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April 2012Volume 6, Issue 4                   Inspiring Teachers                           Driving educational change thro...
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Page 3 of 6                                           Inspiring TeachersHow does the principal lead the school or college?...
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Page 5 of 6                                          Inspiring TeachersA compulsive traveler - Dr Arundhati SardesaiShe cy...
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Inspiring Teachers Newsletter April 2012


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A good read for teachers from school and colleges with useful resources and tips

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Inspiring Teachers Newsletter April 2012

  1. 1. April 2012Volume 6, Issue 4 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Guest Editor – Dr Ramakalyan Ayyagari, NIT-Trichy We fondly remember a folk which there is a vast multi- exposed. Let us realize that tale in the epic Ramayana. dimensional space of our teaching at higher levels When Rama was a little boy he unexplored mineral resources; becomes unproductive if the demanded Moon for playing; the boundary, which is raw material is not properly this obviously impossible talk apparently abstract and needs delivered to us; it becomes was, sort of, accomplished to some effort to visualize, is as imperative that we participate the satisfaction and joy of the important as the space within; actively in the outreachPic above: DrRamakalyan A boy the Moon is brought a teacher ought to understand programmes and contribute to apparently closer to him using this idea and should be able to strengthening the a mirror. communicate this to the foundations. Though our chiefFaculty of themonth ….2 Students, school children or students. Freedom is a editor Dr. Uma GarimellaA teacher and a grown-ups, are like the little responsibility, not just a right. might disagree with me, I’ll counsellor Prince always demanding always have a hearty laughAuthentic things beyond our reach. We, At NIT Trichy, every year, we looking at the advertisementsLeadership….3 admit students who are among of coaching classes for IIT- the teachers, need theGoogle Science fair ingenuity and presence of the top 10% of their peers in JEE for children in class IV..................3 mind. the country. However, to myInteresting links ..4 In this issue, as a guest editor, disappointment, I do not see, What do we do when ourCircuit Process I would like to put forth a few more than a handful, anyone children ask us for somethingMechanism – A words on freedom. In who has good understanding to play? We are too eager tobook by SridharChitta…………….4 particular, I’ll share a few of the fundamentals like give everything readymade to thoughts about our Newton’s laws. It is the same our children, and very quicklyA compulsivetraveler …………..5 responsibility in school-level syllabus, typically CBSE, and we are frustrated that their education even though we do the same books, typically excitement vanishes too soon, not directly teach there. NCERT publications; but still, aren’t we?; on the other hand, This 7 letter magic word (like only those handful are trained give them instructions to to read in-between lines; make their own paper boats, the 7 pious notes of music) is which means that there are their creativity blossoms. most of the time mistaken. only handful committed Cont’d on page 3 Freedom means a framework – teachers. It turns out that the a polyhedral – one within teachers are not properly
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Faculty of the month – Ms Vinita Sreepada Q. You began your life in a from no lesser institute that we should contribute and A lot of my time is very ordinary way, a small than TISS in Mumbai, and give back to the society in taken in preparing for school, followed by an then to MPhil in mental whatever small way we can. my classroom teaching intermediate (+2 health and neurosciences A chance visit to Bombay as we do not have equivalent) with biology at NIMHANS Bangalore. (then, now of course textbooks in our school. major, missed your seat in What prompted you to Mumbai) made me realise The teacher has the medicine, switched over to such a steep switchover at that there is actually an freedom to design the BA in English, but then the higher level? institute which trains people lesson plans. dramatically, I mean A. The inner workings of in Social Work and beyond anyone’s a person’s mind always Counselling. That made me imagination in your fascinated me and I come realise my future path, and of neighbourhood, switched to from a family who believe course my family completely masters in social sciences backed me there! Q. On a 0-10 scale how do you rate your professional satisfaction? A. Eight! Q. Tell us about your their journey next academic deceptive! I do have my current teaching and related year too(Grade-7)Most of struggles, frustrations and assignments. the subjects are taught by mood swings. I try to work A. I am a class teacher of the Class Teacher. through them. FortunatelyNever in my wildest Grade-6 in a Waldorf Q. You appear quite my training in TISS anddreams did I think I School. The class teacher tranquil; what’s the secret of NIMHANS as also inwould ever become a takes the children from your confidence? Where do Anthroposophy help me cope.teacher. I always Grade-1 through Grade-5 you get your energy from?thought that there is and above. I’ll be going A. Do I appear so?lot more for me to along with the children in Appearances can belearn in this world The good moments are when children imbibe what I teach and I am not talking about factsand when I’m a based knowledge here. It also feels good when children come and share their day with me.learner what can I The best moments are when I facilitate them to discover something on their own and when they teach me how to be a better teacher. The worst moments are when I go unprepared,teach! and when I forget to cater to the temperament of any particular child. Q. Basically how do you manage your time and energy between, at least apparently, two different professions? Then, with your qualification and experience have you not thought counseling as a more fetching career? A. In a way they go together, for when I teach I also counsel and when I counsel I also teach. Anthroposophy and my degrees help in both the professions. I try to limit my counselling sessions to weekends. I do not want to make money out of another person’s anxieties and worries, so for me counselling is not fetching.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring TeachersHow does the principal lead the school or college?Shanthi Thomas, a research one of the latest theories educational leadership instudent at the university at of leadership now, and it general and on authenticBrunei Darussalam has sent is gaining currency in leadership in particular. Itthe following request. Do education as well. The would also be interestingsend your response to uniqueness of the theory to know of any real lifeinfo@inspiring- is great importance it incidents in which places in the leader being personal values of the Caption describing picture a genuine person, with principal could change a or graphic.Specifically, my area of the right personal values school or college for theinterest is the kind of and strong organizational better or worse. I thinkleadership practices that ethics, in order to be an that the ancient Indianeducational leaders engage effective leader. concept of the guru isin. I am also interested to I would like to know what very much in line withsee to what degree they are kind of discussions and this theory.authentic leaders. research are being doneAuthentic leadership is in India on the topic of What are the leadership models heads of schools and colleges in Google Science Fair – prepare for next year, high school teachers! India are using? In the corporatized Google is looking for the down to 15 global finalists the age categories, 13-14, 15-16, education scenario has brightest young scientists from announced in early June, 17-18. One of the finalist winners the role of the principal around the world to submit along with Science in Action will be announced the Grand changed? How does the investor influence the interesting, creative projects Award winner. Prize Winner. institute? Send your that are relevant to the world The 15 global finalists and Well, a world-class science fair opinions/views/incidents today. the Science in Action Award calls for world-class prizes. They Students aged 13-18 yrs can winner will be flown to include once-in-a-lifetime enter the competition – either Google HQ in California, experiences like a scientific trip to alone or in groups of two or USA for celebratory Science the Galapagos Islands with three. Fair event and the final National Geographic Expeditions, All projects are judged by a judging round which will unique scholarships and real-life panel of teachers and take place in July. The work opportunities in iconic university professors finalists will present their science centers of excellence like according to the judging projects before a panel of CERN in Switzerland. Details at criteria. Towards the end of acclaimed scientists and May, 90 regional finalists will tech visionaries. A winner encefair/index.html be announced and finally will be selected from each of
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Editorial Continued from page 1 We have a tendency to have this sets in repetition and ambition, distraction, the polyhedral meshed leads to the monotony and uglification, and derision. inside so that children listlessness in the young would safely climb up; it is minds. I thank Dr. Uma for giving high time we realize that In essence, let us guard the me this opportunity to there are two potential freedom space zealously, share my thoughts with all disadvantages in this possibly inflate it further of you in this issue. I am approach. First, the with our experiences andOne of our regular readers Sridhar also thankful to my friendChitta has written a book(795/-) children might actually get commitment, and allow the Ms. Vinita Sreepada, forMost textbooks neither describe lost in the maze; they children to gleefully explore readily accepting to shareaccurately nor precisely the mistake the mesh, that too the wonderland. A thoroughmechanism of the processes in the her views too, as the in only one plane, for the understanding of theoperation of electrical and faculty of the month.electronic circuits. entire space. Secondly, they fundamentals, beyond Reach me atThe contents provide an accurate are prevented from familiarity, is as important andand correct viewpoint of these very exploring the nooks and as the alphabet and thefundamental electric and magnetic send me your comments. corners, which we the arithmetic; otherwise,processes. Every case has been Dr Ramakalyan mesh-layers could not thanks to Lewis Carroll,dealt so that a present-day Ayyagari reach, of the polyhedral; children end up inelectrical and electronic engineerunderstands these physical andapplied aspects at the first level Interesting Linksbefore he/she studies topics of The power of the questionelectromagnetic field theory and circuits or networks. DST-Stanford Biodesign fellowships An Assoc Pro@ Mahaveer of Science and Tech,Hyderabad, he obtained B.E. in It is possible to be an inventor while in college from NIT-Trichy, in 1976 andM.E. in Control Systems from VJIT Dr Suprio Das’s low cost inventions(Bombay University) in 1980 He a practicing engineer in 828939.aspxindustry in India, the Middle East A report on National Workshop for Undergraduate Biology Teachersand Canada. As an active life 11-14 January 2012, Pune.member of I.S.T.E, he has scintillating lectures onCircuit Process Mechanisms using An organization that works for R & D by conducting competitions power pointpresentations to various Interactive coursewareengineering college faculty and students.You canorder online at Flipkart Crisis in technical education orAmazon Employability issues curriculum/
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring TeachersA compulsive traveler - Dr Arundhati SardesaiShe cycles 14 km everyday, whatever. I don’t question. spoke of foreign students whoand then walks for 8km. They have given with love work and look for discountsYoga for 1 hr just to be with and I eat.” for such trips. She wonderedher colony friends. These are the words of why Indian students don’t do.Married to an IAF officer - Maya tai aka Arundhati A plunge into water at subzerowhich was her choice since who recently visited temperature, bungee jumping,women could not get into Hyderabad and spoke Himalayan trek..and this ladyarmed forces back then – about her trip to is going to the Arctic circle inshe had ample opportunity Antarctica. June. And by the way, sheto travel. Not just the place She has been to many is only 67 yrs!where they were posted but interior parts if India as Stay tuned for her updates.several hundred km around well as many countries. Here is a local pressthe place. She loves meeting However language has coverage of her talk atwith people and living with never been a problem, Ravindra Bharathi,them, eating what they eat. since she knows to speak Hyderabad organized by“When I was with Bodos, I the language of the heart! Teacher’s Academy.was served something – may Fitness & finances are thebe a rat or a frog or key ingredients. She also
  6. 6. Inspiring Teachers Page 6 of 6Teacher’s Academy Fellows work on a multidisciplinary team joining Hyderabad other innovators with a PHONE: combination of engineering, 97011 41118 medical and business backgrounds. Deadline 18th May; the teams invent, The goal of Stanford-India centered in New Delhi and prototype, develop and patent Biodesign is to train the administered as a one or more new technologies. next generation of medical collaboration between Fellows are also mentored by technology innovators in Stanford University, IIT- “real-world” experts from the India. This is facilitated Delhi, and AIIMS in medical technology, legal and through a fellowship, partnership with the Indo- venture capital industries in internships and events. US Science & Technology the United States and India. Funded by DBT, Ministry Forum (IUSSTF). More details at of Science and Technology, Approximately half of the GOI, Stanford University, fellowship period is at dn/india/ and other supporters, the Stanford University and the SIB Fellowship Program is other half spent in India. See us at: About Teacher’s Academy… Started five years ago, Share articles, useful Please like our facebook already 3000 teacher links, teaching resources page and follow on Twitter members on-line! and tips for effective Long term projects are teaching with a growing ges/The- being taken up for schools community of our teacher Professor/203174356365130 and colleges. Continuous mailing list. ?sk=app_4949752878 support and multiple initiatives will be included If anyone is passionate for holistic and about changing the --Thanks sustainable change. education scenario Uma Garimella Please do leave your through and to work with feedback on workshops on me can send resume and our site. talk to me.