Inspiring Teachers May 2010


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Monthly Newsletter sent to school and college teachers

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Inspiring Teachers May 2010

  1. 1. Newsletter May 2010 Volume 4, Issue 5 Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments I don’t have to tell you that teachers and for those some infotainment the newspaper has a new who are already (information plus look. But I need to tell you teachers. I am pleased entertainment) in that the newsletter is finally to share a few our humour section this time. shaping up with increased opportunities and Don’t miss. contributions from readers. websites with you. A And now you have every Pic above: This month, we have an real life story again to reason to give feedback. Go to Group at Universal School article from an experienced inspire and motivate our site under About Tardeo, Mumbai and inspiring teacher. She that even one person Us Clients Say, please shares her thoughts and can make a submit a simple quote. Articles this advice both for aspiring difference. And there is month: Main article: For the ‘are and ‘to be’ teachers Teachers of India from Indira Narayan. Inviting teachers to participate 3. Providing access to resources, Inspiration:Unsung in This is a information and new experiments in hero portal for teachers to help hone education from all over the world in Humour their professional capabilities all Indian languages Announcements Interesting links by: 1. Creating a forum for teachers to !! Newsletter Name Contest !! freely interact with each other Please suggest a creative name for this across languages newsletter along with a logo/symbol. It should 2. Facilitating the sharing of be related to teaching, learning, teacher or insights and best practices of student. Entries should reach by e-mail, before teachers across the country 15th May 2010 to If your suggestion is used by Teacher’s Academy, you will get a SurPRIZE. And it’s true, check on page 3.
  2. 2. Newsletter Title Page 2 of 6 Unsung Hero This article is dedicated to shifted to a light post on a one was that of gender one of the many unsung nearby road. His class had discrimination. The girls were heroes bringing about a no roof and was hence not allowed to study. After change. His name exposed to the harsh much persuasion from Vipul, is Vipul Thaker, a simple elements of the weather. the parents were convinced man with simple dreams. The classes went on and the girls walked in for the Without going into his nevertheless. Every very first time. Within a background, let me start evening at around 09.00 month their strength doubled. from one of his birthdays. It pm the class would This school wasn’t Vipul’s full was on that day when he commence. Within one time profession. He had a day decided he wanted to do year, he had 20 children job. He did receive some something different. He who worked in the day voluntary donations from decided to educate a time and regularly NRIs. By Arnav Anjaria – III yr, Integrated Masters in Political Science, UoH, attended his evening After a point he decided to Rabari (a tribe in Gujarat) classes. Looking at the join them in a municipal child. A makeshift progress of this informal school, continuing his classes classroom was created on school, the parents who in the evenings to ensure the terrace of his two bedroom house. As belonged to the children did not miss out if days passed by, Vipul went Rabari community came they didn’t go to school. on to explore the talent in to his aid. They Vipul had a dream to nurture Vipul had a dream to gifted Vipul with an empty – he wanted every child to get nurture – he wanted the slum surrounding his every child to get housing society. A few more hut to which the classes education on par with what education on par with what their more students joined his class and now moved. Of all the their more privileged peers privileged peers got. subsequently his classroom problems that Vipul faced, got. In the last few years, some of his students have shown their skills at the state level in the field of dramatic and graphic arts. Today he can proudly say that these children have something to look forward to. They have a future too. He negotiated with the private school principals, head masters & teachers and finally led to the introduction of a scholarship scheme. And so today out of forty students, around twenty five of them have been admitted to a school with better amenities for the students. Vipul considers the renowned Gujarati educationist Gijubhai Badheka as his source of inspiration. he important thing, dear readers, is that this man and many more like him are actually striving to provide an identity to these children. They are providing a platform through which these children can express their ideas and needs.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Newsletter Title For the ‘are’ and the ‘to be’ teachers Teaching is a serious To a mind with such kind On the flip side of this profession. I feel that this is of exposure as a screen, students can totally lose one of the few professions demands on the teacher interest in learning where that touches society are quite high in that, that the teaching skills are directly. It is a service she must be able to get her wanting. oriented calling. Teachers- matter across this stile. I have said that a teacher as the word goes- ‘touch This is where the challenge must wear many hats, be lives’. lies. To tap this ready- to– a multifaceted person. absorb quick silver mind, a Teachers shape the future teacher must wear many Apart from meeting the of children and thereby the Caption describing picture hats. challenges a teacher has future of our country. or graphic. to play many roles. She is, Though the buzz about Yes, the mind of a student as said by someone, a teaching, especially in is ready to grasp, ready to communicator, a schools, is that it is a fairly learn, willing to do and Dr Divya Nalla receiving classroom Manager, a easy task and anyone or eager to participate. But the SurPRIZE for disciplinarian, an everyone can take it up, it is there is a condition sending the first correct evaluator a friend/ not as simple as it looks. attached to this. The counselor, a decision answers to contests we This is a profession that teacher should also be well maker and also a ran in the newsletter. demands tolerance, prepared, eager to teach, surrogate parent. Please recall from Jan commitment, involvement, happy to be with the class, interest, patience, and involve the class in her and Feb issues. punctuality, dedication, teaching. skill, knowledge. By Indira Narayan – Head Mistress (Academic), St Ann’s HS, Secunderabad In a nutshell it is a Children have an uncanny Interesting! Each day will profession with many knack of assessing things see new combinations in challenges. The first of these around them. They love a these roles. Never a dull are the students. Handling teacher who sets examples moment in a teacher’s life! students is an art more so by being an example Simple as they may seem the children of today’s herself and play up on the these roles require skill world. These children are teacher who they know is and practice…..something packages of awareness, not sound in her subject which theoretical learning exposure, pampering and matter or in keeping the does not impart. These what have you. They seem to class under control. roles need instincts and know all even before you tell blessings from within. They are prepared to go them; play the latest hit There must be that an extra mile for one who song and you will see them something special in the helps them think out of (irrespective of their age) lip teacher’s persona which the box and motivates synch word to word. A child naturally and instinctively them to apply their skills in the Primary Section will to makes him/ her a good outside the text and the surprise you with its teacher. Love for teaching classroom. knowledge of the film stars and the taught must be and latest movies and will the driving force. If these eagerly shake a leg at the conditions are met, then latest numbers. learning can be fun, teaching can be satisfying and output can be maximum.
  4. 4. Newsletter Title Page 4 of 6 For the ‘are’ and the ‘to be’ teachers (Continued) After this somewhat society in this way; it is vacations ….part of the didactic write up let me indeed a happy thought Package! When my mention the joys of this that teachers always students come back after profession. It is a joy to remain young at heart, as some time and tell me that Indira Narayan receiving know that we teachers young as the students they they are doing well in life I Inspiring Teacher Award have sent into the larger handle!, it is heartening to consider those moments On Sept 5th ‘09 world good citizens, know that though the as the Perks of this educated in the right subject/s taught may be profession. Money cannot sense of the word: it is a the same year after year be a substitute for this joy. joy to know that we as the set of children are not! individuals have made a Think of the Dasssera, substantial contribution to Christmas and summer “The need of the hour is for good dedicated and committed teachers. People who enjoy being Interesting Links with the young, people Please refer to the following links regarding the Right to Education Act. who enjoy being young. 1. A critique of the recently passed Right to Education Act Are you one of them?” --Indira Narayan 2. An article published in Mumbai Mirror 01/Lunch-with-the-shoeless-boy-in-class.html 3. Another in Indian Express Humour – by e-mail This two-letter word in wake UP? We lock UP the house and English has more At a meeting, why does a fix UP the old car. At meanings than any other topic come UP? Why do other times this little word two-letter word, and that we speak UP, and why are has really special word is 'UP.' the officers UP for meaning. This two-letter word in English has more It is listed in the election. People stir UP trouble, meanings than any dictionary as an [adv], Why is it UP to the line UP for tickets, other two-letter word [prep], [adj], [n] or [v]. secretary to write UP a work UP an appetite, and It's easy to report? think UP excuses... understand UP, meaning We call UP our friends, To be dressed is one thing, toward the sky or at the brighten UP a room, but to be dressed UP is top of the list, but when polish UP the silver, special! we awaken in the warm UP the leftovers ---Continued on next page morning, why do we and clean UP the kitchen.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Newsletter Title Sent by KV Jayakumar, Executive Director, Centre for Water Resources Development and Management, Kozhikode If you are UP to it, you soaks it UP. When it does We open UP a store in the might try building UP a not rain for a while, things morning but we close list of the many dry UP. it UP at night. ways UP is used. One could go on & on, but We seem to be pretty It will take UP a lot of I'll wrap this UP for now mixed UP about the your time, but if you don't because my time is UP! word UP ! give UP, you may Now I think I'll shut UP. To be knowledgeable wind UP with a hundred Whew!!! Our regular contributor – about the proper uses Sridhar Chitta. or more. of UP, look UP the When it threatens to rain, word UP in the dictionary we say it is clouding UP. In a desk-sized dictionary, When the sun comes out it takes UP almost 1/4 of we say it is clearing UP. the page and can When it rains, the earth add UP to about thirty definitions Professors and Deans at KLU, Vijayawada during a three day workshop
  6. 6. Wanted dedicated and passionate teachers Teacher’s Academy Kaliyuva Mane[A environmental awareness Srirampura, Manandavadi R Kannada word which programs and preparing oad, Mysore -570008, Phone : means "Home for them for SSLC 09341369901 www.divyadeep Learning"] is an examination. This school, www.divya- Hyderabad alternative school started is looking for teachers by Divya Deepa charitable (paid) as well as trust, with an aim to volunteers who will reside PHONE: transform the lives of on the campus. If you are 97011 41118 underprivileged children interested contact: by providing value based M.R. Ananth Kumar, Kaliy E-MAIL: education including yoga, uva Mane-Alternative arts, crafts, music, drama, School,Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, Kenchalagudu, Should kids be bribed to study? What motivates children in underprivileged schools to study? When adults seem to be working for money, why hold children to higher morals? A thought provoking article about an experiment,8599,1978589-1,00.html About Teacher’s Academy… Started three years ago, Please do leave your If anyone is passionate already 1300 teacher feedback on workshops on about changing the members on-line, 25 the site About Us education scenario colleges and 10 schools Clients say through and to work with touched by the training. me can send resume and See us at: Share articles, useful talk to me. Long term projects are links, teaching resources being taken up for schools and tips for effective --Thanks and colleges. Continuous teaching with a growing Uma Garimella support and multiple community of our teacher initiatives will be included mailing list. for holistic and sustainable change.