys for advertisers 21. Payment provider integration – ability to accept payments globally 22. Extensive Backoffice Tools: a. Player and game statistics b. Game and player management c. Tournament management d. Promotions management – banners and surveys e. Reporting including game activity, player activity, demographics, revenue, tournaments, challenges, referrals, etc
  2. 2. Modules in Development: • Avatar creation • Text / WAP version • Paypal integration • Apple iPhone Games • Blackberry Games • Nokia Maemo Games Game Titles: • Initial 20 game titles on offer, with 10 to 15 new titles per month • Genres include: o Arcade & Action Games o Puzzle & Strategy Games o Sports Games o Card & Casino Games o Mind Games Game Examples: Compatibility: • The platform is primary targeted at users and handsets that are geared towards interacting with social media sites, such as Facebook. • These handsets are typically smart phones or phones that have a web browser and have Flash Lite 2.1 and higher installed. • Devices include: Nokia N97, 5800, 5320, X6, 6210, 6710, the Sony Aino, Satio, X1 and Yari, as well as the LG Layla, LG Pop, HTC Hero, HTC Touch Pro, HTC HD2. View a full list of devices:, this excludes all the new handsets. It is forecast that there will be 4 Billion Flash Lite enabled handsets by end 2010. • Adobe is in the process of launching their new Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices. Blackberry has indicated that they’ll be pre-installing this onto their devices.
  3. 3. User frontend: The entire system is template based and can be fully customised to meet any design requirements, multiple template design can be included in a single deployment. Examples of Skins:
  4. 4. How do users get Pods: a) Users receive free Pods, when they register - this value can be set per site b) Earn Pods by logging scores for pre-configured games c) Buy them through their credit card, premium rate SMS d) Enter tournaments to win Pods e) Challenge friends to win Pods f) Refer friends, any friends that register will trigger a Pod credit to the player that referred them How can the Pods be used: a) Certain games can be set to have a Pod cost to play the game - this value can be set by game b) Tournaments can be setup to have Pod entry fee's c) Players can challenge other players for Pods Advertising / Revenue Earning Opportunities and Examples: The following represents a summary of the various advertising opportunities that can be leveraged off: a) Setup of advertiser surveys in specific games / tournaments b) Game pre-loader sponsorship c) Tournament sponsorship d) Game customisation a. Customisation of game “objects” b. Customisation of the game console c. Full rebranding e) In-game advertising opportunities a. Branding b. Product placement f) Custom game development g) Affiliate campaigns e.g. Google AdSense h) Revenue sharing from subscriptions and game sales Integration Options: The SkillPod Media gaming platform offers the following integration options: a) Template driven, thus allowing the games site to reflect the brand identity and look and feel of the primary site b) API integration into existing billing / payment and promotions / voucher solutions c) The publisher is able to host the games portal on a domain of their choice, again ensuring the brand identity is retained. The primary games engine is hosted on our platform at Rackspace UK. d) Social media integration for Facebook and Twitter e) The games can be translated into any language that you require, how the translations work is as follows: o The game titles would be selected from the games catalogue by the publisher o SkillPod would provide the publisher with the English text for the site and games o The publisher would provide SkilllPod with the translated text o SkillPod would integrate the text into the games and re-format the games in order for all text placement to be correct o Games are made available to the publisher for sign off before publishing live
  5. 5. Technology: The SkillPod Media gaming platform is based on the following technology: a) Application language = Php, Ajax and XML b) Database platform = MySQL c) Server platform = Linux d) Games language = Flash, Action Script and Java e) The SkillPod Media server infrastructure is based in the UK Pricing: • Pricing breakdown: o Setup Fee: XML Feed (games only) - once off setup fee – would cost anything from US$750 to US$1,500; White Label + Advanced XML Feed with all features - once off setup fee – would cost anything from US$3,000 to US$5,000; The setup fee covers the integration of your template into the game management system as well as the initial setup, configuration and testing of the publishers games site; o Revenue share: The publishing partner is paid 50% of the net subscription and game sale revenues. SkillPod Media covers the licensing costs, distribution, bandwidth and support costs. Other Development Costs: • Image Development: o Custom game icons / images can be created according to the specific requirements of your sites style guidelines. A quote would be provided for this sub project; • Template Development: o SkillPod Media can design the template, should the partner not have the available resources for this task, at a cost of between US$1,750 and US$3,500, the cost is dependent on the complexity of the design; • Game Customisation, Advergaming and In-game Advertising Options: o These projects would need to be quoted on a per request basis as the costs are dependent on the actual requirements. A guideline of the costs are as follows: Game Customisation - re-skinning of the game with the advertiser / publishers brand / products / color schemes, would cost anything from US$350 to US$3,750 – the cost is dependent on the complexity of the customisation requirements; Game Translation - all games can be translated into the language of your choice. SkillPod will provide you with the English text, you would need to arrange for the translations and provide these back to SkillPod for integration. The cost for the translation integration would be US$150 per game. We are excited by this opportunity, please let me know if I omitted any information or whether you require greater details on any of the points discussed in this document. Kind Regards, Mark van Diggelen Email: