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Is your business NBN-ready? Elnet presentation


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The National Broadband Network (NBN) offers all Australians greater opportunities to work smarter in a digital economy. This will, however, require all Australians to be ‘NBN ready’ through improved information and communication technology (ICT) skills and effective digital business systems. Through this identified need, the “Is your Business NBN ready?” digital business capability program has been developed to help individuals and businesses capitalise on the opportunities and efficiencies being made possible through the NBN.
This session will cover the keys areas for preparing for a digitally enhanced future. Whether you are a business owner, employee or consumer, this interactive and participative session will have relevance to you as we will all need to function more effectively in a digital economy. Topics covered include:
• Your digital future
• The digital workforce
• Your digital presence
• The digital market place
• Your digital infrastructure
• The legal, financial and sustainability considerations

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Is your business NBN-ready? Elnet presentation

  1. 1. “Is your Business NBN-ready?” Allison Miller eLNet 24 July,
  2. 2. Image By Ping News – Released to Public: Massive Sandstorm from the Northwest African Desert (NASA) -
  3. 3. Internet = Game Changer • From one to many to many to many; push vs pull • Broken business models: • Music industry • Book/Publishing industry • New ways of working: • Collaborative/networked • Open, personalised • Give to get (FB, TW, Gmail) The new digital economy will have an impact on all Australian Industries and will require every business, community organisation and government department to be NBN-ready( Bowles, 2011)Image: Break Free -
  4. 4. What is the NBN?
  5. 5. National Broadband Network = NBN • High speed internet • Faster than we can imagine • Everything’s connected • Changing the landscape - • Not just with digital fibre but with digital opportunities Key enabler for many economic, social, technological and environmental developments (Bowles, 2011)Image: NBN in Plain English -
  6. 6. How would you rate the digitalcapability or digital ‘e-readiness’ of your workplace • A – Highly digitally competent • B – Generally digitally competent • C – Needs further development • D – Aren’t even at the starting gate
  7. 7. Designing your digital future • Digital Workforce • digital literacy • HR policies – tele- working, micro-work, collaborative rewards • Co-optition In order for Australia to fully leverage the economic, social and environmental benefits of the NBN, every Australian will need to improve their information and communication technology (ICT) skills ( Bowles, 2011)Image: Rocket Man (I Think Its Going To+Be+a+Long,+Long+Time) -
  8. 8. Designing your digital future • Supporting a culture of ongoing development: • PD • Performance Plans • Collaborative learning communities • Room to make mistakes and test new ideas This means new growth and sustainability opportunities for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) ( Bowles, 2011)Image: Yahoo! NYPD Neon Sign at Times Square,+NYC -
  9. 9. What does your digital presence look like?
  10. 10. Designing your digital future • Digital Presence: • Digital identity • Social media • Social Graph • SEO, Tags, Keywords • QR codes • Google Alerts • Google Analytics • Google/Facebook AdwordsImage: My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter+and+MyblogLog -
  11. 11. What digital infrastructure do you have?
  12. 12. Designing your digital future • Digital Infrastructure: • ‘the cloud’ storage • Software as a service • Semantic (predictive) • Web accessibility • User interface & experience • Interoperability • Open source vs proprietary • Virtual desktops • Mobile devices and BYODs SMEs need to analyse their current digital business model for its strengths and weaknesses to determine their ‘digital gaps’ …. (Miller, 2012)Image: Its the building thats miniature: Philadelphias Clothespin+by+Jack+Wolgin -
  13. 13. Designing your digital future • Digital Marketplace: • Online stores - eBusiness, eCommerce, PayPal, eBay • ePromotion & eMarketing • Digitalisation of products/services (3D printing) • Booking online (AusPost – passports, Qld Hairdresser, Eventbrite) • Reminding customers (SMS) • Digitally reporting – mobile device forms, inactive PDFs … and implement and evaluate their own business’s digital capability (Miller, 2012)Image: Morning Shopping -
  14. 14. Is business NBN-ready? • Digital Policies/Legal considerations: • HR • ICT • IP/Copyright/Creative Commons • Digital sovereignty • Moral rights • Spam • Privacy • Social media When will the NBN impact you? Is it already impacting you?Image: Global Player -
  15. 15. Designing your digital future • Financial & Sustainability considerations • Finance (crowd sourcing finance – KickStarters) • Risk Management • Benchmarking and metrics (data analytics) • Sustainability - creating your digital roadmap/strategyImage: Future Or Bust! -
  16. 16. What will your digital roadmap include?
  17. 17. More info:
  18. 18. Allison Miller 0400 732 270