Skill Pod Media Ver 5 New Features


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SkillPod Casual Games Platform ver 5 new features

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Skill Pod Media Ver 5 New Features

  1. 1. Backend Data Input: • Separate banner tags per site per game category. • Allocate a Game to Multiple Categories. • Add the ability to add game types and category for different languages. • Image Categories, able to add multiple images: o Game Icon o Game Screenshot 1 o Game Screenshot 2 o Game screenshot 3 o Featured Tournament Block o Featured Game Block o Featured Tournament Icon o Featured Game Category Front End Development: • Tournaments + Featured Games: o Hot Tournaments – ticker tapes, rotation, images, etc o Win Trophies, add standard trophy images, plus new trophies per tournament. o Top Winners – ticker tape or list display for the top winners from the last 3 to 5 tournaments, with avatars. o Hot Jackpots – ticker tapes, text links or images. This would be used to display the top 5 / 10 jackpots from tournaments that have the progressive feature enabled. o Featured Prizes – rotate and click through to tournament. o Tournaments Calendar – include ALL tournaments from all sites. Allows users to view al tournaments for each of the months. o Players Leader board for most Pods earned by week, month or all time. o Main Featured Game – have flexibility to display the Featured Game as a larger image / flash movie, option to not have text, play count, game name, etc. o Featured Tournament, display larger image, option to format to not have text, game name, etc. o Quick Play – drop down with all the games o Pending Challenges Board – display Player name, game + Pods on offer. o Earn Pods – add the Pods icon next to games that are activated to earn Pods o Categories – Allow the configuring of what categories to be displayed, auto add a More button, which displays all the categories in a drop down list. Also allow to display Vertical or Horizontal in Module Settings. o Able to structure game icon layouts and set backgrounds for the game groups. This would give us the flexibility to display: The current display options – text to the right Just display the game image Game image with text at the bottom of the image e.g. Plus also have the ability to set a unique border around the game image, e.g. o Top scores by game by day or week receive Bonus Pods, we need to look at assigning bonuses to players for the top scores, by game, week, month. This is an admin function that would either have a feature to pre-assign variables i.e. top score, top 3 scores, top 5, top 10, etc by game or where we could do a search to manually assign bonuses to users. • Sign Up / Register: o Join Bonus - Add the ability to credit 50 pods, etc when joining, specific to each site – back end feature to set the Pod value per site. Players Page 1 - Private & Confidential SkillPod Media (Pty) Ltd Development Plan
  2. 2. account needs to update immediately, plus deduct from the site account as a site expense. Display Pods Balance in users account, plus clickable to view detailed breakdown of transactions – when running reports. Link Player ID in the player report under Partners. o Templates: o Currently the system uses only 1 template that index.php uses, we need to be able to use multiple templates, as detailed below, to be able to create unique content for each content typ. The functionality would be the same as the current template, where we place the scripts and then use the backend to configure with the relevant modules. The required templates are: Homepage Game Category pages – remember to format for banners - completed Game Info page Play Game page – this already exists, but doesn’t work with all the modules - completed o Sweepstakes Module: o Develop a Sweepstakes module, these will be linked to Tournaments or Games. Random selection + notify winners. Need the following fields: Sweepstakes Name Description Pods that can be won Prize Details Prize Value – 1 or multiple Prize Images – 1 or multiple Start Date and Time End Date and Time Linked to Game / Tournament o When adding a Tournament, be able to select the Sweepstakes that would be linked to the Tournament. o Admin / Reports to view current, closed and future Sweepstakes, Pods allocated o Survey Module: o Link a Survey to a Tournament / High Score Game o Setup Surveys module would require the following functionality: Advertiser Name: • Load Advertiser as we do Game Publishers in the Partners section • Same Fields as Game Publishers, except remove Revenue % • Be able to add an Advertiser Banner / Logo Survey Name Survey Description Assign Pods for completed surveys Assign to Game or Tournament Allow for Multiple Questions Allow for Multiple Answers Thank You page o Reporting: Survey Results Pods allocated o Game league: o Create a League - Linked to multiplayer games o Multiple Leagues by Game o Log winners / losers o Add a count to winners – thus a ranking system for the game league o Top League Players by Game – Leader Board Page 2 - Private & Confidential SkillPod Media (Pty) Ltd Development Plan
  3. 3. o Game specific o Contributes towards the Player Grading - % of wins in multi player games o Next Generation Game League Player able to create a league Players able to join a league Inter site leagues - Search network of sites League administrator able to create new game tournaments League leader board League high score board o Player Profiles: o This is the public profile page that users view when they click on a users nickname, e.g. players nickname displayed in the High Scores on the left of a site Last 3 Games played – already part of the player profile Most Popular Games – player to select their games for display. Gender – display selected gender Users thumbnail + edit facility Player Grading – display the players star (pod) rating, add this to the players profile page Tournaments / Challenges Won – display the Tournaments they’ve entered as well as the Challenges they’ve won. Pending Game Challenges Friends list Trophy Cabinet – create the ability to display a virtual trophy cabinet of all the trophies won by the user Display / send and reply to messages Upload Avatar when editing My Profile • Community Elements: • Allow users to search and build a Friends List, expand to allow users to see the players profile page from within the community page + high scores – display on the players Profile page • With this users should be able to leave a Message for Players and reply to these messages, again this should be visible in the private player profile and have a prompt on the home page with # of messages waiting • Events / Tournaments Calendar – link this within the Tournaments section Page 3 - Private & Confidential SkillPod Media (Pty) Ltd Development Plan
  4. 4. • Game Info Page e.g. multiplayer.aspx: o An i (info) icon needs to be placed next to each game, when users click on that the Game info page needs to be displayed. Format the Game Info page template to display the following game related information: Game Name, Game Image – primary image + Game Description Other game images, as per the images categories How to Play info Top 10 Scores for the game Display Current Tournaments + Play Now Button / Link next to each tournament Page 4 - Private & Confidential SkillPod Media (Pty) Ltd Development Plan
  5. 5. Display Jackpots + Play Now Button / Link next to each tournament Current Players Online – see if this is possible, as the site uses cookies Play Now Button – for the online game Game specific background Display Mobile and Download versions of the game Javascript to place game on your site / blog General Development: • Use Pods to Challenge friends, winner takes all Pods. • Player Grading – star (pod) rating linked to game play, challenges, tournament wins, etc. This info needs to be displayed when users challenge other users and on the users profile page. The player grading should be setup as follows: o % of tournaments won o % of challenges won o % tournaments won + % challenges won / 2 = overall % o Apply star rating as follows: 0 – 9% = blank star 10 – 19% = 0.5 star 20 – 29% = 1 star 30 – 39% = 1.5 star 40 – 49% = 2 star 50 – 59% = 2.5 star 60 – 69% = 3 star 70 – 79% = 3.5 star Page 5 - Private & Confidential SkillPod Media (Pty) Ltd Development Plan
  6. 6. 80 – 89% = 4 star 90 – 95% = 4.5 star 96% - 100% = 5 star • Facebook: • Ability to roll out single games app on Facebook, the current Facebook games app works, but we need a quick way to rollout new games apps when we launch new games • Ability to run High scores within Facebook app, use the Facebook user info • Ability to run Tournaments within Facebook app, use the Facebook user info • SP Widgets: • This is an important element for publishers, as this would allow them to place game related content in any location on their websites. The widgets that we would require include: o Game Categories o Tournaments o Jackpots o Featured Games o New Games o High Scores o Tournament Jackpots o Tournament Prizes o Tournament Winners o Pending Challenges o League Leader Board o Sweepstakes o Select and Export game to a Google Gadget XML file Page 6 - Private & Confidential SkillPod Media (Pty) Ltd Development Plan