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Newsletter Oct 2011

  1. 1. Oct 2011 Volume 5, Issue 10 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments This is the 49th issue of this We profile Dr Rajeswari event a great success. We newsletter. In our next issue, Seshadri this month, a are motivated to offer this to we will bring out some maths faculty. She says the any college or school that readers’ comments on this examination system has to wants it.Articles this month: journey of four years. Please change in order to make You can send us a requestFaculty of the Month……………..….2 do write, if you found students learn the subject. by e-mail.Adhyaapan something very useful or We also carry a report on Looking forward to a long………………..3 impressive. If you didn’t like the Mela we did at and fruitful journey withJeevan Vidya something, feel free to share. Hyderabad – Adhyaapan. more and more teachers.. Shivir……….4 As usual, mails can be sent to More than 75 teachersLinks and Videos.4 attended and made the --Uma GarimellaAdhyaapan Pics……………….5 Inspiring Teacher AwardsGuru and teacher News at Academy……………….6 POSTPONED 1. website Due to the prevailing uncertainty in revamped: This is an annual Hyderabad and closure of most educational process – we revamp our website institutes due to lack of public transport, we every Oct. This time, it’s by a bunch have postponed the event. We will notify of students from Nalla Malla Reddy whenever it is scheduled. Engineering College, CSE final year. We regret this announcement, and we will Phanindra, Anurag and Akshay. publish the thank you notes on the website. Please continue to use our website to thank 2. On Teacher’s Day, on 5th Sept, your teachers. we distributed greeting cards to about 1200 teachers in about 25 colleges in and around Hyderabad. Student volunteers helped us. 3. One more person has joined our See captions on page 6 team, Santhosh Reddy, MBA.
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Faculty of the month Dr Rajeswari Seshadri, Pondicherry University (Read full interview at into teaching profession. of course least internet So, rather than being access/browsing and Dr. Rajeswari Seshadri, influenced, I prepared library facilities. So, I Reader, Department of myself towards the found it hard to concentrate Mathematics, Ramanujan profession of teaching. on research. School of Mathematical Now back to University Sciences, Pondicherry You have been part of system, I find the facilities University premier research as good as in IISc, and this institutes like IISc and ambience and environment What has influenced JNC and labs in UK. should help me to do your decision to take up How did it affect your constructive research. teaching? working style in a After getting Ph.D. and now I was fortunate to undergo a college? Now youre at Pondicherry University rare kind of undergraduate back in a university. since 2010, I have spent course B.Sc.Ed. (A four year What is your overall almost 20 years at various integrated course of B.Sc. feeling about this academic institutions. This and B.Ed.) at Regional journey between overall journey (bothRajeswari Seshadri College of Education,holds a Ph.D from IISc different institutes? National and International) Mysore offered by NCERTin Mathematics. was very exciting in termsShe was heading the only in four colleges (at My Ph.D. days at IIScMaths department at of gaining knowledge and Bhopal, Bhuvaneshwar, Bangalore and my post-docSir MVIT, Bangalore experience, getting to knowbefore she joined Ajmeer and Mysore) all over periods at JNCASR,Pondicherry University. more people of academic India. As a partial Bangalore; Queen Mary, and research interests inWith about 20 years of fulfillment of the course University of London; St.experience in research my area, knowing others’ curriculum, I had to Andrews University inand teaching, she has way of working style etc.always been a favorite undergo an 3 months Scotland; Mittag-Lefflerof her students. She is a etc. internship training in Institute in Stockholm,simple and loving I only feel (sometimes) thatperson. teaching. I think, I found a Sweden all have given me I have lost out half of my teacher in myself that time great learnings.She can be reached at age touring around without itself. After that I Of course working in settling at a good institution completed my M.Sc.Ed in private college was a bitseshadri at an earlier stage. I am Mathematics from the same difficult to adjust to in happy for what I am now college and consequently a terms of allocating time and will do to the best of my Ph.D. in Mathematics from mainly due to heavy ability to bring name and Indian Institute of Science, teaching load and less time fame to my institution. Bangalore and have entered available to do research and
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring TeachersAdhyaapan – A mela for teachers Technology and Book Exhibition: BooksThis mela – Adhyaapan, is Rajamahendra College of were displayed byanother step in creating a Engineering. Cambridge University Pressday of fun and learning for and Book Selection Center.teachers. Apart from Edu-Corner: The Two contests werelectures on skills, there was evolution of education organized around the booksa wonderful display of from ancient times, - to recall maximumposters and models. This Caption describing current challenges and number of book titles withdisplay was organized into picture or graphic. opportunities. Trends in author names in a minutefour corners, and at many teaching today, statistics of and to give the gist of a bookpoints teachers contributed education scenario and in one minute.their ideas and teachers were asked ifinputs. Almost 80 teachers The display was followed by Gurukul system was Above: Teachers at the Bookfrom Sree Datta Group of idea contest – where Exhibition in Adhyaapan. possible today.Institutions, Nalla Malla teachers presented their Genres of books starting withReddy Engineering College each alphabet were posted on Guru-Shishya unique solutions to social or the walls. Teachers had twoand Junior College, Ace educational problems, and Corner: The relationship contests at the exhibition.College of Engineering, won prizes. The fun portion between student andVignan Institute of was events with Below: teachers having fun at teacher has changed overTechnology and Science, St the blindfold paired walk. Many competitions with cash time due to social and more such events were put up.Martin’s Engineering prizes. cultural changes. ThisCollege, Jahnavi Degree corner brought out the Overall, the day was full ofand PG College, KGR attitude a teacher must activities that motivated theCollege of Engineering and possess in order to become teachers and also gave themTechnology, Chaitanya a role model, a friend and the big picture. It alsoBharathi Institute of counselor. Visitors could showed how informationTechnology, Vignan add their own points too. can be presented inBharathi Institute ofTechnology, Princeton interesting ways instead of Inspiring TeacherCollege of Engineering and the traditional lecture. Corner: This cornerTechnology, Scient showcased the stories of Parallel workshops wereInstitute of Technology, great teachers. It also conducted – IT ResourcesBhoj Reddy Women’s enumerated 20 reasons to for teachers, CounselingEngineering College, Balaji become a teacher, the and Mentoring, Working forInstitute of Technology, characteristics of a good PhD by Uma Garimella,TKR Engineering college, teacher and teaching self- Shankarson Roy andRVR Institute of profile. Visitors could add Vikram.Engineering and their own inputs too.
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Jeevan Vidya Shivir at IIIT-Hyderabad ; Dec 24-31 A platform for discussing a conduct the shivir. He, being, Human conduct and COST: wide range of issues besides being an activist Human civilization, and (2) This workshop is conducted like Education, Reality, from his student days in commitment to work for its with a feeling born out of Happiness, Success, IIT-Kanpur is a pioneer realisation. responsibility, so there is no Aspirations and gaining an in combining our tradition "fee" for the workshop. understanding on Our and values with education. He is an admired teacher and However, the cost of Nature, Relationships, has an ardent student boarding for each Environment, Social Issues, He teaches electronics and following, relating to participant comes to about and communication at all aspects of life. His Rs.150 per head/per day and Self-Confidence. Do they Harcourt Butler.s extreme simplicity and the cost of food sound relevant to you? In the Technical remarkable insight makes comes to Rs.100/- per day. shivir we will have a detailed Institute, Kanpur. He has him a suitable person for Nobody is ever denied and lengthy discussion on a deep understanding of conducting the workshop. participation in the these, and in the process try Western as well as Indian workshop due to inability to to find a holistic and Philosophy. His research HOW TO SIGN UP make a payment. Typically sustainable solution in the interests apart from these workshops end light of Jeevan Vidya. theory of electronic Send email to the JV-Team at up being self-financing as About the prabodhak:- communication are (1) with those participants who can, Professor Ganesh Bagaria understanding of Human your Name and come forward to from HBTI Kanpur, will Contact num. or call Surya contribute generously. Bhagavan at 09948010253.Interesting Reads and Videos Places are limited. If it feels right – about lack of awarness of what is right and wrong A nice website for college faculty How does a slinky fall when extended by it’s own weight and then released? We discover the surprising answer using a slow motion camera that records 300 frames per second. Disruptive models of education Transformation in Education – from a differently abled perspective Very innovative use of a plastic bottle A dedicated teacher who made it her purpose to teach prisoners A beautiful video on eye donation
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring Teachers
  6. 6. Inspiring Teachers Page 6 of 6 Teacher’s Academy A Guru and a Teacher – Sent by Mrs Rajam Shankar (music therapist) A teacher takes responsibility of your A teacher instructs you Hyderabad growth A Guru constructs you A Guru makes you responsible for your growth A teacher sharpens your mind PHONE: A Guru opens your mind 97011 41118 A teacher gives you things you do not have and require A teacher shows you the way to E-MAIL: A Guru takes away things you have and prosperity do not require A Guru shows the way to serenity A teacher answers your questions A teacher reaches your mind A Guru questions your answers A Guru touches your soul A teacher helps you get out of the maze A teacher gives you knowledge A Guru destroys the maze A Guru makes you wise A teacher requires obedience and A teacher gives you maturity discipline from the pupil A Guru returns you to innocence A Guru requires trust and humility from the pupil A teacher instructs you on how to solve problems A teacher clothes you and prepares you A Guru shows you how to resolve issues for the outer journey A Guru strips you naked and prepares A teacher is a systematic thinker you for the inner journey A Guru is a lateral thinker See us at: A teacher is a guide on the path A teacher will punish you with a stick A Guru is a pointer to the way A Guru will punish you with compassion A teacher sends you on the road to A teacher is to pupil what a father is to success son A Guru sends you on the road to freedom A Guru is to pupil what mother is to her child A teacher explains the world and its nature to you One can always find a teacher A Guru explains yourself and your nature But a Guru has to find and accept you to you A teacher leads you by the hand A teacher makes you understand how to A Guru leads you by example move about in the world A Guru shows you where you stand in When a teacher finishes with you,you relation to the world graduate When a Guru finishes with you,you A teacher gives you knowledge and celebrate boosts your ego A Guru takes away your knowledge and When the course is over you are thankful punctures your ego to the teacher When the discourse is over you are grateful to the GuruCaptions for Picture on page 1:Dolly Sandhu Guru-Shishya in a circle of light... step by step; Raj Balaka "En-"Lighten" your Followers" ; ShakuntalaPalankar steps for life; Ashok Agarwala Back to Lantern days. Opportunity for inventions for Young Engineers; SumathiMohan batti jalao ji! ; Rajeswarudu Chembrolu plain speaking "tamasooma jyotirgamaya";Narasimha Rao the PROFESSOR"helps you to reach that light, in other words KNOWLEDGE;Cheparthi Durga Prasad Student... The ever SHININGstar..;Ratna Manjari burning midnight oil, a sure shot way to climb the ladder of success....Lead kindly light; The "professor"is the beacon light leading the student along the flight of steps...