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Amazon's User Experience


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Amazon's User Experience

  1. 1. Amazons User Experience Presentation
  2. 2. Global Assessment● Home page contains all information necessary and is credible● Easy to navigate● User opinion highly valuable given the volume they have obtained● International sales, international payment options great● Purchasing process simple and easy
  3. 3. 5 Best Functionalities Content tailored to users: Amazon analyzes your site activity to give you recommendations about products you may like. It helps discovering interesting products. Sample products: A big challenge with buying online is not having the product in your hands. When you buy books on Amazon, that experience is nicely replicated by the “Look Inside” and “Get a Sample” features. Customer reviews: Amazon has a large base of customers that make an active review community. They offer simple but powerful features to go through those reviews and analyze the opinions. Other sellers integrated: Amazon wants you to find everything on their site, even if they dont sell it. They integrate different sellers offering new and used items. This expands their offering significantly. One-click shopping: Users can set up their accounts to make one-click purchases and skip all the process of typing and confirming information.
  4. 4. 3 Pain PointsToo many items on one page: When strictly speakingabout user experience, a regular Amazon page isextremely cluttered. It can contain more than 250 linksand buttons.Difficult to find uncommon items: Amazon has millionsof products, but unless you know the exact name, youwill only see the most popular and bestselling items.Whats the value in such a large offering if you cantfind it?Lack of clarity of who is the seller, what are the terms:When purchasing from 3rd party sellers, it is notalways clear who you are buying from, or if they offerthe same service.
  5. 5. Improvements Pain Point Improvements Too many items Allow users to choose which information to show on on one page product pages. Make items as bestselling list, recently viewed items, and “customers who bought...”, optional. Offer a more visually pleasing product-list view, like expandable lists (i.e. show top 3 best sellers, and a link to “Show more”). Difficult to find Improve advanced search options, currently too uncommon items limited. Implement Netflixs recommendation system, where users can rate books theyve read, and mark the ones that are interesting/not interesting to them. Lack of clarity of Add a page in the purchase process when buying who is seller, what from 3rd parties where it shows exactly whats are terms different vs. buying from Amazon directly.
  6. 6. New Feature Social integration for automatic wish list sharing and group buying Connect with Facebook and all your friends can access your wish list. For birthdays, if you want a $500 TV that no one would buy for you, 20 friends can chip in with $25 and make it a group gift. I just contributed $25 to David Gracias birthday gift. Click here to contribute http: //
  7. 7. New Feature - Research Types of questions to be answered: 1. Understand if users need ■ What are the occasions people such a tool, and how would would collaborate on a gift for? ■ Do people really want to they use it collaborate on gift buying? is ○ Qualitative research: there a real demand? ■ If so, How many people need to interviews, focus collaborate on the gift? groups ■ Are our current payment methods sufficient? 2. Analyze ■ How can the organizer send out technical feasibility to make the gift sharing invitation? ■ What tools do gift organizers sure its possible and need to manage the group? practical ■ What if someone doesn’t pay on time for the gift to reach the recipient by the date in question? e.g., can the organizer pay the balance? ■ What kind of reminders do we need to send to participants? ■ How can we maximize on the opportunity?
  8. 8. New Feature - Design & TestDESIGN TEST1. Integrate with the Gift 1. Launch a pilot on Organizer. Amazons US site, asking2. Use qualitative research for extensive feedback to improve user for all users that try it. experience. Users must 2. Promote via social media find it easy to use. marketing and encourage3. Make adjustments and sharing. finalize for testing. 3. Use Googles Website Optimizer for A/B testing until strong feedback is gathered.
  9. 9. Website 1: Homepage● Menu bar makes it easy to go to specific sections easily.● Not friendly enough for new users.● Major focus on Kindles, most important product for Amazon and all time best-selling item.● Advertisement on the right side is poorly targeted and unnecessary.
  10. 10. Website 2: Books ● Menu bar has a complete list of categories, but that makes it very long and not very friendly. ● In general, the page is cluttered, the number of products can be it can be overwhelming. ● Major focus on bestselling and recently viewed items is good.
  11. 11. Website 3: Product ● Product information is complete, but very spread out. ● Pricing information very clear. ● Product is featured correctly. ● Suggestions of items powered by Amazons customer information are good and well placed below the item.
  12. 12. Mobile deviceAmazon iPhone App ● Familiar style ● Very easy to navigate ● Fully functional and all sections present ● Interesting new options that take full advantage of mobile: ○ Barcode scanner ○ Amazon Remembers ■ Photo based search ■ 3 items tested ■ worked each time ■ integration with standard web in beta