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Inspiring Teachers Newsletter June 2012


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Articles and tips for teachers. Profile of an innovative teacher every month and a number of links to resources

Published in: Education, Technology
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Inspiring Teachers Newsletter June 2012

  1. 1. June 2012Volume 6, Issue 6 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Are you ready for the new academic year? June is here and it is time for schools and In teaching, it is also important to create and colleges to re-open. For students and maintain a positive social environment. While parents it is a lot of shopping – bags, shoes, one part of this is the teacher-student uniforms and all the paraphernalia. In most relationship, the major part is also theThis month: cases though, the books are given during or relationship that students have between them.Transforming before the vacation. A whole lot of dynamics is playing in theafterschool learningKalidasu I remember the feverish activity of putting student group and it is vital to see that theVamsidhar……….2 brown cover for the books and pasting the dynamic is positive.Ten Great Ideas to labels. In this issue we will tell you ten great ideasstart your academic As teachers, we are getting ready for the to start your academic year.year…. ………….3 new term – teaching a new set of students, We have featured Kalidasu Vamsidhar asInteresting links …4 and may be even a new subject. the faculty this month. He is a different type of As a trainer, I always have some anxiety teacher – transforming the afterschoolHumour …………4 when I am meeting a new group of education through his School of Mathematics.Role models …..5 participants. I wonder how they will receive Another education thinker and our regular the training, whether they will ask me tough contributor, Anil Kumar Challa has sent an questions, whether they will criticize my interesting concept to promote scientific and ideas. But then, after the first session research culture as well as organizational skills usually the anxiety is dissolved. I am sure all in young adults and adolescents. A group of of you also face similar feelings. youngsters can get together to run a Junior Students too come to the new academic year Café Sci and we will help them get speakers with anticipation, fear and excitement. for interaction. A school or a residential colony Some of their friends may have left the can be used to conduct these interactive school/college, some new friends will be sessions regularly. Read more about it on page made, new teachers, new books and new 4. experiences. Wherever possible, we begin a We close with our regular dose of interesting workshop with an icebreaker, something links, and just to remind you that all these that creates a friendly environment in the articles are available on our blog class. Usually anything new causes anxiety too.. – hence the need to loosen up people. --Uma Garimella
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Tranforming afterschool learning – Kalidasu Vamsidhar What kind of teaching Most of the kids rely on rote methods do you use to learning process. keep students interested To initiate thinking process, in your classes? we need to address In my class I am just a conscious learning, we need facilitator, I use inbound (in to design certain inbound the class) and outbound and outbound activities (outside class) activities to which will invoke thinking initiate the learning process. process. Kalidasu Vamsidhar, Founder, School of Mathematics. I don’t teach my students, I What are your future ask few questions which will plans? Kalidasu Vamsidhar is an drive the child into learning Transform one lakh students educator. With a BA in process. learning process in next 3 Mathematics, Economics and I have designed a programme years, to achieve the same, II have trained Statistics and then a BEd, he called Transformative need to trainthousands ofstudents. I have started his career twenty years Mathematics Programme 10 000 teachers and I am ingiven 150 + ago, as a conventional teacher. (TMP) and trained hundreds the process. For that, I havepresentation in Somewhere along the line, he of students over a decade designed Transformativeschools across India felt an urge to engage children What do you see as the Mathematics Programmeand outside India. I in transformative learning common lacunae in the which will help the studentswork with wellknown schools and using Mathematics as a vehicle. school childrens to pro actively participate inoffer these classes He believes that mathematics thinking? learning process and teacherboth for teachers gives the child a kind of Most of our kids depend on will become facilitator.and students. thinking which can be used to informative learning, where Now I am working in solve any problem in any thinking process is neglected. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, domain. It is necessary to love So most of the time, children Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, and enjoy this tool to become do involuntary actions, rather Nort East, Bhutan and other successful in any career and than conscious thinking areas also. I am building the life. He started School of process. Here learning network of teachers to work Mathematics. means, remembering and on this project. In the Vamsidhar also has a strong reproducing the same (you process only, I have created social awareness and he has show me I will do million social groups in Facebook, been working for the welfare of times). Linkedin etc. primitive tribals in areas of There is no concept like Read the full interview on rural electrification, education problem solving skills and and employment. mathematical or rational culty-of-the-month.shtml thinking process in our modern education.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring Teachers holiday or a mountain holiday? BeTen great energizers to start your academic term an apple or a banana? Be invisible minutes to find out the details. or be able to read minds? Be hairy Positive first impressions all over or completely bald? Be the If there are any new faces in your most popular or the smartest class, ask them to come to the front of person you know? Be famour for the class. All other students must tell saving somebodys life or winning Ice breakers or energizers are a great one positive impression about the a Nobel Prize? Go without TV or way to create a friendly and light new person. The impression need not mobile for the rest of your life? atmosphere in a classroom. Here I will be true. It is a just an opinion they Have permanent diarrhoea or share some of the activities that we do feel. This is a good way to make permanent constipation? Be in our workshops and which I have students look for positive things in handsome/beautiful and dumb or modified so that they can also be used strangers. be ugly and really smart? Not hear in your classes. My name is.. or not see? We know what you did this Ask each student to state his/her Eliminate hunger and disease or summer name and attach an adjective that not be able to bring lasting world Create a small questionnaire about only describes a dominant peace? Be stranded on a deserted interesting things that students have characteristic, but also starts with the island alone or with someone you done during their vacation. For same letter of the name e.g. generous dont like? See the future or example, learnt a new hobby, travelled Gayathri, dynamic Dileep. Write them change the past? Be three inches to a new place, helped parents / down and refer to them by this for the taller or three inches shorter? grandparents, learnt a new language or rest of the class. Word Link game, made new friends, grew some If you had to choose… Ask the group to sit in a circle. The inches taller, put on some weight, Draw a line on the floor. Ask all first person starts with any word watched ten movies, read five books, students to gather around that line. they wish i.e. red. The next person etc. Let students go around and fill up Tell them that you will ask a question repeats the first word and adds this questionnaire with names of their and give them a choice, indicating another word which links to the classmates that did that activity. Make with your hand which side of the line first i.e. tomato. The next person sure that one person’s name is not put represents the choice. They need to repeats the previous word and add against more than two things. jump to either side of the line another word link i.e. soup, and so After 15 minutes of collecting this info, depending on which option they on. To keep this moving, only they should get together in small groups choose. For example, questions can allow five seconds for each word of 6 and find some pattern or present be – Would you rather - Have a link. Every person must have a their findings to the whole class. This is headache or stomachache? As you ask sentence or phrase in mind while far better than writing an essay on ‘how the question, show with your hand adding the new word. When I spent my summer holidays’! which side of the line is headache and someone ends the phrase or Meet my friend which side is stomachache. They have sentence he/she loses a point. The Let students introduce their benchmate to quickly jump. Other questions are: longest meaningful phrase wins a to the whole class telling all her/his Would you rather - Eat cabbage or prize. positive qualities. If the benchmate is carrots? Watch TV or listen to music? new, then the student should take few Be a cat or a dog? Have a beach
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Humour and Interesting Links General Parallel and cluster computingGames for learning video on periodic table / elements Simulations - business, economics, factory, bank Articles waste management back to the future, teaching design through history open-us-office IITs want to attract expats as faculty
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring TeachersWhere are the role models for our youth? Help them find…The more you watch TV or models and why? • Is the newspapers, the 6. What are her/his • Stirs up importantmore depressed you accomplishments? human rights issues.become. You feel where is 7. Does the person have • Wants to right thethe world coming to? The a good moral reputation? wrongs.people in power and 8. What has he/she • Speaks up about beliefs.limelight seem to be getting done to contribute back to • Helps other people.into media for all the wrong society? • Works hard.reasons. This is not to say 9. Is your role model • Works smart.that good doesn’t exist. In directed toward helping • Family life important.fact if all the good in the others? • Is were to be given 10. Do you know of any • Gives money to charity.coverage all the newspapers role models that have • Is religious.and the TV channels will not overcome a great deal of • Is enough. adversity to become • Is athletic.But what we get to see is the successful? (A physicalnegative role models – handicap, discrimination, • Has a sense of humor.that’s the reality. So how a lack of money, etc.) • Helps others learn. After this questionnairecan we make our youngsters 11. What do you think is • Is self-sacrificing generate a discussion among thethink of becoming leaders? the most important • Takes part in the students about their responses.Here are some questions to quality for a role model community.pose to your students to from this list? • Is good-looking. This article is from our Junemake them think of rising • Is successful in • Is wise. 2008 issue.above the ordinary. Have his/her career. Other characteristics:some fun by asking them to • Makes a lot of money. 12. Do you have any roleconduct a survey and • Is famous. models in your community?posting the results! Feel free • Gets a lot of respect. 13. What have they done toto add more qualities. • Is well educated. be considered a role model?1. What is a role model? 14. Do you think you could • Is polite.2. Does a role model have take aspects of several role • Is be famous to be a role models you like? Could you • Is on a sports team.model? use them to pattern your own • Travels around TV3. Do you have a role life after? appearances andmodel that is not famous? 15. Do you know what career speeches.Who? Why? you want to have? Do you • Makes movies.4. Is a role model the have a role model in that • Writes great songs.same as a hero? career?5. Who are your role
  6. 6. Energisers ….. Continued from page 3 Fab Vocab Make a square shape on the whose sounds are difficult This is a variation of the floor. The objective of the to make or are funny, Then word link game. Instead of game is to make raw all students are blindfolded Hyderabad forming a phrase or a material into products and you will whisper in each PHONE: sentence, students have to (imaginary). The team that student’s ear the name of 97011 41118 form a word, each one makes maximum number the animal he or she is. supplying an alphabet. wins. But there are some Ensure that you are E-MAIL: Whoever ends it loses rules. The product is formed assigning the animals so marks. only if it passes through the that you have 8-10 students Line up hands of every team for each. Randomly mix or Ask the students to line up member. Any person can move the students and then in groups of 8-10. Challenge handle only one object at a you say ready – steady – go, each line to complete the time. The team can think All the students will have to task first. Ask the group to and make a strategy. The find their fellow animals form a new line in order teams can keep their only using sounds. The of…. Height, from smallest strategy secret from other group that first gets to tallest. Birthdays, from teams. together is the winner. January through to Turn it over Though it is simple, it December. Shoe size, from You will need an old sack or evokes lot of energy and smallest to largest. a darri for this. More than fun. See us at: Alphabetical first names (A- one may be needed. Make So now that you have these Z). Alphabetical mothers students into groups of 8-10 starters, go ahead and have first names. Alphabetical and ask them to stand on it. a great year! If you need grandmothers first names! Using any strategy and only more games, contact us at Anything else you think up. their feet, they must turn it info@inspiring- Factory over. If you can have several teachers.comPlease send your You will need some assorted sacks, you can have them --Team TAfeedback, articles and tipsto medium sized objects like compete.You can also submit balls, compass boxes, water Find your speciescomments and interact bottles for this. Make For this game you needon our blog students into teams of 8-10. blindfolds. Pick 4-5 animalsDo like our Facebookpage