SkillPod Media Casual Games Platform Overview


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An overview of the SkillPod casual online and mobile games platform, plus the related games advertising services.

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SkillPod Media Casual Games Platform Overview

  1. 1. SkillPod Media Casual Gaming Platforms & Services
  2. 2. About SkillPod Media Primary Focus Areas: • SkillPod Media’s primary focus is the provision of online and mobile casual games platforms and related services to the global online and mobile publishing market. • Games advertising and customisation services form an integral part of the overall offering. This is achieved through the translation of games, localising of games and in the future through the self service game customisation platform for advertisers and users. Why SkillPod? • 10 years online casual gaming experience, business established in 2004. • Platform used by many global publishers, including RTL Group, Media 24, DSTV. • Highly interactive and addictive gaming environment for players, including globally competitive game titles. Games provide a strong user acquisition and retention medium for both advertisers and publishers alike. • Multiple new and innovative advertising and revenue stream opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike. SkillPod’s ability to respond quickly to opportunities and requests has proven to be an invaluable trait with clients and partners. • Ongoing research and development of new modules and services, thus allowing clients and partners to remain current with global casual gaming trends. • The highly skilled and passionate development team are respected amongst our top international publishers partners and clients. • Finalists in the 2009 TT100 (Top Technology 100 Companies) Management of Systems Category.
  3. 3. Casual Games Platform – Overview Key Services: • Online Games Platform • Mobile Games Platform • Game Customisation • Game Translation • Game Development • Game Advertising • Custom Development • Social Media Integration
  4. 4. Online Platform – Key Features • Virtual Currency (Pods) Engine • Subscription Engine • Avatar Builder • Download & Multiplayer Games • Game Syndication • My Games • Player registration engine, incl. Facebook Connect + OpenID • In-game Chat • Featured games and tournaments • High score boards + Twitter posts • Newsletter & FAQ’s • Game Search Engine + Search Cloud • Post Game Screens • Refer a friend • Game Challenges • Tournaments and Prize Engine • Most Popular Games, Top Players, Most Active • Search Engine Friendly Content Structure • Post Game Screen Management • Community Elements – Social Bookmarking, Friends, Messaging • Detailed Player Profile Pages • Live Tournament Leaderboards • Surveys for Advertisers • Game Leagues • Player Grading • Game and Player Management Showcase: • Extensive Reporting
  5. 5. Online Platform – Upcoming Features • Enhancements to the Lobby of the multiplayer games. Enhancements will include: improved representation of players, tables, rooms, chat, scoring tournaments, etc. This will feature integration into Facebook, to play against Facebook friends. • Ongoing development of new variations / themes of the current games, thus improving the overall presentation of the games. • The development and introduction of a self service In-game Advertising solution – prototype built, expand to include online and mobile game titles. This will be expanded to allow users to create and save their won personalised games, there will be free elements and power elements, for which users will need to pay small fees to activate. • The High Score API will be made available to 3rd party developers, allowing them to publish games on the SkillPod MMOG platform and share in the revenues generated by their titles. • A player game review section will be added for players to review games, this is imperative as user generated content contributes to the overall search engine rankings. • The creation of the themed clustered game packs, such as the Sports Village (Rugby, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball), the Games Room (Pool, Darts, Air Hockey and Foosball). Users will need to be subscribers to unlock features and levels within these games. Other features will include, direct links to Friends (incl. Facebook and other social sites), challenges, chat, avatars, advertising, customisation, etc.
  6. 6. Mobile Platform – Key Features • Player Access Control Features, time based free play, then subscribe • Download Games • Player registration engine, incl. Facebook Connect • Featured games and tournaments • High score boards & Tournament leader boards • Game Ratings • Game search engine • How to play guides • Refer a friend • Player support contact form • Game challenge • Tournaments engine • Most popular games listings • Search engine friendly content structure • Community elements: • Build friends lists, Messaging, Invite Facebook friends • Challenge friends for Pods • Detailed player profile pages - public and private • Surveys for advertisers • Payment provider integration – Zong, Integrat, PayPal + local providers • Extensive Backoffice Tools: • Player and game statistics • Game and player management • Tournament management • Promotions management – banners and surveys • Reporting including: Showcase: • game activity, player activity, demographics, revenue, tournaments, challenges, referrals, handsets, etc
  7. 7. Mobile Platform – Upcoming Features • Improved multiplayer games, move from typical turn based games, such as Backgammon, Chess, to Social / MMOG, thus building large communities and ensuring loyalty and high return rates. Introduce micro payments and strong community elements. • Deploy the mobile platform and games in the following languages: – French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, Arabic • Ongoing development of new variations / themes of the current games, thus improving the overall presentation of the games. • The development and introduction of a self service In-game Advertising solution – prototype built, expand to include online and mobile game titles. • Additional payment provider integration, including Jungle Pay, Integrat and PayPal. • Avatar creation, with micro payments for pimping of avatars. • Expansion of game titles onto the following platforms: – Apple iPhone Games, achieved through HTML 5 and Unity 3D – Blackberry Games – Nokia Maemo / Symbian ^3 Games / S60 ver 5 – Android Games – Windows Mobile Games – Other: LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson
  8. 8. Integration Options Integration Options: • White Label Portals – KTV • Simple XML Feed – • Advanced XML Feed – • Custom Development - Hazineoyun • Mini Sites – Club Arcadia • Facebook Applications + Viral – Games App • Google Gadgets – Game Gadgets • Twitter Integration • Standalone Games - Nedbank Technology: • Linux / Apache • MySQL • Php / Ajax / Javascript • Flash and Flash Lite
  9. 9. Casual Games Catalogue Casual Games – current games catalogue: • 800+ free play online • 200+ high score games • 14 multiplayer games, 11 new titles to be added • 500 Games with full source code • 35 Mobile web based games • 18 Symbian S60 ver 3 games • 26 Symbian S60 ver 5 games • Translated games: • 8 Afrikaans games • 150 Dutch games • 290 Polish games • 290 Ukrainian games • Spanish games • Turkish games • Other Platforms: • 55 Mochi Games • 250 Google Gadget • 150 Widgetbox Games
  10. 10. Game Customisation • Translation of Games • Translation of Platform • Re-skinning of Games • Product & Advertiser Placement • Themed Games – Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween • Custom Development • User Registration • High Score Logging • Refer a Friend
  11. 11. Revenue Earning Revenue Earning Opportunities for Publishers: • Setup of advertiser surveys in specific games / tournaments • Game pre-loader sponsorship • Tournament sponsorship • Game customisation • Banner Campaigns • In-game advertising opportunities • Custom game development • Google AdSense • Revenue sharing from: • Subscriptions • Pod Top-up Purchases • Micro Payments • Game sales
  12. 12. Timelines and Costs Setup and Operational Costs: • Initial Setup and Customisation Fee’s • Monthly Usage and / or Revenue Share Variable Costs: • Custom Development – platform • Custom Development – images • Custom Development – games • Custom Integration – payment gateways, registration, etc • Template Development Agreement • Game Translation Timelines: Integration • XML Solution Setup – 2 Days (excl. publisher integration) Deployment • White Label Setup – Rapid Deployment Framework – 2 Days • White Label Setup – Custom Template – 2 Weeks • Game Customisation – 2 to 3 Days (per game) • Game Translation – 1 to 2 Days (per game)