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General Assembly - How To Get A Great UX Job


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General Assembly - How To Get A Great UX Job

  1. From application to interview How to get a great UX job{ Patrick Neeman Director of Product Design, nPario @usabilitycounts
  2. @usabilitycounts Jobvite Director of User Experience Team of 3
  3. @usabilitycounts >100 Recruiters & Hiring Managers 10 Customer Visits > 100 Usability Tests
  4. @usabilitycounts Hiring Manager Phone Screen 7-10 people 3 to 5 On Site Interviews The Offer } } User Research - 100 Recruiters The typical interview process Research 20-100 people }Recruiter Phone Screen 10-15 people}
  5. Getting a great job is a lot like dating... have to kiss a lot of frogs before your find your prince You’re looking for one job and they’re looking to fill one position Interviewing them as much you’re being interviewed
  6. @usabilitycounts Show them your money, baby! • LinkedIn profile • Resume • Portfolio • Side projects
  7. @usabilitycounts { Your LinkedIn profile } • Have a great summary • Include your skills and specialities • List the results of your work • Let brands speak for themselves
  8. @usabilitycounts { A great LinkedIn profile } Great Title Solid Summary Accurate Job Descriptions
  9. @usabilitycounts { Your resume } • An easy to read, parsable format (Word or PDF) • A clear career progression that tells a story • Skills and research methods listed for recruiters • Emphasize T-Skill Set in skills
  10. @usabilitycounts { A great resume } Solid Opening Summary Clear and Concise Job Descriptions Skills and Brands Listed
  11. @usabilitycounts { Job Descriptions } • Summary of who you worked for and the process • Bullet point list of accomplishments
  12. @usabilitycounts Résume tips Too many positions Combine all into one position, and list each as a client Too few positions List projects under a position Unrelated positions Don’t list them at all, no one cares
  13. @usabilitycounts Questions?
  14. @usabilitycounts { Your portfolio } • Tell a big story • Tell a lot of small stories • Challenge, process, solution, results
  15. @usabilitycounts { A great portfolio } Tell Stories
  16. @usabilitycounts { A portfolio } Show More Than Wireframes
  17. @usabilitycounts { A portfolio } Show Process and Thinking
  18. @usabilitycounts { Your portfolio } • A clean and professional feel • A solid illustration of your process • Show clear thinking • Don’t over design
  19. @usabilitycounts Questions?
  20. @usabilitycounts { Other skills } • Writing • Visual design • Prototyping + HTML
  21. @usabilitycounts { Extra credit } Have a passion project
  22. @usabilitycounts Networking { Why do I want to become a personal referral? }
  23. @usabilitycounts 45%of all hires { Agency + personal referrals } 9%of all job applications
  24. @usabilitycounts The lowest conversion rate for an application? A job board 0.41% percent of applications from job boards become hires. 11 percent of applications from referrals become hires.
  25. @usabilitycounts Who do you know at Google?
  26. @usabilitycounts Applying online is a losing bet • No ATS (Spreadsheet) • Small to Mid Level ATS (Jobscore, Zip Recruiter) • Enterprise ATS (Kenexa, Saba, Taleo) No ATS -- Reviewing every resume by hand, quickly. Resumes get lost. Small to Mid Level ATS -- Reviewing every resume by hand, quickly. Enterprise ATS -- Poor keyword search, reviewing some resumes. Resumes get lost. You really want to have someone as an internal advocate.
  27. @usabilitycounts { Networking } • Twitter, the new professional branding network • National conferences for dream jobs • Local meetups and hack nights for local networking • Find super connectors
  28. @usabilitycounts 56% percent of people who got a job got it through someone they knew casually. Mark Granovetter Sociologist, 1973
  29. @usabilitycounts Questions?
  30. And remember... ...there’s plenty of fish in the sea
  31. Thank you! Patrick Neeman Director of Product Design, nPario Blog Twitter @usabilitycounts