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Report on Teachers Awards

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Newsletter Oct 2010

  1. 1. Oct 2010 Volume 4, Issue 10 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments The much awaited Inspiring an accomplished Civil Unified Council, the pioneer Teacher awards were given Engineer who was also the in learning through away on 2nd Oct (instead of 5th Director of ESCI for nine assessment in India. Pic above: Inspiring Teacher Awards Oct Sept, due to some local years. With 35 years of We received nominations nd 2 at Hyderabad disturbances). In this issue we experience including as from Tamilnadu this year. have the full report of the Executive Director, In 2011, we wish to have Articles this event. APSRTC, he loves to teach – awardees from across India. month: The Chief Guest was Dr S he was in class twice when I So read on to find the Main article: Report on awards Nagabhushana Rao, called him up. The guest of qualities which have Chairman, Institution of honor was Mr K Srinivas, endeared these awardees to Humour Engineers, AP Center. He is Founder and CEO of their students… By e-mail September and October at Teacher’s Academy 1. Trainer for Effective Teaching Effective Teaching Skills – six day Skills for faculty at workshop at Learnium School, Banjara Swarnandhra Engineering Hills, Hyderabad Oct 4th to 9th College, Narsapur – 21st to 23rd Sept Super Gurus 2010 2. Classroom Observation as part Mrs M.C.Dharithri, early childhood educator of long term faculty from Kennedy High was the winner of the Super development – NMREC, Guru title for 2010. Ms Shameem of Adam’s Hyderabad – 2nd and 3rd Sept High School was awarded the Mathematics 3. Lectures at Institute of Teacher award and Mr M Narasimha Reddy Technology Management, of Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College Mussoori 7th Sept the Science Teacher award by Integral Association of Amateur Mathematicians and Scientists 4. One day orientation to ( – technology – St Ann’s Girls’ HS, Pictures on the last page Secunderabad 29th Sept
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 5 Inspiring Teachers 2010 - Colleges Prof VM Pandharipande, insistence on the best his classroom teaching, Professor Emeritus of Dept from his students, figured these qualities are necessary of ECE, Osmania University in these talks. to run the dept efficiently College of Engineering was Safura, a student of G and effectively. felicitated with the Lifetime Narayanamma Institute of About Prof CR Sarma, she Achievement Award for his Technology and Science said, that he never lost his having influenced spoke about two of her temper and always expected generations of students teachers from ECE dept. his students to stretch through his excellent Prof Ch Ganapathi beyond their expectations. teaching. Ankitha Sishta Reddy, she said paid Once when he was angry at and Abhishek spoke about attention to all the her work, she knew that if him. His out of the box components of the dept, Sarma Sir was angry, then thinking, his ability to guide the students, the teachers there must be something projects, his dedication, his and the staff. Apart from she didn’t do right. Bhavya, working in IOB, Krishna Kumari’s say. Chennai had traveled to patience. She is their role Mr KSR Sarma is an Hyderabad to talk about her model. encyclopedia of marketing teacher Prof ML Saikumar, Mr YV Gopala Krishna and his presentations are Institute of Public Murthy of ACE Academy fabulous said his student Enterprise. He guided his and Engineering College is Kuldeep from Pragathi students beyond the known for his Mahavidyalaya. An NCC syllabus – about their motivational skills. He can Officer, Col SKD Patnaik was approach to their career and make even an average another nominee from the profession and always student crack the GATE. same college. Bharath expected only the best from He has been able to bring Dabbikar, his student talked Above: Compere Kalpana, Prof them. Keerthi and her his college into city’s top about his mentor, how he Ganapathi Reddy, Bhavya and Prof ML friend from Bhoj Reddy colleges within few years teaches life skills and also how Saikumar Engineering College of establishment. This is he motivates students to work Below: Chief Guest appreciated their teacher what his students had to for change in the society. In olden days, students learnt a way of life from their teachers, not just the subject. Nowadays, education has become a race to be run, instead of assimilation of knowledge. The worth of learning is only measured in terms of what it gets for the student. While the society is paying heavily for education, the returns in terms of commitment of teachers is less. We as a community of teachers need to accept and look into this. – Dr S Nagabhushana Rao, Chief Guest
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 Inspiring Teachers Some Inspiring Teachers - Schools Seven Teachers from only teach, but even feed Gayathri High School are Nandi, an NGO that works the children and visit their also favourites of their with underperforming homes if the children are students due to their love students in government absent. Sabita, Sajeeda and patience. primary schools were Khatoon, Leela, Devika, Meera Verma, of Delhi nominated by their Sameera Begum, Sandhya Public School fell students. These children Rani were this year’s Caption describing picture suddenly ill and sent an e- or graphic. spoke about how patient awardees. mail about her nursery these ‘Akkas’ (elder sister in Repeating the lessons teacher Sujata Misra. She Telugu) were. They become patiently, treating all remembers how as a child so attached to their children alike irrespective she was afraid of public Sukanya akka, that they Prof VM Pandharipande of their behaviour- these speaking and how this don’t want to come to receiving the Lifetime are some qualities of Ch teacher carried her to the Achievement award from Chief school if she’s not there. Venugopal of Rajadhani stage and gave her the Guest Dr S Nagabhushana Rao Yes, most of these Model High School. E confidence to overcome ‘Community Activists’ not Vinathi and N Geetha of her stage fear. An inspiring teacher knows her student’s potential and brings it out People remember their heading Sanskriti, the confidence with which she school teachers long after School. spoke in impeccable English, passing out. Padmaraj, a speaks volumes of what kind Celine Stafford, the student of MBA, said his of teacher Indumathi is. PT/games teacher from St school teacher N Raj Bhupal Ramesh Kandikonda of Ann’s Girls HS is behind the Below: Madhav Saxena with Reddy, had taught him so conducted a win of every sporting event teachers lively JAM session for the many good things like self in the school. She is warm, audience. He offered a prize to confidence, hard work, anyone who could speak about and affectionate. Her dedication etc. their school in Telugu for one upright character and minute without using English Shravya, a BTech (IV) values inspire her students words. It was hilarious to see student recalled how her said Sandhya Sripada, an how English has pervaded our school teacher, Swati ec-student. native language. Two people did identified her talent and succeed in the attempt. The Vasavi Public School biggest surprise was Madhan made her the student editor Indumathi Srinath’s Kumar and Siddhartha Ghosh for TOI. Since then, there (both non-Telugus) speaking student Apoorva was all was no looking back for quite well in Telugu. praise for her teacher. The Shravya. Swati is now
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 5 Some more college teachers Prof Atul Negi of knowledge. motivating, supporting and University of Hyderabad, teaching them. Kavya Madhan Kumar, was was felicitated by spoke for Madhan Kumar nominated by his students Siddhartha Ghosh, who and Ravi spoke about at ACE Engineering himself is teaching at G Santosh. Clarity in teaching College and Santosh Narayanamma Institute of and ensuring everyone can Pasuladi by students of All the qualities which Technology and Science. understand the subject is SV Engineering college. are required for an He recalled his MTech the speciality of Anantha Both these teachers are inspiring teacher have days and the eleven year Reddy of Nalla Malla been given by these always available for their relationship with his Reddy Engineering students. They have not students and have left anything for me to teacher – a continuous College. Shravya spoke dramatically improved the say. source of inspiration and about his depth of results of their students by --K Srinivas, Guest of knowledge. Honor Humour and Interesting Links 1. Light travels faster than a 90% probability you will get it wrong. sound. That is why some 7. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day ; teach him to people appear bright until fish and he will spend the complete day drinking beer. you hear them speak. 8. Shinbone, A device to find furniture in the dark. 2. He who laughs last, thinks slowest. 9. Flash light - a device to store dead batteries. 3. Change is inevitable 10. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing except with a vendor. well. 4. Those who live by the Must see Harini, Managing sword get shot by those Partner of Analyzers Group, who conducted who don't. the Super Guru Contest 5. Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool. he_oceans.html 6. The 50-50-90 rule. Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right. There is
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 Inspiring Teachers Teacher’s Academy Super Guru, Best Maths and Science Teachers Hyderabad PHONE: 97011 41118 E-MAIL: Shameem Dharitri Narasimha Reddy In the first round, contestants were asked to write about their teaching experience. In the second round they were asked interesting questions like – what would you do if the students threw chalk at you, what is your most disapoointing or happiest moment, what would you do if a student doesn’t understand in spite of your explanation, what will make you happier – a dull student passing an exam or a bright student topping the class. Sangeetha conducted the event under the guidance of Harini Bhandaru of Analyzers Group About Teacher’s Academy… Started three years ago, Please do leave your If anyone is passionate already 1600 teacher feedback on workshops on about changing the members on-line, 28 the site About Us education scenario colleges and 15 schools Clients say through and to work with touched by the training. me can send resume and See us at: Share articles, useful talk to me. Long term projects are links, teaching resources being taken up for schools and tips for effective --Thanks and colleges. Continuous teaching with a growing Uma Garimella support and multiple community of our teacher initiatives will be included mailing list. for holistic and sustainable change.