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Newsletter Dec 2011

  1. 1. December 2011 Volume 5, Issue 12 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments I attended and participated in the 18th super computer PARAM in the 80’s, was State Level Annual Conference by there to inaugurate and give the keynote Maharashtra Council for Education address. Several other luminaries in Management and Administration. This education from the state spoke. TheArticles this month: year’s theme was “how to make higher message was loud and clear. EducationFaculty of the Month education meaningful and value cannot continue the current ways if we need……………..….2 based?”. It was on 31st Oct and 1st Nov to leverage the huge population of youth inThird Choice …..3 at Sholapur, hosted by AG Patil Institute the country. Apart from inculcatingCaption Contest of Technology. The partner of this thinking and values, education needs to……………….3 conference was Gokhale Education restore dignity of labour by including someMust Watch Websites Society. This society, established in 1918 manual work in the curriculum. The role of……………….4 faculty and the need for training and operates 91 institutions with more thanComments on Newsletter 1,00,000 students, 3100 staff and a motivating them was also underlined.……………….4 Uma Garimella budget of 100 crores in three Zones -Open Source Teacher’s Nashik, Mumbai & Thane with 16 Handbook November / December Events……………… 5 Centres. It was a pleasure to hear the 1. Addressed Alumni at AMS School of proceedings conducted in chaste Informatics – Hyderabad, 26th Nov Marathi – any language when spoken 2. Classroom management, Using ICT and without adulteration is always a delight. Differentiation – lectures at UGC Anyway, due to this, no one used Academic Staff College – JNTU-H Nov LCD/Presentations and it was even 13th , 23rd more delightful to listen to passionate 3. Speaking at Grace Hopper Celebration speakers on various issues of education. of Women in Computing at Bangalore – There were several sessions and panel 15th Dec in student track – “Learning discussions on challenges in higher how to learn” education, embedding values, using 4. Visiting NIT Trichy, 19th Dec technology, training faculty and 5. Meeting VNIT Alumni to chalkout a interdisciplinary teaching. learning improvement initiative Dec Dr Vijay Bhaskar, the architect of India’s 24th, 25th
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Faculty of the month Dr Joy Anuradha, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad (Read full interview at answers that students give. workshops and refresher For me it is always the courses also can be a What kind of teaching function of a piece of stimulant for improving methods do you use to writing that was relatively teaching skills. keep students more important than its What are the challenges interested in your form. Formats keep you face from students classes? changing with times yet the and how do you I try to take some art of expressing oneself overcome them or turn language puzzles or clearly in a variety of them around? language activities which situations is very important In my current position, I involve them. I gather to me. teach technical language gaffes to entertain What could be a communication skills, bothJoy Anuradha is anAssistant Professor in them and hopefully to drive sustainable model to oral as well as written toLanguage and home the point. I also give improve the teaching future scientists andCommunication atBITS Pilani, them a chance to practice skills of existing engineers. We have largeHyderabad since 2009. their communication skills faculty? classes with students whoseShe specializes inTechnical by encouraging them to I would recommend every communicative competenceCommunication and participate in a discussion institution to make a is a wide spectrum. Re-ELT in TechnicalEducation. Her areas of on current events. At BITS practice of publishing at engineering theirinterest are teaching we have the freedom to least once a year the best communication skills toand training ,curriculum design, choose our own materials, teaching practices/methods suit professional contexts ispsychology, an article on a website or a used in their respective a major challenge.communication andsoft skills, personality paper clipping also works class rooms. There are lots Fortunately, BITS Pilanidevelopment, well in the class room. of good and successful has a Practice Schoolclassroommanagement and How do your colleagues teachers around and component as part of theeducational react to your ideas and everyone can benefit if their curriculum in the secondadministration. initiatives? How do you experiences are shared. year of the coursework toShe obtained her Ph.D respond? That kind of newsletter or a familiarize the students tofrom Central Instituteof English and Foreign I’m basically a functionalist bulletin exclusively for the industry. ThatLanguages in 1996. She in my approach to teaching teachers can also update experience to a certainworked in theHumanities and language. Some of my teachers about the latest extent changes theManagement Group colleagues who are more trends and methodologies orientation of the students.from BITS Pilani, Goaand at Aurora traditional and formalist in being used across the world.Consortium. their approach could never Encouraging faculty see eye to eye with my members to participate in acceptance of certain seminars, conferences,
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring TeachersThird Choice - a high school principal’s strategy students started to think. InTwo doctors discuss the found out all the schools the course of the discussion,possible problem about a whose children come to his he brought out the point thatman limping towards them. centre for exam and visited probably having a goal orOne thinks it is polio and them one by one. He spoke taking the next step towardsanother thinks it is fracture, to the students and shared it was a more appropriatebecause one is a neurologist study tips and exam tips. At way of asserting that theyand another an orthopedic. the end, he told them that if were adults.A third man who overhears they are found copying By the end of the talk, theytheir conversation suggests during exam, he is going to had a plan. Mr Yeole quickly Caption describingthey should ask the limping act tough. And yes, his idea picture or graphic. organized an exhibition ofman himself. Well, ‘I broke worked. There were three 120 career options throughmy sandal strap’ finally the surprise raids by three posters and informationlimping man tells them. different agencies that year brochures for three days,Mr RM Yeole was a very during exams, and they through some agency. To his Dolly Sandhu TEACHER! Leaveinteresting speaker who could not find a single joy, even much later in life,started his talk with this instance of mal practice. Dolly Sandhu: several of the students of thatstory and had several others TEACHER! Leave those kids batch told him how theyduring his speech. The The second incident alone... to find their own path benefited from that exercise. those kids alone... to find theirmoral of this one was not to happened during New Year. One fellow joined the army own pathdiagnose problems based Several class XI, XII and he said that was possibleon OUR tools and expertise students asked for Chrys Cattirisetti: only because of thatbut to find the truth. permission to wear normal Try to BEE someone :-) exhibition. The point is – Life Know a lot to have a superI am sharing with you two clothes and not uniform on is not just yes or no. powerful edge over otherssituations that he handled 31st Dec and 1st Jan. Now, Adolescents don’t like to bein an interesting way. he had a choice of agreeing shown the rod. But agreeing Neelu Vig : (and setting a bad To Worker Bee or not to Bee...... to everything they say is notThe first incident was when precedent) or turning down good. It harms the student ashe took over as principal of their request. He tried a well as the institution. Buta high school (including XI third choice. He asked them there are always innovativeand XII), he was told that why they chose this way of options available – providedthe school was notorious celebrating New Year. The we have an open mind andfor not able to curb students said they were soon open ears and the right‘copying’ during exams at going to be adults and questions.its centre. And his mandate wanted to assert that. Then Mr Yeole is also activelywas to change that. So he asked them “was dressing involved in improving mathsinstead of doing something the only way to assert teaching in his state.during the exam, he started adulthood? Is that why they Unfortunately or otherwise,at the beginning of the come to school, to show he is not on internet!academic year. He first their dresses?”So the
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 academy teachers of the world can be throwing away corruption,etc. and made aware of the changing attitude Anita Saxena will surely be able to build a Head co-ordinator- Staff Training of not only the students but also of developing world. and Development Programs, the society towards teachers and Blue Bird Senior Secondary I hope I have not wasted your School, Aligarh education. precious time. If ever you feel that There was a time when parents and I can be involved in any of the I have received the letter students had a blind faith on session as a part of your academy celebrating the 50th issue of the teachers; whatever a teacher said was to attend any workshop or academy. I present my heartiest always taken as Gods words. Now we session; its a humble request to congrats and best wishes for the need to change the teaching you, to please inform me. I will be academy. I am in this teaching techniques and also try to make our highly obliged. profession for 18 years and it is students be aware of the rapidly my passion. I love to teach as well changing society and enable them to Waiting for your motivating words as interact with the students. I eagerly…. take the right decision. Because I feel conduct grooming sessions and these students are the future citizen motivational sessions for the of the society who can bring the students of classes XI and XII. I desired changes in the society feel that through your prestigiousMust watch websites1. Atlantas solution to finding math and science teachers? Train them! Top Indian Academics Press Government to Allow Foreign Universities Reliance announces entry into Education in a big way Virtual schools are multiplying, but some question their educational value educational-value/2011/11/22/gIQANUzkzN_story.html5. CBSE moots Integrity Clubs for ‘value’ addition in kids Indian Engineering Congress Stanford puts its CS lectures free online Video games that teach math
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring Teachers Open Source Teachers’ Handbook Many people understand what is Open Source in software – a philosophy which gives access to the product’s source material. It is also a philosophy where people contribute and cooperate to build a product. Bhagirathi Behera, a teacher with more than 10 yrs experience and now working as a principal has initiated a book compilation project with the help of the community of teachers. He has partnered with Teacher’s Academy to bring out this compilation of experiences, opinions, ideas and expertise and make it available to all teachers. Your contributions will appear with your name in the book. Involving Parents DeadlinesWhat do you need to do? 1. What role have parents played (and are playing) in shaping 30 March 2012- Last date toPlease respond to the following today’s education system? receive responses forquestions and send to us along questionnaire. 2. What are some ways youwith your picture and brief profile involve parents in your 30 April 2012- Announcing(include information about highschool, college, activities, honors, student development editorial team and title of the bookwork experience, why you have strategy?chosen teaching as a career, what 3. How do you approach a 5 September 2012 -are your strengths as a teacher, parent who is upset and Inauguration of the book atyour career goals in next 1, 3, 5 and/or angry? Hyderabadand 10 yrs ) Teaching If you want to be on the 4. Explain how you structure theQUESTIONS editorial team 40/45 minutes of a classYour philosophy of teaching period? Any educator interested to be a1. Think of your best teachers. 5. How much effort do you put part of the team can contact What positive characteristics in planning this lesson? (in personally on 8084125247, or do you believe these teachers terms of subject, method, 9440607287 had? Which of these aids) Mail us at characteristics do you believe 6. How do you cater to the you have? different needs of students in il.com2. Think of your worst teachers. your class? What mistakes did they make 7. How do you incorporate or qualities did they have? technology into your Project Coordinator: instructions? BHAGIRATHI BEHERA How are you avoiding those PRINCIPAL mistakes/qualities? Classroom management 1. How do you handle disruptive GREEN VALLEY3. What three words would your INTERNATIONAL students use to describe you? students in the classroom? SCHOOL,MALINAGAR4. Define student and school Any special strategies for the SAMASTIPUR ,BIHAR-848125 according to you. occasional and for the5. How do you see the teacher’s repetitive behavior? status and role in society 2. How do you create an change in the recent past? atmosphere of tolerance andBeyond class friendship among students in6. What is the purpose of your class? homework / projects? What is your typical homework / project?
  6. 6. Inspiring Teachers Page 6 of 6 Teacher’s Academy Send in your New Year goals Hyderabad Its already the last month of the year! Time for reviewing the past year and working PHONE: for a better 2012. A time to appreciate your successes and work in the areas of 97011 41118 improvement. If you have set yourself some professional and personal goals for the E-MAIL: year 2012, there’s an opportunity to share it with the Help us make the website better • Do read the blog and leave your comments on-line • Caption contest and other discussions are being posted on this page • Post your questions on and get answers from experts • Suggest a faculty to be profiled as FoM – the person should be dedicated to the teaching career, doing something innovative and must be a source of inspiration See us at: Help us reach more people • Forward this newsletter • Ask your friends to sign up, it’s FREE • Click on like