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How To Break Into UX: What Is a UX Design Hiring Manager Thinking & Looking For?


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As a growing field, true UX and Product Design talent is at a premium. How does someone get a start and break in as a User Experience Designer? What are the concerns of a UX Design Hiring Manager and what are they thinking? What are the Hiring Managers and companies looking for?

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How To Break Into UX: What Is a UX Design Hiring Manager Thinking & Looking For?

  1. 1. How To Break Into UX: What Is a UX Design Hiring ManagerThinking & Looking For?
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Troy Parke
  4. 4. “After engineers, the biggest challenge for companies is finding high-quality creative design and user-experience talent.” The 5 Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2012 - Inc.
  5. 5. UX job descriptions What looking for What really thinking Suggestions to break in
  6. 6. UX Design Job Description
  7. 7. Why do UX design job descriptions vary so much?
  8. 8. Each role IS different Different understanding of UX Really do need many skills...
  9. 9. Years of experience Degree in related area Communication skills Best practices (UCD) Deliverables (wireframes) Design tool proficiency Code and/or prototype Portfolio & more...
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  11. 11. “What is the one thing you are looking for and recommend to those getting a start in User Experience?”
  12. 12. There aren’t any projects that won’t benefit from thoughtful design and the trick is to find that aspect of your project and make the most it you can.
  13. 13. You don’t have to know everything, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons of things when it comes to technology.
  14. 14. I honestly found the only way to stand out is to make sure you’re compatible culturally with a new position.
  15. 15. What UX Design Hiring Managers Are Thinking...
  16. 16. Is this person trustworthy?
  17. 17. Work collaboratively Show how you think Need to prove it
  18. 18. Can they help right now?
  19. 19. Willingness to help Team missing an expertise Able to help on Day1
  20. 20. Can this person grow?
  21. 21. Flexibility Evolving marketplace Name of game is change
  22. 22. Can they tell a story?
  23. 23. Tell your story Explain needs of users Interview process
  24. 24. Suggestions on How To Break Into UX Design
  25. 25. Grow your circle © Tony L.Wong
  26. 26. Get hands on experience © Nina H
  27. 27. Connect with a talent manager © mikebaird
  28. 28. Do your research © lucamascaro
  29. 29. Sharpen your portfolio © griffentech
  30. 30. Full Article, Slides and Resources on UX How
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