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This deck was presented at Casual Connect Hamburg 2012 and talks about all the different techniques developers need to consider when promoting their game and the importance of Social Discovery

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Papaya Apps Discovery

  1. 1. grgetherh App Discovery:How to Get Your Content In Front Of Your Audience Oscar Clark – Developer Evangelist PapayaMobile Inc
  2. 2. State of the MarketMobile is huge• 5.6B mobile subscribers• 900M Smartphones• 575M Smartphone “app” users• 120m people play Social games• 81m play every day• 49m play multiple times a day• 31m have bought virtual goods• 38% play on a mobile phone
  3. 3. Apple AppStore• 15bn downloads (July11)• More than 575k apps• Around 100k Games• Market share ~20%• 100’s of new apps/day• Free App of the Day – Top 25 can give 20% uplift – But! Top25 Free >50k /day• Easy Billing
  4. 4. Android Market Place• 10 Billion Downloads• 700k+ Daily Activations• 400k+ apps (25.6% Games)• 100s of new apps/day• Getting Featured is key• Need to set-up payments• Alternative AppStores – Thumbstars say they see an average of 200% uplift gained by using operator & other off deck channels when compared to just using the big app stores.
  5. 5. Complementary Channels• Apps Promotion• Consumer Games Press• Trade Games Press• Facebook/Twitter• YouTube/Vimeo• Search Engine Optimisation• Online Advertising• Offer Wall Promotions• Cross-Promotion Agreements• Incentivised Downloads – Tapjoy say they can drive up to 50,000 downloads to an app in a day.
  6. 6. Avoiding Failure• Traditional Media Mistakes – Poorly Targeted Online Activity – Lack of incentive to action – No opportunity for Click through• Failure to Track – Can’t A-B Testing – Slow to react to changing market – Poor optimisation• Understand value of acquisitions – Not all customers are equal value – Consider Life-time Value – Consider Virality (K-Factor)• Reliance on one market – Consider other platforms – Don’t forget the long-tail
  7. 7. Challenging Campaigns• Cost of App Campaigns is increasing – Typically $20k+• Rate of downloads is increasing• Free App of the day is no longer as effective• Need to give users a reason to download• Need to build loyal audience
  8. 8. Build in Social Discovery• Build in Social Discovery Notifications• Encourage Communication in the game• Let players publically celebrate their victories• Creating meaningful interactions
  9. 9. Feed the HabitIf they replay your game they will tell others• Daily Bonus/Challenge• Leader boards• Social Challenges• Friendship Bonds• Recharge systems
  10. 10. Social AchievementIf they can ‘Show Off’ they will tell others• Let me show off my achievements• Gifting and Reciprocation• Items gained must be desirable to others• Its not social if I cant talk about it
  11. 11. Case Study: Zombies… OMGSocial Effect last beyond the initial promotion• 500m installs in 4 weeks• 3 days of Pmail promotion• Social Accelerator effects
  12. 12. Social Offerwall TapJoy and Papaya join forces with The Social Marketplace The Social Marketplace utilizes Papaya’s social network to help users find the best social mobile games, by offering recommendations based on what they play, and what their friends are playing.
  13. 13. Who are Papaya? 14,701,527 1,050,000,000 $12.73/ 50 • Founded in 2008 with $22M raised through DCM and Keytone. • 90 staff with offices in San Francisco, London and Beijing • More than 80% of users come from US and Europe • Popular games earn more than $1 million per year • Winner of Best Games Service Provider ME Awards 2011