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Newsletter Dec 2010


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Newsletter Dec 2010

  1. 1. Dec 2010 Volume 4, Issue 12 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments This month we have a true create interactions outside regularly. These have been story of how a teacher can class with students. captured in some of the make a difference …with a A few useful links that you polls on the site. But pleasePic above: Workshop note from the author. The should not miss and the do drop a line to info@...for MEd Students atInstitute of Advanced story is really touching. regular schedule at the We will be seeing you againStudies in Education, Some classroom tips and Academy complete this in 2011 and with lots ofOsmania University,2009 some extracted observations issue. plans and actions for the from Stanford’s Tomorrow’s Our website is undergoing new year.Articles this month: Professor (sent by Dr Sridhar the annual make over, we Read, enjoy, forward, andBeyond Classroom – Chitta). These are findings will be interested in do ask your friends to sign Editor ……..….2 from a study. knowing what will make up.The difference a teacher There is an article on how to teachers come to the site can make – Jaye Lewis ………..3Dysfucntional Illusions November & December at Teacher’s AcademySridhar Chitta ….5 1. Sessions for Effective Teaching Do you want to be a part of excitement Skills for NMREC @ Teacher’s Academy? 2. AMSSOI - One day workshop on Short term project for faculty Innovative Teaching - Dec 10th, from professional colleges 2010 We need innovative and competent teachers of 3. 4th batch of Teacher Training engineering and management colleges for a short Program at Enhance Edu, IIIT- term project of one month. The mandate is to H - Nov 1st to Dec 5th, 2010 create sample lessons plans and actual videos of 4. Adams High School - Long term these innovative methods. Selected candidates will school development project - have to work at Hyderabad for the period. They two more training sessions will be paid an honorarium. Excited and 5. Workshop at Aditya Engg interested faculty may send their profiles College – Nov 17th to Nov 19th, including their methods of teaching and why they 2010 want to be in this project to info@inspiring-
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 5 Beyond the classroom Uma Garimella Many times, the light with a big smile. It wasn’t should take place at least 2- teachers try to light in the just the student who 3 times in a semester/term. minds of students is like a learnt, states the candle – it gets blown out in The risk of such interactions professor. Through this the breezy yawns in the is that you might develop a discussion, he could see classrooms. If it manages to personal bias, which may that his comments were survive there, it gets not go down well with the not helpful, and also that extinguished in the winds of rest of the students. his teaching needed to campus activity. And we get address some more issues. But I have seen teachers disappointed that we are who maintain their not able to light a flame! Now the question is how professional reserve while many students actually But sometimes, inspiration being helpful. They lay come and meet you in occurs unexpectedly, down ground rules in class - your staff room? Just without a lesson plan or what is negotiable and what telling them that you’re design on part of the teacher available doesn’t help. is not. – outside the class; maybe Some students are too Another suggestion is that Tip! in your staff room, or when scared to approach you, you discuss the solution to students visit your house, or while others barge intoYour private help or an exam paper before youdiscussions outside during a bus journey your room for the smallest start grading their papers –the class should be together. A professor relatesabout classes or reason. I typically do it in theproblems but keep how a student came to his immediate next class afteryour exam and office with her assignment I have personally found itassignment the exam. This opens up in which she got a C grade. useful to make a schedulediscussions within some valid deviationsboundaries defined She wanted to know what and see them. I ask 6-8 students have made fromby you. was wrong with her students (specific roll my ‘solution’. assignment, though the numbers) to come and professor had written meet me (one on one), (Contd. On Page 5) detailed comments. As he and I take the opportunity sat her down and started to discuss their finding out how she wrote performance, attendance it, and looked at her notes, and other issues. In one she understood that her such meeting, a student main points weren’t told me he didn’t conveyed in the paragraphs understand English, and I that she read. Suddenly, it had to call him for a few was clear to her, and she left sessions in Telugu on the subject. This interaction
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 Inspiring TeachersThe difference a teacher can make Jaye LewisSteve, a twelve-year-old boy other things, as the day class!" schoolbooks. Grim faced andwith alcoholic parents, was wore on. His heart was not She just stared at Steve, as the determined, he headed for theabout to be lost forever, by in school, but in the class spun around for a good woods.the U.S. education system. woods, where he often look. Steve dropped his eyes The following Monday heRemarkably, he could read, escaped alone, trying to and carefully examined his arrived at school on time, andyet, in spite of his reading shut out the sights, sounds fingertips. he waited for Miss White toskills, Steve was failing. He and smells of his alcoholic After that, it was war!! Steve enter the classroom. Shehad been failing since first home. No one checked on still wouldnt do his walked in, all sparkle andgrade, as he was passed on him to see if he was safe. homework. Even as the smiles! God, she was beautiful!from grade to grade. Steve No one knew he was gone, punishments became more (Contd on Page 5)was a big boy, looking more because no one was sober severe, he remained stubborn. On email: It is a truelike a teenager than a enough to care. Oddly, "Just try it! ONE WEEK!" He story, every word. It amazes me every time Itwelve year old, yet, Steve Steve never missed a day was unmoved. think of it. Mywent unnoticed... until Miss of school. "Youre smart enough! Youll husband just recently had a massive heartWhite. One day, Miss Whites see a change!" Nothing fazed attack, and we almostMiss White was a smiling, impatient voice broke into him. lost him. Praise God for the miracles ofyoung, beautiful redhead, his daydreams. "Give yourself a chance! Dont modern medicine. Theand Steve was in love! For "Steve!!" Startled, he give up on your life!" Nothing. reason Im sharing this is because Ive heardthe first time in his young turned to look at her. "Steve! Please! I care about time and time again,life, he couldnt take his "Pay attention!" you!" from complete strangers, sinceeyes off his teacher; yet, still Steve locked his gaze on Wow! Suddenly, Steve got it!! his heart attack: "Heshe failed. He never did his Miss White with Someone cared about him? such a wonderful man," or "Hes such a goodhomework, and he was adolescent adoration, as Someone, totally unattainable man." I like to thinkalways in trouble with Miss she began to go over the and perfect, CARED ABOUT that the intercession of that good woman isWhite. His heart would test results for the seventh HIM??!!" one of the thingsbreak under her sharp grade. Steve went home from school, that has made my husband, the man he iswords, and when he was "You all did pretty well," thoughtful, that afternoon. today. He has overcomepunished for failing to turn she told the class, "except Walking into the house, he much, and he is a good his homework, he felt for one boy, and it breaks took one look around. Bothjust miserable! Still, he did my heart to tell you this, parents were passed out, in Thank you for your request. It hasnot study. but..." She hesitated, various stages of undress, and particular meaningIn the middle of the first pinning Steve to his seat the stench was overpowering! right now. Of course you may use it!semester of school, the with a sharp stare, her eyes He, quickly, gathered up hisentire seventh grade was searching his face. camping gear, a jar of peanut With gratitude, Jaye Lewistested for basic skills. Steve "...The smartest boy in the butter, a loaf of bread, a bottlehurried through his tests, seventh grade is failing my of water, and this time...hisand continued to dream of
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 5 Dysfunctional illusions Sridhar Chitta Illusion 1: Hard courses This is not to say that that these conventional weed out weak students. students have no methods are not as When students fail it is responsibility for their effective as some other far primarily due to inability, own work. Rather, we less frequently used weak preparation, or lack have grossly methods. The comparison, of effort. underemphasized the still from physics, is that Realistic view: When faculty members’ alternative methods teach students fail it is often due responsibilities. on average twice as much to inappropriate Illusion 2: Traditional as traditional lectures. pedagogy. Substantial methods of instruction from Chapter 10, Dysfunctional Faculty Development Illusions of Rigor: Lessons from program at Sir MVIT, improvements were offer effective ways of the Scholarship of Teaching and Bangalore in 2009 produced (see above) even teaching content to Learning, by Craig E. Nelson, in classes traditionally undergraduates. Modes Indiana University, in the book, regarded as necessarily that pamper students To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, difficult, among them teach less. Instructional, and Organizational calculus, physics, Realistic View: Development, Volume 28, (Eds) chemistry, and economics. Evidence is equally clear Linda B. Nilson and Judith E. Useful Links training & development resource center & Games Club Plus – Honoring The Guru Beyond The Classroom (Contd. From Page 2) embarrassment and Maintain a schedule that heart-burn after marks is comfortable to you and Many times this is a are handed out. the students. Be practical perspective you have missed and don’t get frustrated or you have worded the Remember, to become a by setbacks. question ambiguously. Then good teacher, you should I either invalidate the be open to interactions question or consider new outside classrooms. But answer options during my don’t get drowned in a grading. This saves lot of flood of students.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 Inspiring Teachers Teacher’s Academy The difference a teacher can make cont’d from page 3 He yearned for her smile to turn on him. It did not. Hyderabad Miss White, immediately, gave a quiz on the weekend homework. Steve hurried PHONE: through the test, and was the first to hand in his paper. With a look of surprise, Miss 97011 41118 White took his paper. Obviously puzzled, she began to look it over. Steve walked back to his desk, his heart pounding within his chest. As he sat down, he couldnt resist another look at the lovely woman. Miss Whites face was in total shock! She glanced up at Steve, then down, then up. Suddenly, her face broke into a radiant smile. The smartest boy in the seventh grade had just passed his first test! From that moment nothing was the same for Steve. Life at home remained the same, but life still changed. He discovered that not only could he learn, but he was good at it! He discovered that he could understand and retain knowledge, and that he could translate the things he learned into his own life. Steve began to excel! And he continued this course throughout his school life. After high-school Steve enlisted in the Navy, and he had a successful military career. During that time, he met the love of his life, he raised a family, and he graduated from college Magna Cum Laude. During his Naval career, he inspired many young people, See us at: who without him, might not have believed in themselves. Steve began a second career after the Navy, and he continues to inspire others, as an adjunct professor in a nearby college. Miss White left a great legacy. She saved one boy who has changed many lives. I know, because I am the love of his life. You see, its simple, really. A change took place within the heart of one boy, all because of one teacher, who cared. About Teacher’s Academy… Started 3 years ago, Please do leave your If anyone is passionate already with 1600 teacher feedback on workshops on about changing the members on-line, 28 the site at About Us education scenario to colleges and 15 schools Clients say work with me can send touched by the training. resume and talk to me. Share articles, useful Long term projects are links, teaching resources --Thanks being taken up for schools and tips for effective Uma Garimella and colleges. Continuous teaching, with a growing Founder support and multiple community of our teacher initiatives are included for mailing list. holistic and sustainable change.